The director, who was monitoring the group of Shi Zhi and Duoqi, looked at this completely unexpected scene and let out a sigh of amazement.

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“Duoqi is scared.”

“I think it seems a bit interesting.
I didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be like this… You said, will Shi Zhi put Duoqi under probation?”

The director asked the staff next to him.

The replies from the staff were, “No.”

What kind of character Duoqi is, and how difficult he is, they have been with him for a while and have observed it for a while.
It is already clear that he can toss an adult female artist away.
They can see how strong Duoqi’s combat effectiveness is.

In fact, the director just asked casually, and he didn’t believe it very much himself.

Shi Zhi had no intention of doing anything to the children.

She is very accurate in her positioning.
That is, she came to appear on the show.

If it is the same model as “Our Village”, there is a small guest as a roommate, and everyone is at peace.
She will cook a meal for them, which is not a big problem.

However, this future roommate is obviously not very worry-free, and what he does is obviously not the same idea as Shi Zhi.

As soon as she came to the other party, he made two small moves: putting a doll to scare her and throwing a balloon for her to accidentally step on it.
It is estimated that if it’s other guests, it will cause a slight psychological shadow.

Shi Zhi didn’t have any influence.
She just felt that the child was indeed a bit undereducated.

Duoqi, who has become an undereducated child in Shi Zhi’s heart, blushed.
He realized that he was actually scared just now, ashamed and annoyed, but he didn’t want to admit it.

“I’m not cold!”

Duoqi stared at Shi Zhi’s face angrily, touched the “scarf” around his neck——

The doll’s long red tongue was torn off and fell.

His eyes and movements are very good, and he has the style of a gloomy villain.
If the “scarf” was not too long, he might have been more imposing if it had not taken him more than ten seconds to get it off his neck.

Shi Zhi’s expression remained the same.
The director went up and picked up the doll and scolded Duoqi softly before telling him about Shi Zhi.

“Sister Yuxuan said goodbye to the show temporarily because she has a job, so she can’t take care Duoqi anymore.
In the future, it will be this new sister, Sister Shi Zhi, who will take care of Duoqi.”

Shi Zhi waved at Duoqi, “Hello.”

Duoqi knew that the last sister had left, but he was very clear in his heart that there was no job, he was obviously scared her away, and she cried when she ran away.

He rolled his eyes, but this time he didn’t ignore anyone.
He greeted Shi Zhi, showing his white teeth.
He smiled brightly, soft and waxy, then said.

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“Shi Zhi…” Auntie.

Duoqi planned to call Aunt Shi Zhi.

He naturally knows how to make others angry, and he also knows that girls are very concerned about their age.
Every time he calls someone’s aunt, the other party’s smile collapses.
Duoqi wants to make this woman who scares him collapse.

It’s just the Auntie word he didn’t say.

Because Duoqi saw Shi Zhi was holding a big apple in her hand, the two hands merged, and with a “quack”, the apple was directly divided into two halves.

Break apples with her bare hands.

Duoqi, “!!!” Is this woman some kind of Hercules!

Shi Zhi took half of the apple and handed it in the direction of Duoqi.


“Do you want to eat apples?”

“Eating fruits is good for your health and supplementing vitamin C.”

Douqi’s face, flushed with shame and anger, now turned white, and his head shook like a rattle.

“No need, Shi Zhi…sister.”

The aunt’s call was replaced by a sister.

Douqi now looked at the broken apple in two and couldn’t help but want to touch his neck.

His neck is so thin that if it is broken by the other party, it is estimated to be broken, right?

Shi Zhi gave Duoqi his alone time, but the truth is Duoqi was dizzy.
Although he was sitting in the toy area with a toy in his hand, Duoqi didn’t enjoy playing with the toy, and occasionally he looked at Shi Zhi with a kind of frightened gaze.

Mainly wandering on her slender-looking arms.

Could it be that there are huge biceps hidden under her dress?

In the morning, it was Shi Zhi’s turn to take care of him, and he didn’t do anything malicious for a while, just because he was still overwhelmed by Shi Zhi.

But if she could make him obedient so simply, he would not become the difficult little devil in the show.

At lunchtime, Shi Zhi made two dishes and one soup for two people.
The better thing about “Super North Nose” compared to “Our Village” is that the ingredients do not need to be obtained by the guests, and for the children to grow up healthy, the dishes are still very rich in protein and stuff.

The villa’s living room was already filled with the smell of food, and the director kept saying to the camera, “It smells so good.”

She watched “Our Village” and knew that the guests all praised Shi Zhi’s cooking for being delicious, but after looking back, how could it be so three-dimensional.

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((We often call good characters “three-dimensional.” Three-dimensional characters are complex and unique, with fully developed fictional lives.
This makes them seem like real people.
In short, other celebrities’ acknowledgement of Shi Zhi’s cooking skills was not as expert as they said.
They are exaggerating.))

Shi Zhi finished the meal and asked Duoqi to wash his hands and eat, but Duoqi ran away, ran to the sofa farther away, played with toys, and shouted.

“I will not eat.”

Shi Zhi asked him, “Why don’t you want to eat?”

Duoqi answered confidently, “Because I don’t want to eat!”

