The world of modern entertainment industry (3)

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Xia Zeran didn’t really want to come over to find Lin Xiaotang.

In other words, he actually didn’t like Lin Xiaotang.

As everyone else knows, Xia Zeran likes Su Tiantian, a girl who is in the first year of high school.

They have been secretly in love with each other for a year and they get along quite closely on weekdays.
Xia Zeran calls Su Tiantian every night and tells stories to put her to sleep.

If that’s the case, then why does he still have a relationship with Lin Xiaotang?

This is because he wants to use Lin Xiaotang to stimulate Su Tiantian.

Su Tiantian is too simple, she can’t tell the boundary between friendship and love at all, so far she only treats him as her brother.

Xia Zeran waited for a year and didn’t want to wait any longer.

He knew that Lin Xiaotang liked him and he also knew that Lin Xiaotang had always been withdrawn, didn’t pay attention to gossip and didn’t know his relationship with Su Tiantian.

So he took the initiative to find Lin Xiaotang and asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend.

Unsurprisingly, Lin Xiaotang agreed to him.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that this gloomy-looking girl could cause so much trouble.

Considering what happened yesterday, Lin Xiaotang was innocently injured and so Xia Zeran felt a bit sympathy towards her.

He found Lin Xiaotang and was going to have a good talk with her.

However, in the face of his request, Lin Xiaotang’s response was flat: “No.”

Xia Zeran was just a stranger to her.

She didn’t feel like she had anything to talk about with him and she didn’t care about him at all.

He didn’t seem to think that Lin Xiaotang would reject him, Xia Zeran was stunned and asked subconsciously, “Why don’t you go?”

Lin Xiaotang answered truthfully, “I don’t want to go.”

Xia Zeran: “…”

Choked by Lin Xiaotang’s words, Xia Zeran’s sympathy for her disappeared immediately.

He frowned and his gentle tone gradually became impatient: “I know what Tiantian’s friends did to you yesterday, they really did something wrong but you can’t be like this, right? Do you know how much Tiantian is worried about you??”

Lin Xiaotang: “Oh.”

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She really didn’t know Su Tiantian’s worries about her but she knows it now.

Xia Zeran: “…….”

Because of his wealthy family, excellent grades and good personality, Xia Zeran has always been the one held in the hands of everyone and is rarely ignored like this.

Facing Lin Xiaotang, he felt like he punched a cotton and he felt extremely aggrieved.

He knew that Lin Xiaotang was jealous of Su Tiantian, so she took her anger at him.

But he didn’t think about it himself, why those female gangsters didn’t bully others but instead they wanted to bully her?

You know, Su Tiantian, who has always been soft-hearted, can get along well with this group of people.

Xia Zeran became more and more annoyed.
He looked at Lin Xiaotang and was about to continue blaming.

– But at this moment, Lin Xiaotang suddenly raised her head and glanced at him lightly.

The girl’s eyes are very beautiful like thick black ink, her eyes look clean and pure.

If he saw such a pair of eyes in normal times, Xia Zeran might have sighed in his heart.

But for some unknown reason, at this moment, Xia Zeran’s heart was inexplicably flustered after being looked at by Lin Xiaotang.

An invisible panic gripped his heart tightly and he opened his mouth, unable to say the words he wanted to say.

He is like a prey stared at by a ferocious beast.
Facing the cold and gloomy gaze of the enemy, his limbs are stiff, unable to escape and he is futilely enduring the trembling from the depths of his soul.

It wasn’t until Lin Xiaotang withdrew her gaze that he loosened his whole body and left in embarrassment.

As the central figures of the recent gossip, Xia Zeran and Lin Xiaotang’s every move has attracted considerable attention.

Even if there is no face-to-face discussion, everyone’s eyes are turned to them from time to time.

Seeing Xia Zeran’s frightened face, the surrounding classmates looked at Lin Xiaotang curiously.

……but no matter how you look at it, this is a slightly gloomy ordinary girl, right?

However, why didn’t they realize that Lin Xiaotang is so beautiful.

The original owner has always been a bit introverted and when something happened at home, she became more and more silent.

Therefore, even if her grades are not bad, she has no sense of presence in the class.

At this time, after many people watched Lin Xiaotang, someone suddenly realized that Lin Xiaotang’s appearance is actually quite good.

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It seems that it is not worse than Su Tiantian and others?

Moreover, seeing more ordinary girls, this kind of cold, mysterious and beautiful girl seems to be more attractive.

Good-looking people always attract attention and even people of the same sex cannot avoid being attracted.

Unconsciously, most of the people in the class looked away from Xia Zeran and turned to Lin Xiaotang.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t care about the reactions of the people around her.

Even Xia Zeran, who just left, didn’t take it to heart.

These students were not even a fraction of her age and they were all weak like babies in front of her.

After “sending” the trouble, Xia Zeran away, Lin Xiaotang restrained her breath and put all her thoughts on how to restore her strength.

Lin Xiaotang herself is a special life form.
She is not a human being, but a “work” created by the Lord God of horror games.

After she was born, she was thrown into the world of horror escape games by the Lord God.

