est of the cultivators were stunned.

They looked at Lin Xiaotang’s Taiqingzong costume and at her age, they could almost guess what she was thinking.

Is it not the favorite thing for those taoist cultivators to do something brave and sacrifice oneself to save others?

Although they sneered in their hearts, in order to survive, they still obeyed the orders, gritted their teeth and let those women go.

Among these abducted women, there are still a few immortal cultivators.

With their five sensitive senses, they overheard the situation outside the carriage early and understood that they had met a good person.

However, to Lin Xiaotang’s surprise, these women did not show much joy after being thrown out of the cage by the demon cultivators.

Some were vulnerable and even sat on the ground and cried.

For mortal women, chastity is above all else.

When they were kidnapped, even if they didn’t suffer anything, in the eyes of outsiders, they were women who had lost their virginity and needed to hang themselves.

As for those female cultivators, they were no better than these mortal women.

Their dantian was blocked by medicine and they were already useless.
Even if they left the carriage, it would be difficult to survive in the abyss.

And when they finally returned to the sect after going through untold hardships, what awaited them was only to be abandoned again.

Lin Xiaotang had never lived in ancient times, so she never thought about such a situation.

After listening to their crying, she thought for a while and said, “If that’s the case, then don’t leave and follow me to Chi Cheng.”

The demon cultivators: “…….”

No, she really thinks lord Chi Cheng’s place is her home??

They don’t know where she got the confidence to think that she can protect these useless women.

Seeing that Lin Xiaotang didn’t intend to let them go, these magic cultivators shoved the women back.

Then, they continued to drive the carriage and ran towards Cheng city with Lin Xiaotang.

This girl wants to die, why stop her?

They really couldn’t deal with her but in Cheng city, there are many golden core demon cultivators who could deal with her

Some of the demon cultivators who held grudges against Lin Xiaotang even gloated over the misfortune.

Cheng city is very close to the demon mist abyss and the one pulling the vehicle is not a horse but a monster unique to the demon world.

It didn’t take long for Lin Xiaotang and the others to arrive outside Cheng city.

At this time, some active demon cultivators have already started to contact other demon cultivators secretly.

They hoped that after entering Cheng city, they would set up a net to capture this ignorant girl.

However, perhaps guessing their thoughts, Lin Xiaotang quietly disappeared from their side after arriving in Cheng city.

No one knew how she left, as if in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

The demon cultivators: “……”

Wait, she ran away?

Looking at the empty carriage, the demon cultivators looked at each other.

They didn’t expect that she, who was so arrogant in her words and deeds just now, ran away in despair.

For this result, the demon cultivators just sighed at their bad luck. 

After that, they, accompanied by others, led the women in the cage to see the Demon Lord.

In any case, let these women be enjoyed by the Demon Lord first.

Otherwise, if something happened to the girls again, they would be unable to hold back.

With this idea in mind, the demom cultivators rushed to the palace of the demon lord overnight.

And the women in the cage were surprisingly calm.

They were already destined to die.
Whether they could survive or not depends on their fate.

The cultivator who was willing to rescue them before has done a good job.

Some girls even closed their eyes and secretly prayed that the beautiful and kind cultivator could escape from this place as soon as possible.

In this way, they were escorted and dragged by the demon cultivators to the front of the Demon Lord’s Hall.

However, when the group of demon cultivators came outside the palace of Demon Lord Chi Cheng, they realized that something was wrong.

The palace, which had always been brightly lit and bustling and flashy, was shrouded in darkness at this moment.

There was no sound from inside or outside the hall and the air was a little gloomy for a while.

“What is going on……”

“Where is the Demon Lord? Where is the Demon Lord!”

“And what about the guards outside the hall? Why are they gone?”

“Shall we go in and see?”

Everyone’s discussion sounded and many demon cultivators  showed an uneasy look.

This has never happened in the past few hundred years.

Among these demon cultivators, the expressions of the few demon cultivators who had fought against Lin Xiaotang changed drastically in an instant.

They seemed to have guessed something and looking at the gate of the palace, they became extremely fearful for a while.

Da da da….
da da da…..

They don’t know how long it took but there was finally the sound of light footsteps in the palace.

Under the gaze of countless people, the door was opened and a slender figure appeared in front of them.

– It’s Lin Xiaotang.

The cold-looking girl, holding the head of Demon Lord Chi Cheng, walked out of the palace with a natural look.

Under her feet, a dark red bloodstain slowly flowed out, adding a bit of a ghostly look to her cold and beautiful face out of thin air.

“The previous Demon Lord is dead,” she said lightly.
“From now on, I will be the next Demon Lord Cheng city.”

                (End of this chapter)


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