As a director who has won many heavyweight awards, Xu Yi has a good grasp of the arrangement of the pictures and the plot.

At the beginning, the film used a dark tone and low-pitched music to let the heroine “Jiang Rao” played by Lin Xiaotang appear.

After that, as the plot unfolds, a thrilling and bizarre story kicks off.

When Lin Xiaotang was the boss in horror games, she often acted.

In order to prevent more people from clearing the customs, let alone acting, as long as she is careful, the truth can be told false and the lie can be true and sometimes she even pretends to be a player and infiltrates the player’s team as a ghost.

After she arrived in the real world, her acting skills were not bad at first but under Xu Yi’s extremely high requirements, she became better and better.

Her frowns and smiles all grabbed the audience’s attention, making them feel as if they were in a movie and became the male protagonist.
They were not only afraid of Jiang Rao’s cruelty but also obsessed with her mystery and beauty.

Her detached attitude towards the male protagonist, her casual gaze, her triumphant smile after seeing the dead person and her step-by-step guide for others to fall into hell…..
These clips completely shaped Jiang Rao and also showed the horror of the movie very incisively and vividly.

All the audience present, even those who came here with a negative attitude, couldn’t help but sigh that Lin Xiaotang’s acting skills were really good.

She is a true genius and she is destined to be world famous.

The plot passed little by little and the hearts of the audience were lifted little by little.

In the film, Jiang Rao left her hometown with the male protagonist and entered the bustling city but the lingering gloomy feeling became more and more intense because of the noisy and familiar urban environment.

Maybe it was too quiet around, they even felt cold in their hands and feet in the theater with a suitable temperature.

It seems that there is such a Jiang Rao by their side, peeping at them with her cold eyes like a poisonous snake.

If we say that most of the plots of “Jiang Rao” are about the reckless life of the heroine Jiang Rao.

Then the second half of the movie is a place on earth composed by all admirers.

Seeing the male protagonist’s dazed, almost crazy appearance, the audience only felt a chill surge over their heads.

Their love and infatuation for Jiang Rao just now turned into fear and helplessness. 

And when the audience saw that the devastated male protagonist held a knife and stabbed Jiang Rao to death, there was an exclamation in the theater!!

They never thought that it would end like this and they never thought that Jiang Rao would die so easily!!

Looking at this scene, everyone’s mind went blank.

All the original thinking activities were stopped at this moment.

They wanted to say something and wanted to vent on the Internet but at this moment, their eyes were fixed on the screen and refused to move away.

Under the gaze of countless people, Jiang Rao laughed and clapped her hands, her face gradually turned pale.

With Jiang Rao’s death, the sound of rain in the movie became louder and louder, the raindrops drenched the whole picture and the water mist gradually spread out—–

The movie ends.

When they saw the lights in front of them suddenly light up and rows of subtitles popped up in the center of the screen, a considerable number of viewers did not respond.

After a minute or so, there were shrill voices of discussion.

“It’s so beautiful, it’s really beautiful!”

“The acting is so good, I was so immersed in the movie the whole time.”

“Yin music is also very strong, it’s as if the composer was invited by the underworld!”

“Jiang Rao is so beautiful, I want to watch it again.”

“Only two tickets? I’ve already bought four tickets.”

“By the way, what’s the name of the little girl who plays Jiang Rao…..”

Everyone was discussing it excitedly and the related popularity on the Internet rose wildly in a terrible trend.

And some senior media and film critics have already begun to write film reviews in their minds.

With their keen sense of smell, it is almost certain that this movie will become a hit.

Whether it is the amazing acting skills of the actors or the complex and exciting plot, they all make them memorable.

There are a few particularly eye-catching clips, which are still lingering in their minds until now, lingering all the time.

Especially the actress Lin Xiaotang, her performance can be said to be the pinnacle and impeccable.

And her age is still so young, only 18 years old and her future prospects are almost unlimited!

If the film “Jiang Rao” is their first focus, then Lin Xiaotang is obviously the second focus.

A certain reporter who had done an in-depth investigation on Lin Xiaotang, after referring to Lin Xiaotang’s past performances and summarizing her performance skills, he finally set the title of the article—

“Absolutely beautiful and talented – she is Lin Xiaotang and the future villain queen”


After the premiere, “Jiang Rao” received a lot of praise from the media.

After it was officially released, almost every theater was full.

