Chapter 8 – I Don’t Want to Be Popular on the day eighth

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Shi Zhi replied to her message?

Fans of Bai Wu felt that Shi Zhi seemed to be a bit different from the image that had been circulated.

However, she is not a fan of Shi Zhi, so she put aside that little personal emotion and thought about sending Shi Zhi’s reply to her message in the Bai Wu Fan Support Group.

There is a row of question marks in the group.

“Is it really her?”

It’s really Shi Zhi.

Just, the mood is complicated.

After a while, the fan club management also came out.

“We want to make quality white fruit (Bai Wu fans club), don’t embarrass our Wu Wu, delete your fierce comment about Shi Zhi, and then apologize.”

Fans of Bai Wu didn’t have any opinion on Shi Zhi, but after Shi Zhi complained about their own artist behind her back, some people couldn’t help but swear but then there was a misunderstanding.
Now under the management of the fans club, everyone is guilty and deleted those fierce comments, and has left a message, I’m sorry.

Not only Bai Wu’s fans, Chen Liu, and other artist fans also silently deleted their previous messages.

Bai Wu fans were surprised to discover, maybe their demands were not seen by Bai Wu staff.
There is no mole in Bai Wu’s new photo that has dropped out, in her eyelid.

Tang Yunling didn’t have time to pay attention to this until after the filming, because she was thinking about it in her heart.
As a result, she was in a bad mood and kept distracted during filming, and it took more than a dozen cuts to pass the scene.

As soon as the director said this was over, Tang Yunling couldn’t wait to walk to her agent with a smile on her face.

“How’s it going?”

“Is she being scolded?”

Is Shi Zhi canceled already?

Tang Yunling’s agent wears a pained mask on his face, “No” Not only is there no cancel things, but she is also on hot search!~

Tang Yunling’s eyelids twitched and her smile was lost.
She asked her assistant to give her the phone, “I’ll see it for myself.”

Shi Zhi was put on a hot search by netizens, and she hung high in the first place, followed by an explosive word.

Click in to see.
There was no verbal abuse as usual.
Tang Yunling noticed that there is a high-frequency word “rainbow fart”.
What went wrong? Pineapple Entertainment has sent out the audio, and it stands to reason that this should not be the case.

Soon, Tang Yunling, who had listened to the audio, got the answer.
Shi Zhi didn’t belittle any of her peers, and praised them very seriously?

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Tang Yunling also heard Shi Zhi’s evaluation of her.

——“The waist is so thin.”

Tang Yunling, who has been out there maintaining her innocent persona, can’t resist a straw.

She suddenly felt something wrong all over her body, especially the position of her waist.

The air pressure on Tang Yunling’s side is extremely low, but Shi Zhi’s side is sunny.
Brother Quan started singing “Good luck, good luck, good luck” and said, “What kind of good-hearted person does this kind of good deeds to you”

With a grateful heart, he is grateful that there are people who they don’t know that love Shi Zhi behind their backs so that Shi Zhi finally has a positive image.

In the past, when Shi Zhi was on the hot search, Brother Quan was frightened.
It might not be a good thing.
Who would have thought that Shi Zhi would win a jackpot this time, and everyone’s response was not bad.

Brother Quan cheerfully told Shi Zhi, “I want to make a banner for you, which says, Shi Zhi is a rainbow fart in the world.”


Shi Zhi turned her head to communicate with the assistant next to her.

“How long has this symptom been?”

“You have to treat it quickly, you can’t give up a treatment.”

Brother Quan said, “…but to be honest, this hot search came in too timely, if it weren’t for the conditions, I would think that Pineapple Entertainment was bought by us.”

“You are also a genius.
I didn’t know you were so good at boasting.
You knew that there was something strange in that room from the beginning?”

Shi Zhi didn’t know.
She simply said what she was saying.
Of course, Brother Quan didn’t seem to believe it, and the rest of the staff around didn’t believe it.

“Sister Shi, look at what my sister is going to do…”

A weak voice sounded, it was the female member of the team, and the young girl shivering next to her was the one who asked her what she thought of the female guest on the same stage when she was in the lounge.

The female member caught her when she saw her cousin sneakily trying to send a message and realized the seriousness of the matter, she immediately brought people here.

She said to Shi Zhi, “Please don’t worry about me, be sure to give her a cruel punishment, otherwise she will have to go to prison!”

The young girl suddenly raised her head to look at her sister, with suspicion in her eyes, as if she said “Is it the real sister?”

Her sister continued, “How about calling the police.”

She did not intercede at all, and even proactively proposed an alarm plan.

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The young girl was completely irresistible, Brother Quan was taken aback, and he didn’t think it would be possible.

Shi Zhi asked the earth-colored young girl, “How much over there give you?”

“Ten Thousand…”

The young girl is purely obsessed for a while.
The people who bought her are very cautious.
She used a trumpet to contact her without saying what she was going to do.
She only needed to ask that sentence in a specific place, and she could get 10,000 yuan.

Ten thousand yuan a sentence is still very tempting for people who have not yet graduated and have no income.

“I didn’t think much at that time…” She regretted it, realized that she had made a mistake, and didn’t want to be caught by the police.

Shi Zhi nodded, expressing understanding, “Well, this ill-gotten wealth will be handed in, which can be regarded as compensation for the victim- that’s me, and it can also be regarded as a punishment for you.
To learn.”

With tears in her eyes, the young girl immediately passed the money to Shi Zhi, and she promised that she would not do the same things again.

There seemed a shining light in Shi Zhi’s eyes, this young girl is an invincible good person!

Shi Zhi: It’s easy to talk.

