Chapter 18 – I Don’t Want to Be Popular on the day eighteen.

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Part 1

The rest of the agents came one after another, and the first greetings of their artists were the same.


At that time, a barrage in the live broadcast room raised the guess of whether everyone had become fat.
It was correct.
Several people did become fat and were fed by Shi Zhi.

Among them, Ning Jiachi and Tian Hong are the most obvious.

Tian Hong has a slow metabolism as a middle-aged person, and Ning Jiachi overeats by himself and can’t control his mouth.

Not long ago, they were still dropping their catchphrase in this “weight loss variety show”.
When welcoming Shi Zhi, Tian Hong’s first words were, “Welcome to the weight loss variety show”, and now they have become Shi Zhi and her four little pigs.

Shi Zhi is the only one who doesn’t grow flesh.
Is it precisely the same when she comes and then when she leaves?

Wailing and screams sounded from time to time in the two-story building, of which Ning Jiachi’s howling was the loudest.

The program team staff were almost laughing to death, and the audience watching the live broadcast did not expect that the show was about to end.
There would be such a funny scene early in the morning.
This can be called an easter egg at the end of the movie!

Ning Jiachi’s fans have no sympathy at all.

Who do you blame for eating like this? At least.
Fortunately, Their idol’s face is not fat yet, and it’s nothing if his eight-pack abs become six.

At the same time, they respected Shi Zhi, and someone gave her a new title——

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Abdominal muscle iron.

Abdominal muscle iron.
Shi Xiaozhi, you deserve it.
The eight-pack abs have become six pieces, and the other person vaguely becomes one.
It’s not a dream to eliminate abs.

The audience in the live broadcast room is still watching the excitement, and it’s not too big to heckle [I suggest changing the name of “Our Village” and calling it “Shi Zhi’s Pig Farm”.]

A group of the audience commented that the titles were too bad.
Of course, if they weren’t busy adding one or two new titles, maybe it would be more convincing to accuse the person who suggested it.

Ning Jiachi had gradually accepted that he had really lost his two abs.
Even though he acknowledged that he was still a little sad in his heart, he hummed and went to Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi Zhi, I’m fat.”

Facing the coquettishness of her non-exist younger brother, Shi Zhi behaved very straight, “Swimming and fitness, what do you think?” Otherwise, she couldn’t help if he was looking for her.

Ning Jiachi, “…”

“… Actually, what I want to say is to call me if you can cook next time, for the sake of my two lost abs.”

Shi Zhi, “…”

He has been howling for a long time, his two abs are lost, and he still can’t forget to eat.

Shi Zhi waved goodbye to the friends who were recording the program together and followed Brother Quan into the agency car.

Although Brother Quan couldn’t follow Shi Zhi the whole time because of the program regulations, he watched the live broadcast of the program.
He learned that Shi Zhi had a good relationship with everyone from the live broadcast room.
Even Ning Jiachi, who has a background in bringing money, is very close to Shi Zhi.
Seeing it with his own eyes, Brother Quan was still surprised.

“Ning Jiachi really wants to recognize you as his sister.”

Shi Zhi said that Ning Jiachi was just for stuttering.
He was so hungry that he found her later and said it was okay to call her father.

Brother Quan chatted with her, “You didn’t get involved too much with people in the circle before, and you are alone.
I think you are a bit autistic…”

Shi Zhi listened to Brother Quan tell her about “herself”, the original heroine.
The original heroine Shuang Wen took the route of the lone ranger, and she was the female lead who had no friends.

Brother Quan said, tentatively, “Ning Jiachi is very powerful.
If you can really catch him…”

His voice stopped abruptly because Shi Zhi smile next to him and stared at him very seriously, “I like to be simple and don’t want to add impurities.”

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Not to mention whether it is a friend or not, even if she knows someone, she doesn’t want to get along with that kind of purpose.

“Okay, I know you haven’t changed this principle.”

Brother Quan blamed himself and chose to give up and change the subject to work, “Your variety show effect is still great this time.”

The assistant on the team next to him accosted, “It’s great.


“Sister Shi, fewer people in my circle of friends scold you after this incident.”

Shi Zhi: Thanks your friends.

Brother Quan pushed the little assistant, who interjected, away.

“There have been variety shows coming to the door these days.
I think you can now take advantage of this momentum to participate in variety shows… it can be regarded as linked to your career.”

The first thing in Shi Zhi’s mind was the acting variety show.

Her primary role is as an actress.
Some time ago, she also acted and directed a scene by herself.
At that time, she said that she felt that acting on variety shows was more popular.
It would be a good idea if a scriptwriter or director has a good part and plans to find her.

Brother Quan shook his head, “Then there is no such type of project looking for us, but if you want to go, I can pay attention.

Shi Zhi: No, she doesn’t want to.

“So, what is it?” It’s still linked to her own career.

Brother Quan opened a video app and told Shi Zhi that the variety show was already online.

