Lin Xiaotang: “You can say it directly.”

She’s not a devil, if others don’t slap her in the face, she doesn’t bother to care.

If Xiao Yanran wants to explain, just talk to her directly.

Hearing her say that, Xiao Yanran was stunned for two seconds.

Then, she suddenly stretched out her hand and pinched Lin Xiaotang’s face quickly and ruthlessly!

“It’s good,” she said about the vicissitudes of life, “if it wasn’t for fear, I would have wanted to do this a long time ago.”

Lin Xiaotang: “……”

Everyone: “……”

Does she want to live??

Seeing that Xiao Yanran started to drink and go crazy, Xiao Yanran’s manager was shocked, ran over and covered her mouth.

“I’m sorry, our Yanran’s drinking capacity is a little bit poor,” he looked at Lin Xiaotang and smiled ingratiatingly, “She actually likes you very much.
She used to secretly watch your filming before but she didn’t dare to come to you….
Otherwise, Let’s follow each other on Weibo?”

The agent had just said this casually and had no hope at all.

After all, Lin Xiaotang had always been cold and alienated before.

In the end, after listening to his words, Lin Xiaotang nodded and said, “Okay.”

In the past four months, Ren Ling had already taught her how to use Weibo, just follow it, it’s not difficult.

“If it doesn’t work, it’s not–ah?”

It seems that he did not expect Lin Xiaotang to agree so easily and Xiao Yanran’s manager was stunned for a moment.

Lin Xiaotang…..is she actually so close?

Looking at Lin Xiaotang in disbelief, the agent took out his mobile phone and tentatively followed Lin Xiaotang with Xiao Yanran’s account.

Soon, Lin Xiaotang followed Xiao Yanran’s with her account as well.

Looking at this scene, everyone: “…..”

Is it really that easy?!

After Xiao Yanran’s agent took the mobile phone and dragged the crying Xiao Yanran away, the other actors hesitated a little and came up.

“Then, Miss Xiaotang, how about we follow each other?”

“Sister Tang, I actually admire you very much…..”

“Xiaotang, I’ve always wanted to say that your acting is really good and it will definitely be a hit in the future.”

Lin Xiaotang couldn’t understand what they were thinking but since everyone else had asked for it, she naturally paid attention to it in turn.

In the face of praise and appreciation from others, she also replied “thank you” one by one, “you are also amazing”.

The girl who was surrounded by the crowd was not impatient or disgusted at all.

She quietly responded to other people’s requests and when faced with their jokes, her dark eyes showed a bit of blankness from time to time.

Looking at Lin Xiaotang like this, for some reason, the others could subtly understand why Ren Ling firmly believed that Lin Xiaotang was very good and obedient…..

At the end, after seeing Ren Ling who came to pick her up, Lin Xiaotang’s normally flat face finally showed a relieved expression.

The adult social world turned out to be so terrifying and she finally no longer has to deal with this group of people!!

Seeing her younger sister who was so eager to go home, Ren Ling couldn’t help feeling a little bit of helplessness while laughing.

Lin Xiaotang is a good girl, he has always known that.

She has always been in a state of indifference or neglect towards those who harbor malicious intent.

But in the face of those who are kind to her, she never thought of hurting them.

So even though she can be scary at times, even if she has some supernatural powers, she never cares and never fears.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t know about Ren Ling’s mental activities.

After leaving the banquet, she couldn’t wait to return home, ready to take a good rest.

However, when she returned to her room and flipped through the microblogs she had just followed, she was surprised to find that Xu Yi secretly took a lot of photos at the banquet.

Looking at the photos posted on Xu Yi’s Weibo, the ones related to her, Lin Xiaotang was a little dazed.

Are there so many people around her?

However, this feeling..
is actually not too bad.


After the completion of the production, in the following days, Xu Yi and others entered the production process.

After the film is approved and the schedule is confirmed, it will soon arrive at the premiere of “Jiang Rao”.

For this premiere, many fans and reporters tried their best to get tickets.

When Lin Xiaotang walked on the red carpet, she could still hear many people in the audience calling her name.

“Lin Xiaotang! Lin Xiaotang!”

“Look here!”

“Sister Xiaotang! We like you!!—-“

Lin Xiaotang was slightly startled when she looked at the densely packed and emotional crowd.

In her mind, those vague and strange impressions about fans became very clear at this moment.

These are her fans.

And fans are people who love her so passionately.

Under the attention of all the people, Lin Xiaotang and other actors walked across the red carpet and sat in the first row of the theater.

Accompanied by a burst of melodious background music, the lights gradually dimmed.

In the darkness, those noisy voices have subsided.

Everyone held their breath, waiting for the movie to play.

Finally, in the center of the screen, there appeared a slender and beautiful but ghostly girl.

Traveling through a dark forest, she hummed a song, smiled lightly, glanced casually at the camera and looked at everyone present——-

Jiang Rao….

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