Here we go again.

Both the director and the cameraman showed helpless expressions.

One of Duoqi’s problems is not eating on time.

Every time it’s Duoqi’s time to eat, it’s like going through a war, and it’s still a tragic kind.
According to Duoqi’s family, it’s very difficult for him to eat at home.
Grandma often has to hold a bowl and spoon and then run for a long time before he can eat two bites.
The last guest Yu Xuan also encountered this situation, and every time she fed Duoqi, she had a headache.

Shi Zhi stared at Duoqi, who was sitting on the sofa, without even giving her a straight look, and asked Duoqi with her head facing him again.

“You really don’t want to eat, really?”

Duoqi kicked his legs, “Is it annoying, don’t eat, don’t eat!” even if she asked a hundred times, he still didn’t want to eat.


Shi Zhi nodded, saying that she already knew, and then she went back to the table and started to enjoy the food.


Douqi: ???

Director: ???

Shi Zhi didn’t constantly persuade Duoqi to eat as everyone guessed, nor did she chase him behind his ass and coax him with sugar coating words, trying to give him a bite to eat.
After she asked Duoqi twice, and he said no, she just ignored it.

Duoqi had fun playing with toys, but now he can’t play anymore, staring in Shi Zhi’s direction.

Why is she like this? Just let him go.

Is she really not going to persuade him anymore?

The director didn’t quite understand this direction, too, so he hurriedly went to negotiate with Shi Zhi, who was eating by herself.

“Sister Shi Zhi, why don’t you ask Duoqi to join you?”

Shi Zhi, “I called, I called him twice.
He said he didn’t want to eat.”

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This is a fact.
Shi Zhi did call twice.

“But…” The director was still very anxious.
After Shi Zhi gave him a factual answer, he got stuck, and he didn’t know what to say.

But what should Duoqi do if he is hungry? Others always coax Duoqi to eat…

Shi Zhi said to the director, “It’s okay.
He is already a little adult at the age of six.
He must know his needs better than us.
We adults should not forcibly add our own wishes on children.
Respect their opinions.”

“Besides, if you don’t eat one meal, it won’t affect your body.” You can’t die from starving.

The director was already wavering, but now he was completely persuaded by Shi Zhi.

Before, when Duoqi was crying and not eating, he kept yelling, why didn’t everyone respect him? Now it seems that they did it wrong before.

It is necessary to give Duoqi the respect he deserves, like Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi asked the director, “Are you hungry or not? Do you want to sit down together?”

The director had long been drooling at the smell of the food, but he didn’t expect to be invited to eat together with Shi Zhi.
His eyes lit up.

“Is it okay?”

“Of course, I’ve cooked too much anyway, and I can’t finish it all by myself.”

Even chopsticks are readily available.
The chopsticks Shi Zhi prepared for Duoqi he didn’t use, so the director used them.

Duoqi, who was left out tragically, “…”


In fact, he had been listening to the director talking to Shi Zhi with his ears up all the time, but he didn’t expect that even the director would agree with him not to eat.

A long time passed, and he didn’t get another inquiry about whether he wanted to eat.
The toys lost their attractiveness, and the scent of the food kept drilling into his nose.

“Who cares.”

Duoqi watched sternly as the last bit of food was eaten up, and there was nothing left.
He curled his mouth and muttered indifferently, then jumped off the sofa and ran back to his room.

Wronged, very wronged.

Duoqi was lying on the soft bed.
The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.
His eyes were red.
He has always been the focus of everyone’s attention.
For the first time, he encountered a situation where no one coaxed him to eat.

“Bad woman.”

Douqi sucked his nose and covered his eyes with his hands to prevent tears from falling.
At the same time, his stomach began to growl.

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But Douqi is in a good mood now.
He feels that the bad woman can’t make him submit through this.


He still has a secret weapon.

The big drawer in the living room is full of snacks, potato chips, finger biscuits, sucking jelly… Everything is like a small supermarket.

Those snacks were prepared by the show team.
Duoqi often went to eat them when he had nothing to do.
Now he thought of that happy little world when he was hungry.

However, he told Shi Zhi that he was not hungry before, so Duoqi was still cautious when he went out to get snacks.

Everything went well as if God was helping him, the living room was quiet, and the bad woman was not there, making Douqi even happier.

Douqi quickly arrived at his destination, squatting down in front of the drawer containing snacks, waiting to choose his favorite snacks and carry his favorite snacks to his bedroom.

Then as soon as it opens―

It’s empty, more empty than the balance of many young people.

(LOL, the balance is probably about saving money)

There is nothing in the drawer that was filled before!

The smile on Duoqi’s face froze, and at the same time, a familiar voice sounded behind him.



It’s Shi Zhi.

She stood behind Doqi and looked at him with a smile.

Duoqi was guilty of being a thief and was so scared that he sat on the ground.

“Why did you fall?”

Shi Zhi pulled Duoqi up, looked at the open drawer, and felt relieved, “Are you hungry now?”

“Come looking for snacks?”

Facing the woman’s half-smile eyes, the self-respecting Duoqi immediately retorted, “…it’s not!”

“I’m not hungry.
I’m playing casually, pulling and playing” with a stiff head and mouth.


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