The world of modern entertainment industry (5)

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However, this thought only revolved in Ren Ling’s mind.

The fortune of the entertainment industry has always been changing rapidly, complex and unpredictable, whether it is popular or not depends on fate, no one can say for sure.

After that, Ren Ling and Lin Xiaotang left the lounge as instructed by the staff.

It didn’t take long for the director and starring actors to get ready and start their respective shooting.

Few people knew about the audition that day, except for a few people present.

Ren Ling’s mouth was very tight, Lin Xiaotang didn’t like to talk and she was just a little ghost actor, no one would pay attention to her.

Although there are many ghosts and monsters in “Remnant of Life”, there are also a lot of terrifying scenes but the storyline in it is still dominated by people.

On Zhang Qingnian’s side, after discovering the “good seedling” Lin Xiaotang, he hurriedly stayed up late with the screenwriter to revise the script.

Some plots that could not be filmed for various reasons or that the filming did not work well, were re-added by them.

In the face of Lin Xiaotang’s role, they were also quite cautious.

Zhang Qingnian and the screenwriter are both people who have been in the entertainment industry.
They know that rashly promoting Lin Xiaotang as one of the leading actors will only cause criticism.

But they can still do it easily by adding drama to her without leaving a trace.

Anyway, Lin Xiaotang’s performance is so good, so let her play a few more ghost roles.

So, when the crew was halfway through filming, someone finally found out that Lin Xiaotang seemed to have too many scenes in the group.

It seems that every exciting plot has her figure.

Ren Ling even worried about whether Lin Xiaotang would be targeted by others.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the reactions of these people were completely different from the normal situation.

There is no way, who made Lin Xiaotang play the ghost, the girl is really scary!

Even a veteran actor with many years of acting experience had to struggle to control his expression when facing Lin Xiaotang.

In her body, many unusual behaviors will reveal a kind of chilling weirdness.

Even if she just stood there in silence, she would inadvertently scare many staff members.

The small ball was played continuously by her hand and fell heavily on the ground, making a faint slamming sound, one after another, like hitting a person’s heart.

In this case, these actors don’t even need to act deliberately, they can pass the level in a daze.

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After seeing Lin Xiaotang, the natural look of horror on their faces was much stronger than what they had worked so hard to show.

Therefore, other actors dare not have any objection to Lin Xiaotang’s many scenes.

On the other hand, Lin Xiaotang herself was a little impatient.

Before she came over, in order to get her guardian Ren Ling to agree to her, she casually said that she could study in her dreams.

Who would have thought that Ren Ling actually started to supervise her studies?!

Every night, as soon as Lin Xiaotang closed her eyes, she would see in her dreams, her brother holding various test papers.

She couldn’t understand why humans would have such a great love for quizzes and exam papers.

It’s not that Lin Xiaotang didn’t think about running away but her strength didn’t recover much at all.

Not to mention, she had previously given Ren Ling some of her nightmare authority.

Every time she hides, Ren Ling always easily grabs her out of a pile of nightmares, then takes her by the hand and drags her to the desk where the dream is transformed.

“Xiaotang, you have to be obedient and you must study hard,” her brother, who was always gentle to her, was frighteningly strict in this regard, “Come on, try to do these test papers.”

Lin Xiaotang: “…..”

There is a feeling of shooting herself in the foot.

Because Lin Xiaotang had poor grades in Chinese and English, Ren Ling would force her to memorize words after finishing the comprehensive examination paper.

As time passed, Lin Xiaotang, who had been tortured by studying, became more gloomy.

After that, the actors who played with her more often were visibly haggard.

The devastated them already had a psychological shadow because of Lin Xiaotang.

On weekdays, as long as they saw Lin Xiaotang coming to the set, they would avoid her from a distance.

Especially the leading actor who played the most roles, in the later stage, his expression of sadness was no greater than that of death, which faintly fit the last paragraph in the book “Remnant of Life”—

“Looking at the face in the mirror that does not belong to him, he finally realized that the rest of his life will be spent in this endless fear.”

In such a perfect state, after overcoming all the original difficulties, the process of the entire crew has sped up a lot.

The show itself is not long, only about 20 episodes.
After a month, Lin Xiaotang’s role finally ended.

On the day Lin Xiaotang was sent away, the whole crew was relieved.

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Even the director Zhang Qingnian felt light.
After all, before this, Lin Xiaotang would stare at him with resentful eyes almost every day.

However, he was afraid that Lin Xiaotang had helped him so much for such a small amount of money.
So he had to repay this kindness.

A good seedling like Lin Xiaotang should not be overwhelmed.

What a talented director like Zhang Qingnian loves to do is to discover potential actors.

It just so happened that Lin Xiaotang perfectly met his expectations for a “genius actor”.

Zhang Qingnian likes supernatural and suspenseful themes and almost all of his director friends have similar hobbies.

If he remembered correctly, it seems that someone has been preparing a horror movie recently.

Zhang Qingnian thought about it carefully, and then called his senior brother, Xu Yi, a well-known director in the film circle.


On the other hand, after returning home, Lin Xiaotang finally got rid of Ren Ling’s hands.

She went back to school and lived a clean and leisurely life again.

Because of her previous deeds, she was considered a little famous in the school.

This time, when she came back after a month’s leave, many classmates gathered around and asked questions curiously.

Lin Xiaotang sometimes thinks that people are really a strange group.