At first, she only existed as an NPC in the game.

Later, as she became stronger,then the Lord God began to let her play the role of the mobs in the dungeon.

Hundreds of years have passed and Lin Xiaotang, who was once unknown, eventually became the ultimate last BOSS of the horror escape game.

Perhaps because she is closer to the Lord God, Lin Xiaotang gradually has some of the characteristics of the Lord God.

For example, like the Lord God, she can gain energy and strengthen herself by absorbing the fears of human beings.

Even though she left the escape game inexplicably and bound a strange quick transmigrationsystem, this characteristic of hers did not disappear with it.

Just yesterday, after scaring the girls, she clearly felt that her strength was slowly increasing.

In order to become strong, she must have more, a steady stream of fears.

Lin Xiaotang originally wanted to find the girls from yesterday but after she asked around, she found that they all had taken sick leave to go home.

The girl who was strangled by her neck even took a seven-day vacation in one go.

Lin Xiaotang suddenly realized that a single human being is too weak.

If she wanted to return to her previous strength, she couldn’t just stare at these people all the time.

Therefore, she must find a way to gain a large number of people to obtain fear.

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What could she do?

In this way, in Lin Xiaotang’s thoughts, a few days passed quickly.

Maybe because he was frightened before, Xia Zeran never came to her again.

However, Su Tiantian came to look for her several times, crying and saying that Lin Xiaotang should return her brother to her.

Lin Xiaotang was very annoyed, so she used some abilities on her like Xia Zeran, as it made Su Tiantian so frightened that she fainted every time the ability was used on her.

The first two times when Su Tiantian fainted, there were people who felt sorry for Su Tiantian and pointed at Lin Xiaotang behind her back.

Later, Su Tiantian fainted more and more times and everyone gradually stopped talking.
Instead, they began to look at Su Tiantian with strange eyes.

They couldn’t figure it out at all, it was obviously just an accidental encounter on the road.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t do anything yet, why did Su Tiantian look pale and almost breathless?

Could it be that she was frightened by Lin Xiaotang’s eyes?

This is too outrageous!

Being frightened too hard by Lin Xiaotang and unable to stand the gazes of the people around her, Su Tiantian gradually stopped coming to look for Lin Xiaotang.

And her female gangster friends didn’t have the courage to stop Lin Xiaotang.

In this way, Lin Xiaotang finally lived the clean life she wanted.

As for Ren Ling, his revenge was not so fast.

Facing that extraordinary nightmare ability, he was much more cautious than Lin Xiaotang imagined.

He tried it once on his friend, Wang Cheng and after confirming the effect, Ren Ling never used the ability of Nightmare again.

The dreams that Lin Xiaotang gave him, all came from people who had hatred for him.

He knew that once this kind of thing happened too often, it would be easy to make people think of him.

At that time, he is likely to be controlled by the relevant departments and even involve his sister.

For this reason, Ren Ling silently swallowed his hatred and chose to hold back temporarily.

Fortunately, when Ren Ling made his move before, the timing was very tricky.
He was at the moment when Wang Cheng participated in the all-recording outdoor variety show.

After Wang Cheng woke up, he was so frightened that he collapsed and screamed, cried and said, “I’m sorry” and “I was wrong”, which was recorded and played.

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Such explosive content has instantly attracted the attention of the entire network.

Everyone is very curious.
Who is the person that made Wang Cheng cry and say sorry to?

Without much thought, everyone naturally thought of Ren Ling, who was “stabbed” by Wang Cheng the night before.

In this way, Ren Ling’s reputation was cleaned up in a short period of time.

Maybe it was because he felt that his luck was too strong or maybe because he still had some economic value, the company began to slowly leak some resources to him.

Ren Ling also doesn’t hold grudges and actively strives for every opportunity.

Three days later, when Lin Xiaotang returned home, she was surprised to find that the lights in the living room were actually on.

And her brother Ren Ling was sitting on the sofa excitedly.

He held a thick stack of paper in his hand and stared intently at the contents inside.

Seeing Lin Xiaotang coming back, he raised his head and smiled at her: “Xiaotang is back?”

Since having that dream, the delicate Ren Ling has gradually noticed the abnormality in Lin Xiaotang.

However, he didn’t think much about it, only thought that it was a personality change caused by her awakening ability.

Just like him, after he got that ability, didn’t his personality and vision also change?

As for why Lin Xiaotang had such an ability, he did not intend to delve into it.

She’s his sister and that’s enough.

Hearing Ren Ling’s words, Lin Xiaotang responded.

She put her school bag aside and looked at the book in Ren Ling’s hand: “What is this?”

In the past few days, Ren Ling has been in a hurry and she has rarely seen him so happy.

“This is the script,” Ren Ling said, “I got the script of the third male lead of an online drama today.”

Although it is an online drama and the role is only a third male but this is the best resource he can obtain since he was hacked by the whole network.


Hearing this, Lin Xiaotang asked thoughtfully, “What type of drama is it?”

Ren Ling pointed to the word “Remaining Life” on the cover of the script and replied with a smile, “It’s a horror type.

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