The profound thing about this movie is that the director and editor boldly abandoned any ghosts or supernatural elements and constructed a sufficiently terrifying story with ordinary human beings and a normal living environment.

And the more real the lives of the leading actors, the more immersed the audience will be and the trembling that goes deep into the bone marrow will be experienced.

[I blew up in “Jiang Rao”! I haven’t seen such a shocking movie in a long time!!!】

[The heroine’s performance exploded, it really scared me, her eyes were full of drama!】

[I really didn’t recognize that the female lead was Sister Xiaotang, I cried, she was so cute on her brother’s Weibo.】

[Don’t listen to their nonsense, “Jiang Rao” is a very simple love movie, the relationship between the hero and heroine almost made me cry, everyone, come and see #dog head.】

【I promise! It’s really sweet, it made me believe in love again #doghead.】

[T/N: Dog head, an Internet catchphrase, added to the end of the text when it is humorous to express irony or to express the exact opposite of what is said]

It didn’t take long for a flood of comments and related topics to appear online.

All kinds of jokes are flying all over the sky and related topics are everywhere.

Driven by the positive reviews, the box office quickly exceeded 100 million.

The number of Lin Xiaotang’s fans has also skyrocketed at a terrifying speed.
Seeing that Ren Ling is happy every day, as he can’t wait to hold his phone and not let go.

If it is said that her previous performance in “Remnant of Life” made her popular and left a shallow impression on some audiences.

Then the success of “Jiang Rao” has completely laid a solid foundation for her, allowing her to successfully enter the ranks of first-class movie stars while becoming popular.

There is a difference between being famous and not being famous.

Before Lin Xiaotang rested at home for a long time, all kinds of resources rushed over and many entertainment companies threw olive branches to Lin Xiaotang, promising to give her the best treatment.

However, in the face of these invitations, Lin Xiaotang refused mercilessly.

Maybe her mentality has changed or maybe these people around her have had a certain impact on her concept.

Lin Xiaotang did not hope that she would have to travel between various crews in the future.

Being stronger is naturally the most important but beyond that, she has to have her own life.

Although, she still does not know what kind of concept life is.

“It’s okay, you can act if you want and live an ordinary life if you want,” Ren Ling was very open-minded about this.
“You have your brother at home, so just do whatever you want.”

Ren Ling is quite supportive of all her decisions.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Lin Xiaotang’s insistence on acting, he didn’t even want to take her to the entertainment industry at first.

Later, when filling out the college entrance examination, he did not force Lin Xiaotang to apply to the art college but let her choose the school she likes.

 it is best to be at ease, as long as his sister can live happily, that’s fine.

As for him, after going through several ups and downs, he is already a little tired of this circle.

When he entered the entertainment industry, it was originally to repay his debts when he was very helpless.
Now that his five-year contract with the company is about to expire, there is no need for him to stay.

Now, apart from working hours, he is helping Lin Xiaotang refer to resources every day or she is taking care of her fans.

Sometimes when she sees someone on the Internet, Lin Xiaotang will use the ability to invade nightmares to scare those sunspots.

After going on like this for a long time, Ren Ling was actually a little bit bored.

It would be nice if he could do chores for his sister like this in the future and be her manager or assistant.

Seeing that Ren Ling didn’t object, Lin Xiaotang thought about it and said, “Then I’ll go to school first.”

She remembered that a large number of players who came to find her to clear the customs before were college students.

Occasionally, they can be heard chatting and discussing various interesting things about the university while playing games.

For them, the horror escape game is just a game.
If they fail to clear the customs, they will return to reality directly and that is their real life.

On the other hand, when Lin Xiaotang listened to them, she would inevitably have some curiosity.

And now, she’s human too.

What a college career was like, she wanted to know for herself.

Hearing what she said, Ren Ling patted her head and said with a smile, “Okay.”


Soon, a month passed.

With the explosion of word of mouth and extremely high popularity, the box office of “Jiang Rao” successfully broke the 3 billion mark, and finally achieved a good result of 3.5 billion.

And this is only limited to the results within the mainland and the results of the overseas and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions have not yet been counted.

As a movie with a niche theme, everyone in the crew is quite proud to have reached such a height.

As for the previous director who deliberately bought off the head of the props team and maliciously promoted the haunting of the “Jiang Rao” crew, after his deeds were exposed, the reputation of the entire movie was bad.

There are even many people on the Internet who spontaneously resisted the film and refused to provide it at the box office.

