Chapter 5 – I Don’t Want to be Popular on the fifth Day

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Provocation, this must be a provocation, right?

The female artist who originally wanted to laugh at Shi Zhi never expected Shi Zhi to give her what she said, and in an instant, the scene changed drastically.

This heavy snow, this wind, how could it not be cold, it made her get goosebumps, of course, the female artist still had to be hard-headed and barely support her smile.

“Of course I don’t…” How could there be the word ‘fear of cold’ in the beautiful female celebrity dictionary?

Another gust of wind.

” The female artist ended up stiff.

Fuck, what kind of weather is this! If she knew she would show less skin!

The female artist was so frozen that her teeth were fighting up and down, and she made a thumping sound.
Shi Zhi couldn’t help but blink.
While frightened, she wrapped her down jacket.

That’s great, she is smart and well-dressed, so whether she wears a dress or draped curtains, she will have to end up like this girl.

The down jacket Shi Zhi wore is a well-known brand that specializes in down jackets abroad.
It looks mediocre but the actual warmth is good.
She wore a long one, which is enough to wrap her whole body, and it looks like a warm that surrounded by a small stove.

Shi Zhi finally looked at the female artist’s face and softly persuaded, “If you are too tired to laugh, don’t laugh and take a rest.” She still didn’t hold back, Shi Zhi was embarrassed to say that the other party laughed strangely.

It should be a smile, but it is like a mask of pain.

The female artist wears a mask of pain, and it is uglier to smile than cry.

That’s not the case.
She also wanted to remove her smiling face, but her face was frozen.
She had just been given hyaluronic acid two days ago, and her expression was a bit out of control.

The female artist looked at Shi Zhi with a hot face and flushed cheeks, and finally, cast a wistful gaze on Shi Zhi’s down jacket.

Not long ago, when she laughed at Shi Zhi’s craziness wearing a down jacket and walking on the red carpet.
Now she has only one thought in her mind—

This down jacket must be very warm, right?

She also wanted to know the temperature of down degrees.

More than one female artist wanted to know the temperature of the down jacket, and after the snow fluttered, the rest of the stars couldn’t stand it either.

This time, the organizer not only arranged the red carpet walk outdoors but also the ceremony.
The whole environment was grand and dreamy.
Before that, there was nothing wrong with the live broadcast.

If you ignore that it’s winter if it doesn’t snow.

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But It was snowing heavily and the cold wind was biting.
The male stars were better in suits and shoes.
Most of the female stars were wearing skirts.
They looked good, but they didn’t have any cold-proof effect at all, they almost froze.

Anyway, she is also a female star who is cool every day regardless of the four seasons.
Everyone has fierce energy towards herself, and she can support it by gritting her teeth.
After all, the people around her are the same.
She is not the only one who is frozen, and she can be comforted psychologically.

But this time there was an accident, Shi Zhi didn’t wear a formal dress, and was wearing a down jacket with uprightness!

Female stars: “…” There was a burst of mmp in their heart, and their mentality collapsed slightly.

They don’t know if it was deliberate by the camera, or if Shi Zhi in a down jacket was too conspicuous in a group of women in dresses, and saw this scene in the live broadcast studio.

On one side is the sister (younger sister) who is dressed in cool clothes, and on the other side is Shi Zhi who is wrapped tightly.

After a few seconds of pause in the live broadcast room, the barrage was swiped.

“Why is it snowing, it feels like everyone is cold.”

“Be bold.
It’s very cold.
Check the temperature.
It’s freezing.
Can’t it be cold? Such heavy snow and such a strong wind.”

“Oh, it’s cold, everyone just dresses like this? It’s still outdoors.”

“It’s already very cold here, more than a dozen degrees.
I can’t imagine sitting outside in such a small dress.”

“My grandmother passed by me just now and asked me why everyone wears skirts in the snow.

For a while, fans were not in the mood to judge whether the sister (younger sister) was dressed up well or not, there was only one in their heads.