Shi Zhi looked at the introduction and wondered, “Which profession is this linked to?”

“Our Village” takes two forms of on-air, recording and broadcasting.
There are a lot of people watching the live broadcast.
Mainly it has attracted a large number of viewers because of the fish-fish battle between Xiong Baojie and Shi Zhi.

However, there is still time to watch the live broadcast, and the live broadcast audience is slightly younger.
More people still choose to watch the more traditional broadcast: the edited version.

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The show that was broadcast after editing had a faster pace, and the special effects were more effective.
The famous scenes that Shi Zhi provided were also pulled out again.

“Absolutely, my dad and I were all in a daze during Shi Zhi’s fishing.
My dad yelled that he wanted to learn how to fish from Shi Zhi.
He asked if Shi Zhi wanted to open a fishing class, and he would sign up.
How can I tell him that it is impossible for celebrities to open any fishing classes? ”

“Do you know which star my grandmother likes best? It’s actually Shi Zhi… She said Shi Zhi is simple, capable, and great at cooking.
If she is a fan of celebrities, she must be a fan of Shi Zhi.
I didn’t dare to tell my grandmother that I used to scold Shi Zhi, but I have changed my view of Shi Zhi this time.

“As far as matters are concerned, Shi Zhi has performed really well recently.
I really love the anti-hypocritical master.
I have watched Chen Baichuan try the sour fruit.
I watched it three times.
I still want to ask, Shi Zhi, are you a devil?”

“Shi Zhi should actually go to more variety shows.
I didn’t expect her to be so talented.
She went to more variety shows and made fewer bad movies.
She made more money from variety shows.
Isn’t it good?”

“In the past, everyone said that even if Shi Zhi was not good anymore, her appearance was not ridiculed.
I hadn’t gotten it before, but I got it through a variety show.
The photo of Shi Zhi fishing by the pond wearing a straw hat and randomly matched clothes has been set up by me as a screensaver, which is convenient for me to lick the screen every day.”

(Lick the screen every day = admire it every day)

“Pah! I also got the cuteness of Uncle Shi Zhi, the barbecued meat, hehehe…”

During the “Our Village” broadcast, Shi Zhi’s name frequently appeared on hot searches.
Although it didn’t come first this time, the comments were good and positive.

Even when Shi Zhi told Chen Baichuan that she was not a good person, it seemed unbelievable to put it on other artists.
Netizens just thought it was rather hilarious and cute.

In a short period, from when Shi Zhi’s name appeared, it was full of swear words and curses, and now the comments are biased towards the positive.
This reversal can be said to be huge.
Even the best public relations are challenging to do.

There is already a professional public relations team searching how this step can be done.

They firmly believed that Shi Zhi had hired a professional public relations team to build her reputation.
Still, Shi Zhi had done an excellent job of keeping it confidential, and they had not inquired about it for the time being.

Shi Zhi’s Weibo followers also increased a lot.

And the “Did you know section” derived from “Our Village” does not stop there.

A flower and herb expert posted the “grass” planted by Shi Zhi on Weibo and asked netizens, do you know, what is it?

Netizen: What else could it be, an ugly grass?

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Shi Zhi’s fishing, playing chess, and planting flowers are the first two in the show.
Both of them can be seen as good, so the audience is also looking forward to seeing Shi Zhi’s uncle planting flowers.

However, they didn’t see the flowers, and the only thing Shi Zhi could get involved with a flower was to dig a piece of grass back.
The guests rejected this piece of grass for its ugly looks, and it was rejected by the audience in the live broadcast room for the same reason.
When the edited version of Our Village was released on the TV network, it was despised again.

Grass: Weak, pitiful, and helpless.

After the program was recorded, Shi Zhi took the flowerpot away with the grass.
The flowerpot was the most common and was worthless, so the program team gave it to her directly.
At that time, everyone either didn’t take it seriously, or they just took it out and made fun of it.

Now flower and grass experts solemnly ask netizens on Weibo.

Some people began to change their minds, “It’s not a particularly valuable grass, is it?”

Until now, the people who said this still have the idea of joking.

Flower and grass experts affirmed.

“It’s precious.”

“Rare orchids, with better quality, can be sold for millions.”

The laughter of netizens who were still having fun over there stopped abruptly!

This ugly grass is really precious grass!

Chinese culture is broad and profound, and Chinese characters are equally broad and profound.
The same word can also have different meanings.

The topic of #The grass planted by Shi Zhi is worth millions# has also been hotly searched by netizens who have heard the wind.

I’m so envious! Shi Zhi is this good luck, or do you really know from the start?!

Someone already wants to form a group to dig orchids.

Apologize, they were wrong.
At the time, they laughed at the unsightly grass planted by Shi Zhi.
Now they just want to ask, can you give them a few of such ugly grass?


It’s okay to have one, or it’s okay to sell one to a few people, and let’s divide it equally.

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