Many movie stars have officially terminated their contracts with him and the finished products he hastily produced were eventually submerged in other movies because of their shoddy production.

Such an ending is heartwarming.

Shortly after Lin Xiaotang’s film was released, the annual film selection was held in China.

“Jiang Rao” lived up to expectations and won a series of awards.

Among them, the most eye-catching is the actress Lin Xiaotang.

That year, after she successfully won the Best Actress Award, she immediately became a hot actress in the circle.

The first movie in her life can achieve such a result, which is really envious of others.

As a female star who has just debuted, has not played many roles and is extremely talented in acting, as long as Lin Xiaotang doesn’t make any big mistakes next, the future is basically bright.

As a result, what everyone did not expect was that at this most dazzling moment, Lin Xiaotang publicly stated that he was going to take a four-year break and come back to act after finishing university!


What? Just when her career reached its peak, she actually had to retire for four years?!

This remark instantly shocked everyone on the Internet and caused an uproar.

In the face of everyone’s criticism, Lin Xiaotang’s reply was also very simple.

“Acting is not the whole of my life.
I want to live the life I want to live,” she said.
“Although I am not particularly fond of learning, learning is indeed a very meaningful thing.”

Looking at this passage, many people do not know how to react.

In this regard, there are even many insiders who are skeptical, thinking that Lin Xiaotang must be doing a show or that she will regret it in the future.

They don’t believe at all or they can’t believe it at all that someone can throw away such a great honor just to live the so-called “like to live the life she wants to live”.

How can that be possible? How could she have such courage?

But to the surprise of these people, Lin Xiaotang really did it.

Except for the one-month vacation she asked for in order to participate in “Jiang Rao”, Lin Xiaotang completely focused on her university studies after that.

In the past four years, she has not missed a single class and her exam results are quite good and she has even won many national scholarships.

She is really studying seriously and being a college student seriously.

She also completely chose to live as an ordinary person in these four years.

In the face of this result, after everyone was amazed, their hearts also filled with all kinds of feelings.

Some people think she is arrogant, some people think she is stupid but more people think she is really indifferent.

Many celebrities who are still in the circle, sometimes mentioning Lin Xiaotang, are not only envious but also mixed with subtle jealousy.

They were jealous of her talent and achievements but even more envious of her being able to abandon everything without any scruples and do what she wanted to do.

Even those long-established superstars dare not make such a decision lightly.

On the contrary, Lin Xiaotang’s fans maintained an attitude of approval and appreciation for her choice.

@Love is amazing: I have been following Xiaotang since her first drama.
This girl is different from most people in the entertainment circle.
I am not surprised that she can make such a decision.

@Autumn rain fish: I feel like Xiaotang is like my own sister.
I fancied her at first because of her serious study.
She can choose to be herself instead of being tempted by fame and fortune, which is also good.

@Happy Flowers A: Xiaotang, she is a person who has not been corrupted by the prosperity of the entertainment industry.
I like this cleanness that is knowledgeable but not worldly.

@Happy Ah Xiong: Others regard acting as life, but she only regards acting as acting.

@I like to eat peaches: Come on, we are here waiting for you to come back!

Most of the fans, after watching the video of Lin Xiaotang’s press conference, silently supported the 18-year-old girl behind her back.

She just wanted to go to college, so what?

Besides, Lin Xiaotang is not completely retired.

What if she disappeared for four years? With that kind of talent by her side, it is impossible for her to fail.

In such a warm environment, Lin Xiaotang quietly completed her four years of university studies.

After that, she re-entered the entertainment industry and started a new round of acting career.

As fans expected, with beauty, acting skills and winning heavyweight awards, people like Lin Xiaotang, even after being silent for four years, are destined not to be in the pool.

After returning to the entertainment industry, at the recommendation of Xu Yi, she successfully joined a low-cost suspenseful web drama.

Relying on this online drama, she once again returned to the public with her frightening villain identity.

Since then, she has successively received three movies and four TV series.

Almost every role she played became popular after the broadcast.

Very few characters were even dubbed by netizens as “the shadow of the next generation’s childhood” because they were so immersed in their performances and “can scare disobedient children from crying.”

Because Lin Xiaotang has unique advantages and skills in playing the role of the villain, in the end, she was even dubbed the “Queen of Villains” by the fans.

A few years later, Lin Xiaotang, who dominated the entertainment industry, began to focus on the international market after harvesting enough terror.

The number of people in the world is three times larger than the total number of people in the country.