Are they cold?

Once this thought appears, it will linger like a devil.

They can feel the chills across the screen, look at this woman’s bare arms and legs.

There was no concept before it snowed.
When watching a down jacket appear in the cool, Shi Zhi felt like she was a strange one.
Now the snow in the picture is getting bigger, and then she looks at the surrounding staff, including the fans from far away.
All of them are wearing thick clothes.

In this way, to bring into the scene, Shi Zhi didn’t look like a strange one anymore, she was simply the most normal one sitting in the guest seat.


Besides, Shi Zhi’s face is capable of beating, some people stared at the woman on the screen and thought secretly.

The camera focused on her side face, Shi Zhi’s face was slightly raised, the outline was clean, the jawline was tight, the bridge of the nose was high, the eyelashes on the beautiful eyes were long and curled, and there was crystal snow falling on the eyelashes, slowly melting.

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But even so, there was almost no boasting on the live broadcast, but people’s eyes were involuntarily attracted to her.

When Brother Quan heard that Shi Zhi was walking on the red carpet in a down jacket, he thought he was going to finish, but he still had a little luck.

He thought he knew Shi Zhi quite well, Shi Zhi was ambitious and very clear-headed.
She knew what the red carpet meant and would not be messed up.

Even if she doesn’t have a dress to force the effort, she will take off the down jacket and walk the red carpet with the clothes inside… right?

Then Brother Quan saw the old uncle-style walking down the red carpet like a walk.

He came a bit late, and Shi Zhi was halfway through the red carpet.

Brother Quan almost squatted down holding his head, feeling finished.

How can this content!

Brother Quan was already heartbroken, and then he cooled down and it snowed.
Looking at the trembling female celebrities in the audience, Brother Quan felt that there was nothing wrong with Shi Zhi wearing it like that.

Not cold.

That seems to be what a normal person looks like.

This time the ceremony froze a group of guests.
In the second half, except for one hour, everyone else was sitting on a needle, their expressions were out of control, and their hands were wrapped around their arms; they only hoped that it would end earlier.
The artists who went up to read the manuscript were not sensational or nonsense this time, and their speech speed was several times faster.

As the ceremony ended, the crowd dispersed, and Ms.
Shi was more than just a visible presence among her peers.

“Sister Shi, how is it?” The assistant rushed to Shi Zhi and tried to learn from the assistants of the other people to warm her handbag.

Shi Zhi doesn’t need it here.

“A little hot.”

She also pulled down the down jacket.
She didn’t dare to take it off because she was afraid of catching a cold after the heat.

The hatred is pulled up in the understatement.

The team members were silent for a while, and then eagerly started flattering.

Sister Shi, you deserve to be ‘Sister’ Shi.

Shi Zhi gave these flattering left ears in and right ears out, she just felt that the others were wearing too little.

Brother Quan, “For the sake of good-looking, but they are not prepared… Listen to what you mean, do you know it will snow?” The down jacket is weird at first but, he felt a little silly when he watched the other artists so cold.

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Shi Zhi, “I know.”

Shi Zhi shook her phone while Brother Quan slightly changed eyes, “Weather forecast.”

Don’t you look at the weather forecast? It’s snowing and cooling.
It’s all clearly written.

After walking the red carpet this time, Shi Zhi had a deep understanding of whether the original body’s popularity was poor, and for the first time, she wanted to understand what the original body had done to become unpleasantly.

Turning on Weibo, the fans are not too few, there are more than five million.

The latest Weibo is a beautiful photo, and there is no praise underneath it, all of which are bad reviews.
Shi Zhi quickly summarized the black spots of the original body.

In addition to the idol hype that she knew before, according to incomplete statistics, the original body also has many crimes such as picking up bad movies, poor acting skills, playing big names, being unfriendly to other artists, etc., just picking one out is enough for a celebrity to eat a pot.

(eat a pot : pathetic condition / no income)

The heroine of Shuang Wen was very critical, and she took care of everything, although Shi Zi knew that it must be misinformation and a fake.