The young girl came to the internship without being paid, and she gave her 10,000 yuan.

Brother Quan vaguely felt that there was something wrong, but he couldn’t pick out a problem.
Shi Zhi’s treatment could even say that her emotional intelligence was very high, so he told himself not to think too much.

Then he heard Shi Zhi continue to speak.

“Am I doing well enough to buy you all?”

First, it was a spy arranged by a male idol, and now it’s coming again.

“Sister Shi, my loyalty to you is commendable, don’t worry, I won’t be bought!”

Someone immediately expressed their loyalty, saying that it was impassioned.

The spy before also spoke, “Sister Shi, I have already abandoned the dark, and I will not betray you…”

Shi Zhi shook her finger, and said in a disapproving tone, “Relax your mind.
Don’t be too narrow-minded.
It is so sad for others to come to do business and you refuse them.
Agree to all of their requests, then, tell me when the time comes.
Let’s split the money 50-50.”

Stable profit without loss of business has increased the team’s per capita income and increased extra money.
If there are a few more, her share will be enough to pay the employees’ wages.

Although she is rich, she never has too much money, right?

The rest: ? ? ?

Brother Quan: Fishing…Fishing law enforcement?

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Shi Zhi, the person on the team who played with reverse thinking, was caught off guard and did not play cards according to the routine at all.
Shi Zhi also had troubles.
This trouble came from the butler.

The butler didn’t pay attention to the entertainment circle, but because the eldest lady was struggling in the circle, she paid special attention to it, so he naturally saw the hot search.

So Shi Zhi received such a message.

Does the eldest have any male celebrities you admire?

Shi Zhi didn’t know the male celebrities, so she asked the butler what to do with this.

Miss, if you have any male celebrities you admire, please tell me, I can arrange for them to eat and live with you.

Shi Zhi stared at the message for a full minute before reacting.
Sharing food and living together, the butler said that? could not believe how innocuous the idea of maintaining the baby was.

Shi Zhi, “No need.”

The butler is sending another message, female celebrities are also possible, but Tang Yunling has a gold master, which may take some processing time.

This time it was Shi Zhi:? ? ?

Male celebrities don’t need it, and female celebrities don’t need it.
It seems that dad’s butler has such wonderful ideas.

Is this the life of the evil rich man?

But soon Shi Zhi remembered that she was ‘the evil rich man.’

Very nice.

Shi Zhi felt happy when she thought of these things, and of course, she refused the butler offer.
This sense of pleasure has always been maintained.
Brother Quan asked her to participate in the book club activities, and Shi Zhi didn’t resist much.

As the name suggests, the Book Club is a group of people who love books gathering together to share and discuss books.
It was originally a relatively small and elegant activity.

Don’t know when this wind has blown into the entertainment industry.
Celebrities no matter how famous they are, have to participate as if whoever doesn’t go will be forced to participate.
This time not only Shi Zhi will participate, but there is also Tang Yunling among the stars.

“This is the case in this circle.
That’s the way it is.
You can’t look down.
You did very well last time.”

Brother Quan still thinks Shi Zhi’s trick is really good until now, and she even praised Tang Yunling.

Patience and humiliation will become a great weapon!

Shi Zhi and Tang Yunling met backstage again.
The reason was that Shi Zhi and her team were going into the dressing room.
The dressing room was occupied by Tang Yunling.
Tang Yunling’s assistant directly stopped Shi Zhi outside the door.

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“Sorry Shi Zhi, we came early, Yun Ling hasn’t finished makeup yet, do you… wait a minute?”

Tang Yunling turned her back to the door, and a makeup artist constantly smeared her face.
Tang Yunling closed her eyes and said nothing as if she hadn’t noticed Shi Zhi then.

Brother Quan’s face sank.

The dressing room is very large, enough to fit several teams.
Now the rest of the space is empty.
Tang Yunling’s side is purely to respond to people and dismiss them!


There is an assistant here in the Shi Zhi team who goes mad and wants to fight with Tang Yunling’s assistant.
Is there such a bully?

Before Brother Quan could stop him, Shi Zhi stopped him first.

The system was still watching the excitement and didn’t think it was too big to give her tearing instructions.
Shi Zi didn’t even bother to give it to her eyes as usual.
It was not that there was only such a dressing room, and there was a bigger one next to it.

Shi Zhi didn’t leave immediately because she saw Tang Yunling put a barbecue in front of her.
It’s got a nice little grilled loin in it and she was hungry.

She wanted to ask where they bought it.

So Shi Zhi cleared her throat, “That loin…” Where did you buy it?

Before she finished speaking, Tang Yunling, who was still pretending to sleep, suddenly opened her eyes, stiffened all over, and subconsciously covered her waist.

It’s cold here.

Tang Yunling wore an umbilical dress today.
Her waist looks good.
She has always known that the team has been amplifying this advantage, but today she regrets it and is full of evaluations in Shi Zhi’s statement.

-“The waist is really thin.”

“I’m done, let’s go quickly.”

Tang Yunling stood up, gave such a word to the bewildered assistant, and walked outside the door, avoiding Shi Zhi’s direction specifically.

The back figure was quite a bit of a deserted and fleeing posture, which confused everyone in Shi Zhi’s team.

Everyone ran away, and it was a problem for Tang Yunling’s assistant to stand there.
He hurriedly caught up with Tang Yunling and asked her.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Both of them had promised to embarrass Shi Zhi together, how could she run faster than anyone else.

Tang Yunling’s face was pale, and she squeezed out between her teeth, “What do you know?”

“Shi Zhi..
she is a pervert!” She covered her waist.

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