After careful consideration, Lin Xiaotang discovered that, apart from the common horror elements such as murder, ghosts etc… there is another thing that can also bring endless fear to the public—–

That is war.

War has always been a hot spot for people around the world.

In this world, many parts of the world are still suffering from the disaster caused by war.

After receiving an invitation to audition for an anti-war movie, Lin Xiaotang went to the airport overnight without hesitation.

After four years of hard study at university, her understanding of the world has become much clearer.

She is sure that after the film is released, it will definitely take her career to the next level.

And she was right.

The characteristic of anti-war films is to reflect the cruelty of war and make all those who watch the film feel genuine fear of war.

And the horror of war and the horror of those ghost films, are not of the same order of magnitude.

After completing the two-year shooting period, the final result of “War and Disaster” has caused a global heated discussion.

War and peace have been discussed by people since ancient times.

Everyone loves peace and everyone doesn’t want to see their loved ones die and get their homes destroyed.
The more terrifying the scenes in the movie, the more intense everyone’s reaction.

In this film, Lin Xiaotang rarely played the villain.

She is the heroine, an ordinary person and the epitome of women in countless war zones.

Her grief is the grief of all those who have been hurt by the war.

The terror and numbness in her words and deeds was an indelible mark left by the war on her.

Relying on this movie, it is destined to be passed down through ages.
Lin Xiaotang also became famous in one fell swoop, gaining fame both at home and abroad.

At this time, feeling the surging energy in her body, she realized that it was approaching her limit.

The opportunity to leave this world is not far away.

Lin Xiaotang came to this world because she was bound to a “villain rescue system”.

She came here mainly to save the villain, Ren Ling.

In the past few years, when she was busy, Ren Ling, as her family, has been by her side.

Even when shooting in a war zone, he never flinched in the face of the surrounding artillery fire.

As for the person who hired a navy army to pour sewage on him back then, Ren Ling had already found out the other person by relying on the contacts he had accumulated little by little.

He didn’t tell Lin Xiaotang, he didn’t bother others and he didn’t even use the Nightmare ability given by Lin Xiaotang.
With his own strength, he successfully completed his revenge.

After that, when Lin Xiaotang’s career was on the right track and his life was no longer in danger, he quit naturally.

Everyone grows up, everyone needs their own space and he’s been doing a great job at that.

After thinking about the task object Ren Ling, Lin Xiaotang felt that it was time for her to go back and visit him.

She was so obsessed with her career that she almost forgot about him.

Thinking of this, Lin Xiaotang declined some activities and took the plane back to her hometown.

Then, when Lin Xiaotang returned to China, she was extremely surprised to find that Ren Ling had become friends with the male protagonist of this world.

Before she came to this world, the system once sent her a brief introduction to the plot,l but because the timeline was ten years later, she basically didn’t look at it much.

After coming here, she changed Ren Ling’s life trajectory as soon as she made a move, so the original plot was even less important to her.

The only thing she remembers is that this seems to be a very ordinary love story between male and female in the entertainment industry.

In the original plot line, after experiencing the whole network blacking him out, the betrayal of a friend and the tragic death of his sister, Ren Ling will change his temperament and will do anything for revenge.

Because his methods are too cruel.
In the end, he will be sent to prison by the male and the female protagonist.

Unexpectedly in this life, Ren Ling, who is no longer the villain after those unexpected changes, actually became friends with the male protagonist.

The time when Lin Xiaotang returned to China happened to coincide with the wedding date of the male and the female protagonist.

Because Ren Ling has a good relationship with the male protagonist, they also sent an invitation to Ren Ling and Lin Xiaotang.

“Are you going?” Looking at the invitation, Ren Ling asked Lin Xiaotang.

Several years have passed and Lin Xiaotang is no longer the teenage girl she used to be.

Anything, Ren Ling will ask for her opinion in advance.

Lin Xiaotang was still quite interested in the male and the female protagonists of this world and since there was nothing to do recently, she nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

Getting married…..

Speaking of which, since she came into this world, she hasn’t attended anyone else’s wedding yet.

It may be that she has been single for hundreds of years before but she is used to it.
At present, Lin Xiaotang has no idea of ​​finding someone, let alone finding someone to marry.

She has too many secrets and can’t meet anyone she can talk to.

Moreover, she will leave here sooner or later and go to the next world.

Rather than leaving some emotional regrets here, it is better to leave without any worries.

