As the girl’s voice fell, there seemed to be an invisible shock and fear hitting all the demon cultivators present.

They were terrified, their scalps were numb and they lowered their heads subconsciously, expressing their obedience to the girl in front of them.

And the few magic cultivators who had communicated with Lin Xiaotang before, were even more scared and became pale, kneeling on the ground with their legs weak.

You must know that Demon Lord Chi Cheng has a cultivation base in the middle stage of Nascent Soul.

In addition, he also controls countless high-level magic weapons and superior elixir in his hands.

The living environment of the demon cultivator has always been sinister and the Demon Lord Chi Cheng also experienced a near-death experience before he was firmly seated as the Demon Lord.

In terms of strength, skill and scheming, he won’t be much worse.

But in this short period of time, the cunning and vicious Demon Lord Chi Cheng died so easily in the hands of a seemingly weak and helpless girl!

How can this make them not afraid? How can they not be shocked?!

The magic cultivators are extremely strong and their world respects the strong.

It is the most ridiculous thing to ask a demon cultivator to express loyalty to the master.

Seeing Lin Xiaotang beheading the previous Demon Lord Chi Cheng and claiming to be the next Demon Lord Chicheng, they didn’t have any emotions of resistance, they all squatted on the ground and said in unison, “Your subordinates see the new Demon Lord!”

Some demon cultivators even went up to please and asked Lin Xiaotang, “Lord, what should I do with these women? Should I kill all of them?”

They would come here because they were being sent to the previous Demon Lord Chi Cheng.

Now that the Demon Lord has been changed, so the whereabouts of these sacrifices will naturally be decided by the new Demon Lord.

Lin Xiaotang looked at the cage behind them and the women looked at her blankly.

They probably didn’t expect that the cultivator who had rescued them before became the master here.

“Let go if you want to go,” Lin Xiaotang thought for a while and said, “If you want to stay, send them to the palace to serve me.”

She is not particularly interested in killing people and these women are indeed pitiful, it is better to give them a job.

Anyway, it wasn’t her money that was spent, so she didn’t feel bad.

After hearing what she said, the demon cultivators quickly released the women in the cage.

After the mortal women inside came out, they were all ecstatic when they saw that these demon cultivators really wouldn’t hurt them.

The few who responded quickly knelt down in front of Lin Xiaotang: “Miss, we want to stay here.”

They don’t know the difference between demon cultivator and Taoist cultivator, they only know that if they go home, there will be no good end.

Being able to be a servant to such a beautiful and kind cultivator is simply a blessing they have cultivated in their lifetimes.

As for those women who were originally cultivators, most of them chose to leave with a look of horror.

Knowing the cruelty of demon cultivators, they did not dare to stay by the demon lord’s side, otherwise they might die one day.

Seeing that these immortal cultivators were leaving, Lin Xiaotang would not stop them.

But equally, she won’t give them more help.

Whether they can survive or not depends on their own abilities. 

After disposing of these women, Lin Xiaotang was not idle for the next few days.

She pulled out the weapons left by the previous Demon Lord Chi Cheng and killed a group of demon cultivators who refused to accept her.

Murder or something, she has done enough in the horror escape game and she has no psychological barriers at all.

Not to mention, each of these demon cultivators has done a lot of evil things and it is not a pity to die.

With this set of iron-blooded methods, Lin Xiaotang successfully deterred all the demon cultivators in Cheng city.

In doing these things, she is not without gain.

The fear energy that the demon cultivator can provide her is dozens or even hundreds of times more than the energy that mortals can provide.

The higher the cultivation base, the more pure their fears are.

Lin Xiaotang was able to defeat the Demon Lord Chi Cheng because of this.

In the past, in modern society, because she couldn’t break the law, she basically didn’t use her abilities very much.

Now that she has come to the chaotic Demon World, she is a little bit overjoyed.

However, as a demon lord, Lin Xiaotang must have a confidant of her own.

Otherwise, the numerous official duties on weekdays would be enough to overwhelm her.

After being busy for a while, Lin Xiaotang, after careful consideration, chose those mortal women.

Because the previous Demon Lord loves the flesh and blood of immortals, most of these women have spiritual roots and can practice.

In addition, Lin Xiaotang saved them and gave them such a good life.
These women could not wait to treat Lin Xiaotang as an emperor on weekdays and they would feel distressed even if she lost a hair.

In terms of loyalty, they are naturally stronger than the grass on the outside.

