her body and her bones seemed to be crushed.

Her body became so weak from the loss of blood that she could barely move normally.

The only good thing is that her soul is not the same as a human soul.

The terrifying energy she accumulated in the previous world was all stored in the source of her soul and can be used again in this world.

Thinking of this, Lin Xiaotang slowly closed her eyes, mobilized the energy contained in her body and began to heal her body.

At the same time, she thought about what the system said to “focus on the plot of the original book”, and went through the plot of this world in her mind.

There is no big difference from the previous world.
The plot of this world, in Lin Xiaotang’s eyes, is still a very ordinary love story between male and female protagonists.

The only difference is that the background of the previous world is the modern background and the background of this world is in the ancient world of cultivating immortals.

From the memory of the original owner, it can be seen that the human beings in this world are mainly divided into mortals and immortals.

As long as they have aptitude and spiritual roots, mortals can obtain supernatural energy and a longer lifespan through various exercises.

And here, the female protagonist’s name is Song Mingyue and the male protagonist’s name is Duan Ming.

They are all immortal cultivators and have quite strong fortunes and opportunities.

If there is no accident, they will work together to overcome all kinds of difficulties, go further and further on the road of cultivation and finally overcome the thunder tribulation and become immortal.

As for Lin Xiaotang’s identity, in the plot, she is a cannon fodder without even a name and she hardly ever appears.

Lin Xiaotang was very curious about the energy that cultivators called “spiritual power” and “cultivation”.

Being able to hold such a huge amount of energy in the bodies of mortals, even prolonging their lifespans and making them into gods, would naturally attract her attention.

Unfortunately, when the original owner was pushed down, the other party used an extremely poisonous elixir on her.
As long as Lin Xiaotang thought about running the spiritual energy in her body, a sharp pain would come from her dantian.

Moreover, she doesn’t know what went wrong.
According to the original owner’s memory, the woman who poisoned her and pushed her down turned out to be Bai Lian’er, an inner disciple.

In the plot line, Bai Lian’er is a fairly standard villainous second-generation female configuration – the second generation of immortals.
Her parents are strong and powerful but also protect their shortcomings.
She is obsessed with the male protagonist and often frames the female protagonist.

Of course, her fate was also very tragic.

However, it stands to reason that Bai Lian’er should have nothing to do with the original owner.

The original owner had never contacted Bai Lian’er nor did she offend her.
Lin Xiaotang couldn’t understand why she had to deal with the original owner so heavily.

Moreover, according to the plot line given by the system, it seems that there is no such thing as Bai Lian’er killing her.

Could it be that the original owner was too much of a passer-by character that nobody mentioned her in the plot?

Lin Xiaotang thought for a while but still couldn’t think of a reason.

Then, she put the confusion aside.

Anyway, right now, surviving is the most important thing.

The reason why the demon mist abyss is feared by cultivators is because it is the intersection of the cultivator world and the demon world.

From time to time, there will be demon cultivators who pass through the demon world and come to the immortal world through the abyss of the demon mist..

For this reason, the major sects will regularly send their disciples to inspect and observe the surrounding situation to prevent major incidents from happening.

Like her, falling directly into the abyss will basically be abandoned by the sect and the only way to go is to wait for death.

After closing his eyes and resting for a while, Lin Xiaotang got up from the ground after feeling that the wound on her body was almost finished.

Although she healed the serious injuries on her body, there were still some areas that could not be healed and in the demon mist abyss, there was always danger.

Before night falls, she must find a safe place to stay.

It is impossible to return to the sect and there is still a second-generation immortal Bai Lian’er waiting for her.

An immortal cultivator’s sophistication is no simpler than that of a mortal.
If she goes back, wouldn’t she be asking for her own death?

After observing the surrounding roads and listening to the sounds nearby, Lin Xiaotang thought for a while and walked deeper into the abyss.


In the jungle path of the Demon Mist Abyss, a carriage drove by in a low-key manner.

Outside these carriages, there were several demon cultivators who had cultivated at the Foundation Establishment stage and inside the leading carriage, there was also an old monster guard of the Golden Core Stage.

In the other compartments, there are large and small cages.

All kinds of young girls are locked in cages, some are immortal cultivators who have been sealed and some are mortals plundered from other places.

They all have pretty good looks but all of them are in a state of coma.

Losing any resistance, they were like lambs, waiting to be skinned and boned before being served on the table.

Looking at the carriages behind him, the leader of the guards looked gloomy.

These women were all prepared by their subordinates for the Demon Lord of Akagi.

Lord Cheng lives near the Demon Mist Abyss, very close to the Immoral Realm.

The Demon Lord Chi Cheng loves to drink the blood of beautiful immortal women and eat their flesh.

However, in recent years, the various sects have become more and more strict and it is difficult to capture beautiful female immortal cultivators.

In order to satisfy the Demon Lord Cheng, they had to go to the mortal world and select some ordinary women who had passed the test to come back, forcibly infuse them with medicinal pills and feed them to advance in the cultivation base, just like feeding pigs.

However, it won’t be a problem if it goes on like this for a long time.

Not every woman is qualified to cultivate immortals.
For women without spiritual roots, the soaring spiritual energy in their bodies will only torture them.

Moreover, the pills that need to be consumed when “feeding” them also cost a lot of money.

While the Old Monster guard was thinking deeply, he suddenly heard the sound of light footsteps not far away.

This voice… came from the direction of the Demon Mist Abyss.

He looked in that direction and his eyes suddenly flashed with surprise.

—In the forest not far away, a cold girl in a white shirt, covered in blood, was covering her wound and staggering towards their position.

She looks quite beautiful, with crow-feather-like black hair scattered in a mess, a pair of phoenix eyes, cold and indifferent lips and her lips are not at all bloody and she looks like she has been seriously injured.

The girl’s pale skin, in contrast to the dark red bloodstains, appeared even more icy and jade-like and she looked like an immortal.

Judging from her outfit, this is exactly the cultivator they need!

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