With this idea in mind, Lin Xiaotang has been single until now.

On the other hand, Ren Ling, although he looks pretty good and is not short of money, he has stayed up single until he is 35 years old and has not found a girlfriend yet.

Lin Xiaotang vaguely noticed that Ren Ling seemed to have something in mind.

However, this is her brother’s own private affairs and she can’t control it either.


When the male and the female protagonist got married, their careers in the entertainment industry were quite successful.

Therefore, their wedding site was in a rather luxurious castle.

After Lin Xiaotang and Ren Ling arrived at the scene, at a glance, they saw that there were all people coming and going, as well as a few emotional fans.

The groom and the bride stood in the middle of the crowd, wearing their wedding dresses.

The sky was sprinkled with white rose petals and the delicate-cute children walked by carrying flower baskets.

In the distance, a band played elegant and cheerful tunes and a group of white pigeons flew overhead.

Warm, peaceful and happy.

The whole wedding venue was filled with a comfortable atmosphere.

Sitting in the guest seat, Lin Xiaotang watched as the bride and groom exchange rings and kissed each other.

She doesn’t know if the atmosphere is too infectious, even if she has no emotional experience, she is unexpectedly happy.

It’s just that, for some reason, Ren Ling seems to be in a bad mood today.

Especially when the bride and groom took the oath, he stared at them blankly, obviously distracted.

Over the years, Ren Ling has rarely been in such a rare state.

Could it be that he was worried about his friend’s relationship?

“Looking at their appearance, the marriage is not bad,” Lin Xiaotang thought for a while and said comfortingly, “Unsurprisingly, they will live happily ever after.”

She is not lying after all, they are the male and female protagonists, destined to be together forever.

“Are you happy.…?”

After listening to Lin Xiaotang’s words, Ren Ling murmured.

He looked at the bride and groom in the distance, his eyes blurred for a moment.

After a long time, he twitched the corners of his mouth and a helpless smile appeared on his fair and handsome face.

“Xiaotang,” he asked suddenly, “….how did Xiaotang get there?”

His tone was hesitant and he paused for a while when he asked that question.

But in the end, he said it anyway.

How did Xiaotang go in the first place?

Lin Xiaotang was stunned for a moment and then realized that the “Xiaotang” in Ren Ling’s mouth should not be her.

What he said was the original owner, the girl who was also called “Lin Xiaotang”.

He asked her “how did Xiaotang get away?”, roughly meaning to ask how the original owner left this body.

Also, Ren Ling has never been stupid.

Maybe at the beginning, he didn’t realize that Lin Xiaotang had been replaced.

But in the back, after getting along for so long, he will notice sooner or later.

In particular, Lin Xiaotang was hardly concealed in many ways.

Faced with Ren Ling’s question, she opened her mouth but she didn’t know how to speak for a while.

The body that the system chose for her was determined in advance that the original owner would die within 24 hours in the future and there was absolutely no possibility of surviving.

His younger sister, the real Lin Xiaotang, had actually died in that women’s toilet a long time ago—because of the bullying of those gangsters.

But how could she say such a fact?

Seeing that Lin Xiaotang didn’t speak for a while, Ren Ling seemed to understand something.

He was silent for a moment, then asked again, “Was she happy when she left?”

This question is much simpler than the previous one.

After listening, Lin Xiaotang nodded and said, “She should be happy and has never regretted it.”

The system never forces the solicitation of other people’s bodies.

Before obtaining this identity, it will contact the original owner, inform the other party of the specific situation and let the other party make a choice.

And now, since Lin Xiaotang can appear here and live for so many years, it means that the original owner agreed to the conditions put forward by the system.

She agreed and let Lin Xiaotang occupy her body and live as her own.

And the price is that Lin Xiaotang will do everything possible to save her brother Ren Ling in the future.

After listening to her words, Ren Ling blinked and suddenly smiled.

He rubbed Lin Xiaotang’s head and said softly, “Okay, let’s continue watching the wedding.”

Lin Xiaotang glanced at him and said softly, “Okay.”

After the wedding that day, Ren Ling and Lin Xiaotang soon went home.

They didn’t talk about similar topics again and this matter became a tacit secret between the two.

After that, Ren Ling also acted like she didn’t know anything and still treated Lin Xiaotang with the usual attitude.

However, what Lin Xiaotang could feel was that since the wedding was over, Ren Ling seemed to have let go of something and the whole person looked a lot more relaxed.