In terms of cultivation base…..
As long as she is willing to spend resources, what kind of cultivation base can’t be piled up?

Lin Xiaotang, herself, didn’t need pills and weapons.
The best exercises left by the previous demon lord were better given to these poor women than to cheapen other demon cultivators.

Thinking like this, she called these mortal women and told them her thoughts.

Then, she asked, “How do you choose?”

Is this still an option?

In this regard, the women did not hesitate, knelt on the ground and said, “We are willing to practice and we are willing to follow you all our lives!”

The overwhelming power, the appearance of eternal youth and the life span of hundreds or even thousands of years, who can refuse these things?

If you can become powerful, who wants to be a dodder that depends on others?

Under Lin Xiaotang’s gaze, the women made an oath of inner demons with great firmness.

After that, Lin Xiaotang gave them the exercises and medicinal herbs.

After some observation, among these people, she chose two more intelligent women who came from a famous family and had also read books.

She named them “Lin Chunxia” and “Lin Qiudong” respectively and cultivated them as confidants.


In this way, after a month passed, Lin Xiaotang completely took the position of the new Demon Lord of Cheng city

It didn’t take long, even the world of immortals, who was separated by an abyss, knew that Cheng city of the demon world had changed its owner.

The new demon master is a beautiful girl who looks like a teenage girl.

Mystery, beauty, femininity and powerful strength, these factors combined make Lin Xiaotang an instant hot topic of discussion in the demon world.

Under the descriptions of countless people, her image has gradually become violent.

“I heard that after she killed the previous Demon Lord Chi Cheng, she also killed 2,000 Demon Guards of the Demon Lord.
The blood in the Demon Lord’s palace was like a river and it took three whole days for the smell of blood to dissipate.”

“I heard that she hated women who were prettier than her the most in her life.
She tortured all the sacrifices they gave to the previous Demon Lord to death.”

“How did I hear that she hates men? She didn’t want any of the male pets that others gave her and she turned them all into eunuchs!”

“My God, how can there be such a terrible woman!?”

Faced with these rumors, Lin Xiaotang: “……”

Most of the demon cultivators are indulging in love, sound and color and they are not restricted in all aspects.
After Lin Xiaotang became the demon lord, many people privately sent her handsome male pets.

Because she didn’t have any desires for the matter of the bed and because these men were always fighting for favor, it was too annoying, so Lin Xiaotang sent them all back.

After that, she also strictly prohibited the demon cultivators from sending people over, saying that she was not interested in men.

But she didn’t expect that after this matter spread outside, it turned into this.

However, these false rumors turned out to be beneficial to her.

After learning about her deeds, countless cultivators’ fear and awe for her turned into a steady stream of energy.

This place is really suitable for her.

Lin Xiaotang thought to herself while feeling the increasingly powerful energy in her body.

Fortunately, while Lin Xiaotang was cultivating, she had not forgotten that she had a mission to come here.

The object of her mission is Duan Xiao, the son of the Demon King, Duan Yan.

As mentioned before, Duan Xiao and the male protagonist Duan Ming are twins.

But their fates were completely different.

Duan Yan lost his memory after being seriously injured and fell into the mortal world, thinking that he was an ordinary person before marrying a mere mortal woman.

A few years later, the Demon King, who has recovered his memory, will only feel humiliated when he treats his former beloved wife and children.

With his cruel nature, he shot and killed his wife without hesitation, and slaughtered the entire family of his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Duan Xiao, who witnessed this scene, held his mother’s corpse and looked at Duan Yan with incomparable resentment.

Perhaps his gaze was too intense, which made Duan Yan think that he had the talent to cultivate demons.
After killing those mortals, Duan Yan took Duan Xiao back to the demon world.

As for the male protagonist Duan Ming, he was lucky to survive because he didn’t stay at home because he was having fun.

Carrying a deep hatred of blood, he worshipped the Taiqing Sect Master who happened to pass by as a teacher and vowed to find out everything behind it.

As the male protagonist, Duan Ming’s ending is naturally self-evident and rises to immortality.

But Duan Xiao’s ending was not a good one.

Having witnessed his father kill his mother with his own eyes and growing up in the demon world, his mind has long been distorted.

Because of jealousy and resentment, he disguised as the male protagonist Duan Ming many times and did all kinds of evil things to frame the male protagonist. 

In the end, he was discovered by the heroine Song Mingyue and died miserably in her hands.