Shi Zhi asked Brother Quan, “Aren’t these comments deleted?”

She doesn’t know much about the circle, but she also knows that most companies have to control and evaluate.

Brother Quan twisted his eyebrows, “Why are you reading Weibo again? Didn’t I tell you to read fewer comments? You were in a bad mood after reading it… I deleted it several times.”

This is the result after deletion.

Shi Zhi: Is that so?

“I have a lot of fans on Weibo, did you buy it?”

The assistant said, “I didn’t buy it.”

“Before 10 million, it fell to more than 5 million.
All you have left are black fans.
Sister Shi, you are not the most popular artist, but you must be the artist with the most black fans.”

Shi Zhi: ? ? ?

How did this proud tone come from? Are there a lot of black fans to be proud of?

The star team basically didn’t consider the weather to be bad, and if few artists would go to the weather forecast then they’d not be out in the world for too long- Prepare more.

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Of course, if you don’t eat the fireworks, you won’t let them catch a cold.

(Probably like, if they don’t want to look good, then they will not catch a cold, but they need to be gorgeous with this dress and suit, so- in the end, it’s turn out like that)

The red carpet ceremony caused many entertainers to be directly defeated by a cold, and the chance of encountering entertainers in hospitals increased significantly.

Shi Zhi was not in the cold army.
She did her best to keep warm, but despite this, the butler still prepared her various cold prevention things early.
After the red carpet was over, Shi Zhi was given a few bowls of ginger soup.

Shi Zhi originally thought that there should not be many announcements for female stars during the trough period, and soon she received the next job notice.

Record a program from a certain TV station.

This was signed by the original owner before she came.

She is familiar with life and death, and she was already used to it when she was modeling for the second time.
Fortunately, the recording of the show here is indoors, and there will be no such thing as letting her wear a dress on a cold day.
The kind of anti-human thing, Shi Zhi saw that Brother Quan was a little bit hesitant, and suddenly stopped talking.

“What’s the matter, let’s talk about it?”

“Tang Yunling has to come today, do you know?”

Shi Zhi: She naturally doesn’t know, and who is Tang Yunling?

Shi Zhi is not easy to ask, after all, this Tang Yunling must have a close connection with the original body, fortunately, you can check it online.

She found out that Tang Yunling was a popular actress, appeared in two major hit female dramas, and was very popular with the audience, but from Brother Quang and the rest of the team, this Tang Yunling was a black lotus flower.

Because she has some resemblance to the original self, from the beginning of the road in the entertainment circle, she using marketing two people look like, and took advantage of the original fame to accumulate some fans, and then the original popularity declined, Tang Yunling’s popularity went up, and she kept giving Shi Zhi the trip down.

“I suspect that the rumors about you playing big cards and scheming have Tang Yunling’s handwriting.”

“Shi Zhi, calm down, don’t follow this woman’s words, and don’t have any disputes with her when recording the show.
Now many people are staring at you, even if you don’t do anything, people can interpret something else for you.

The fate of passersby is too important.
Shi Zhi seems to have had no such thing in the past two years.
Once the audience dislikes her, it seems that everything she does is wrong.

On the show, Tang Yunling didn’t dare to do anything to Shi Zhi directly, because she was afraid that Shi Zhi would be irritated by her, and then she would be maliciously arranged.

Shi Zhi nodded, “Don’t worry.”

She was not interested in tearing up flowers or anything at all, she was worried that there would be a storm in the recording of the show.
After all, she had never participated in it.

Brother Quan was afraid that Shi Zhi and Tang Yunling would have a conflict on the spot.
Shi Zhi had no experience in recording shows.
He didn’t expect the show crew to cue her at all.
Except for the initial greeting, Shi Zhi sat on the bench all the way, as if she had become an invisible person.

The unpopular Shi Zhi has come to life, sitting in a chair and watching the beauty on the talent show.

Shi Zhi: Are there any other good things?

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