Perhaps his life is going smoothly, the only knot in his heart at present is his sister.

Just like that, a few years passed.

During this period, “War and Disaster” starring Lin Xiaotang won almost all kinds of world-class awards.

At the same time, it also made Lin Xiaotang a rare Chinese movie star with huge influence.

As her status improved step by step, honors and awards gradually became meaningless to Lin Xiaotang.

But after three years, Lin Xiaotang, who had just participated in a world-class film, finally felt that the energy that her body could withstand had reached its limit.

She knew it was time to leave.

That night, she returned home alone and went to find Ren Ling.

This is her only relative in this world and it is also the best person to her in those days.

His kindness was always in her heart.

When she was about to leave, she also felt that it was necessary to see him one last time.

Lin Xiaotang rarely separates from others and doesn’t know what to say or do, especially since Ren Ling seems to be lacking everything.

After thinking for a long time, she asked, “Ren Ling, do you have anything to tell me?”

“What do I want to tell you…..”

Seeing her asking, Ren Ling thought about it for a while, and said with a smile, “I probably hope you can be more attentive.”

Faced with this unexpected answer, Lin Xiaotang was confused: “From the heart?”

“Yeah,” Ren Ling said, “I always feel that you do a lot of things as if you are following the assignment or you are going for a certain purpose.”

His tone paused and then continued: “How do you say… that is, you rarely seem to do something like this, the purpose and motivation, just because you like it or simply because you want to do it….”

Just because she likes it?

Lin Xiaotang was stunned for a moment, lowered her eyes and said, “I don’t have anything I like.”

For so many years, apart from going to college, she did spend most of her time striving to become stronger and to absorb more terrorist power.

But if she was told not to do it, what could she do?

Ren Ling looked at her confused, smiled and said gently, “This kind of thing is not urgent, you will have it sooner or later.”

Sooner or later?

But, when?

Lin Xiaotang didn’t know what “from the heart” means, but she still nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Then, she said again: “Goodbye, brother.”

“Goodbye, Xiaotang.”

Ren Ling didn’t take this sentence to heart, but replied casually.

In the past, every time before leaving, Lin Xiaotang would say goodbye to him like this.

He’s used to it and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

And it wasn’t until the next morning that the news of Lin Xiaotang’s death in a car accident reached him that Ren Ling suddenly realized what “goodbye” last night meant.

— She left, literally forever.

He walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows in a trance and through the gap in the house, he found that Lin Xiaotang’s works were playing on the big screen of the commercial building outside.

Countless passers-by crowded under the big screen or stopped or cried or just stood quietly.

At this moment, the whole world mourns for her.


After leaving the body of “Lin Xiaotang”, Lin Xiaotang knew that her identity was probably about to die.

Originally, this body was destined to die and she just possessed it and made it live for more than ten years.

After leaving that world, Lin Xiaotang thought that she would immediately go to the next world.

Unexpectedly, she actually returned to the main system space.

This main system space is not the space of the terrifying ” Lord God” who originally created her but the space of the villain’s rescue system.

At first, when she woke up, she found that she left the horror escape game and appeared here.

Because she didn’t know what else she could do after leaving the escape game.

So, at the invitation of the villain rescue system, she agreed to become its host and go to various worlds to save the so-called villains.

The condition given by the system is that when she has completed enough tasks, it can help her get rid of the “Lord God” of terror and have her own independent personality and body.

Now, she’s back here again.

[Your grades this time are very good.] Looking at Lin Xiaotang, the system said with great joy, [Your grade is A.】

As a newcomer, it is quite rare to be able to get an A grade on the first mission.

It really did not see the wrong person at the beginning, Lin Xiaotang is really suitable for the rescue mission!

Lin Xiaotang was not surprised by this score.
After all, Ren Ling’s life was completely different from her.

She nodded slightly and asked, “What’s the highest rating?”

[S-grade.] The system said, [Our ratings are from low to high, respectively CBAS, the higher the rating, the less the number of worlds you will have to complete in the future.

This is the same as the judgment in the horror game at the beginning.
Lin Xiaotang nodded and said, “Got it, let’s start the next mission world.”

[The next world will be slightly more dangerous and more difficult, so please pay attention to the original plot.】The system saw this and reminded her kindly.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t care much about danger and difficulty: “Then what is my mission?”

[Save the villain Duan Xiao, help him out of the predicament and help him regain everything he should have.】

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