Lin Xiaotang’s mission was to save Duan Xiao and prevent him from this fate.

In fact, compared to the first world, the task of this world is much more difficult.

In the previous world, Lin Xiaotang was the younger sister of the mission target and had a natural close relationship with him.

Their positions were the same and it was extremely convenient for Lin Xiaotang to do the task.

In this world, she and Duan Xiao are strangers to each other.

Whether she can become friends with the eccentric Duan Xiao and gain his trust is a difficult point.

– However, these questions are not a problem in front of Lin Xiaotang.

The task object is not obedient?

Then find a way to make him obedient.

After letting Lin Chun Xia and Lin Qiudong inquire about Duan Xiao’s specific location, Lin Xiaotang did not hesitate at all and immediately set off to find him.


On the other side, in the small hotel on the edge of the demon world, lies a seventeen or eighteen year old boy with a handsome appearance and rather gloomy eyebrows.

He was asleep but suddenly opened his eyes.

In the darkness, he gasped, his face extremely pale.

He dreamed of that day again.

His ruthless father…and his mother in a pool of blood.

Duan Xiao couldn’t understand why he encountered such a thing.

Before the age of five, he was still doted on by his father and grew up in every possible way and had a happy family.

When he was five years old, he saw with his own eyes that his beloved father suddenly revealed another face, brutally killing his mother and everyone in the family.

It was only later that he realized that his father was not an ordinary person but the legendary demon king. 

It is also an existence that he can never kill in his life.

Duan Xiao knew very well how Duan Yan’s subordinates viewed him and his mother.

It is already a great honor for a mortal woman who has no cultivation base to have offspring with their Demon King.

Even if she was killed by Duan Yan, even if her whole family was killed by Duan Yan, so what?

It is the honor of these mortals to die in the hands of the demon king. 

Duan Xiao hated their gaze and their words.

But what he hated even more was that he also has Duan Yan’s blood.

As Duan Yan said, he is indeed a natural seed of demon cultivation.

After cultivating the Demon Cultivation Technique, his cultivation has grown rapidly and at the same time, his mentality and concept have also undergone great changes.

He began to become more and more like Duan Yan and more and more like a demon cultivator.

He fell in love with blood and his character became gloomy and perverse.
When he saw other demon cultivators abusing mortals, there was a subtle joy in his heart.

Duan Xiao didn’t know why he became like this, maybe he was born like Duan Yan.

He is Duan Yan’s son and this is his destiny.

This year, after the death of his mother, out of a vague impulse, Duan Xiao tried his best to escape from Duan Yan.

He wanted to return to the mortal world and to see his twin brother, Duan Ming.

He doesn’t want to stay in the demon world anymore.

Duan Yan has always been in a state of indifference to this son.

He would give Duan Xiao a bite to eat but he didn’t care about Duan Xiao.

With this, Duan Xiao successfully escaped from the Demon King’s Palace and came to the vicinity of the demon mist abyss.

It’s just that, maybe because he is getting closer and closer to the mortal world, he will always dream about things when he was five years old and then wake up from the dream.

After feeling that his breathing gradually calmed down, Duan Xiao didn’t want to continue sleeping.

He braced his body, ready to meditate and practice.

At this moment, a faint female voice suddenly came from behind him.

The voice was very soft and it sounded very strange in the quiet room—

“Got you.”

Immediately afterwards, a strange spell was attached to Duan Xiao’s body.

After the world turned around, Duan Xiao fell heavily on the bed.

The pillow and quilt in front of him instantly became huge and the world around him seemed to have grown several times larger.

What the fuck is going on here?!

Watching this scene, Duan Xiao subconsciously wanted to run away.

But his dantian seemed to be blocked by something and the cultivation base in it was gone.
No matter how he used it, it would be of no avail.

Faced with this situation, Duan Xiao had to admit defeat.

He narrowed his eyes and questioned the strange attacker.

However, what he never expected was that what sounded in his ear was a crisp cat meow: “Meow!”

Duan Xiao: “…..”

Duan Xiao:???

Wait, he was turned into a cat!?

Under Duan Xiao’s shocked and angry gaze, a cold-looking girl walked in front of him.

Looking at the flustered kitten on the ground, the girl stretched out her hand, grabbed the flesh on the back of his neck and lifted him up.

“Be obedient,” Lin Xiaotang said calmly while holding the struggling kitten in her hand, “I will be your master from now on.”

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