With the same withdrawn personality and the same face, she faced the enthusiasm of the people around her but what the original owner suffered was the exclusion and cold violence of other classmates.

She was too lazy to hide it, so she just said that she was acting with her brother, which caused the envy of the people around her.

However, the performance of the students is envious and the attitude of the teachers is somewhat subtle.

In the eyes of the teacher, Lin Xiaotang has excellent grades, enough to go to a good school.
Her pursuit of an ethereal star dream in the entertainment industry will delay her studies.

Fortunately, Ren Ling’s persecution was effective.
In the past month, Lin Xiaotang has made up for those weak subjects.

Later, when she took a monthly exam and her grades were better than before, the teachers looked at her and became extremely relieved.

To be able to get such a result in the test shows that Lin Xiaotang has studied hard in addition to acting.

A girl who can pursue her dreams while keeping her feet on the ground and not forgetting to study will be liked by everyone.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t care much about the opinions of the people around her, whether it was popular or excluded, it made no difference to her.

The only thing that surprised her was about Xia Zeran and Su Tiantian.

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The original owner might not know why Xia Zeran confessed to her but Lin Xiaotang knew it.

She didn’t take action against these two people, she just felt that it was unnecessary or she didn’t pay attention to these two people at all.

Lin Xiaotang thought that Xia Zeran and Su Tiantian would be together soon after she, as an obstacle, was gone this month.

As a result, the girl at the same table quietly told her that the two not only did not continue to love each other but also had a conflict.

“Who in the whole school doesn’t know that you are Xia Zeran’s girlfriend and who doesn’t know that the two of them have an affair.”

The girl at the same table had a smug tone with a hint of indignation: “Xia Zeran is a scumbag! He just wanted to be with you because you are beautiful, so he was with you and as a result, he was eating hot pot with another girl in private.
Such a man is really disgusting, Xiaotang, don’t be deceived by him!”

When Lin Xiaotang heard this, she remembered that she didn’t seem to have broken up with Xia Zeran.

In the eyes of outsiders, the two of them are still boyfriend and girlfriend.

Also, every time Xia Zeran sees her and runs away, even if she wants to say it, she has no chance.

After that, she just forgot about it.

Originally, Lin Xiaotang was still thinking about whether to find a chance to end it.

However, after seeing the dejected appearances of Xia Zeran and Su Tiantian, she gave up her thoughts.

The original owner died early in the toilet cubicle because of the bullying by the female gangsters.
Neither of them could get away with this matter.

If that’s the case, then she will continue to occupy this title.

If they want to be together openly, Xia Zeran must cheat and Su Tiantian must also become the mistress.

Under the watchful eyes of the whole school, no matter what they do, their reputation will completely stink.

In this way, Xia Zeran can also understand that if he does something wrong, he will be punished.

Other people’s feelings are not something he can easily play with.

Just like that, time passed little by little.

Soon, the day of “Remnant of Life” was released.

Because the total number of episodes in this drama is not many, only two episodes were released in the first week and only two episodes will be updated every week after that.

But these two short episodes did not affect the popularity of the whole show.

“Remnant of Life” itself is adapted from a popular novel and several leading actors invited are all the hottest traffic niches nowadays.

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The combination of these circumstances allowed “Remnant of Life” to win a pretty good click rate.

And the popularity of a drama will inevitably drive its actors.

As Ren Ling had expected, Lin Xiaotang was on fire.

At the very least, in this drama, she has received far more attention from passersby than the other leading actors.

Ren Ling glanced at the hot comments of several people in front of her.
Except for those that were obviously spent on marketing, the rest of the hot comments were basically related to Lin Xiaotang.

[Favorite Spirituality: Ah ah ah, the little sister who plays the ghost is too good-looking! Ghostly, so beautiful, she is my ideal female ghost!]

[Xiao Tao loves to eat peaches: Am I the only one who was frightened by this little girl? Every time she comes on stage, I feel that the temperature around me is a few degrees lower #cry.]

[When will the remnant start filming: It’s really perfect! It perfectly restores the horror in the book! Where did the crew dug this actress, such acting skills should not be buried! ]

[Little Yuanmeng: I already have PTSD.
As soon as I see that female ghost, I can’t help digging into the quilt…..]

[Happy Axiong: Hey! In front, don’t hide under the quilt!!!]

The last one has more than 10,000 likes.

And at this moment, director Zhang Qingnian did not forget to strike while the iron was hot and sent out an episode of the shooting scene.

In this video, many actors have been brought out to show their faces.

Among them, Lin Xiaotang, who played the female ghost, sat next to the studio and studied with her head down.

She was still wearing her ghost costume, her pale little face was expressionless and her dark eyes looked numbly at the textbook in her hand.

It is obviously a very terrifying appearance but under the lens of director Zhang Qingnian, everyone can feel a strong sense of lovelessness.

Beside her, her brother Ren Ling was holding a thick pile of textbooks, looking at Lin Xiaotang while talking to the staff next to him.

When the staff asked what the girl next to him was related to, Ren Ling replied gently: “She is my sister.”

Facing the camera, a proud smile appeared on the young man’s face: “After putting on makeup, Xiaotang does look scary but she is actually very good and obedient, please don’t be too afraid of her.”

As Ren Ling’s voice fell, Lin Xiaotang behind him raised his head and glanced at his brother faintly.

Her expression was still light but that sad feeling was fully displayed.


Audience: No way! The siblings are too cute!?

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