, who is young and has good acting skills and who is deeply appreciated by director Xu Yi, even if she does a good job in acting, he is still a little jealous in his heart.

And Lin Xiaotang’s temperament has always been flat and she will not be too enthusiastic towards anyone, which makes Tang Tianya, who holds his own identity, have the illusion that she looks down on him.

As for the ghosts in the crew, he really didn’t do it.

“I have suffered losses in this area before, so I will pay special attention to props, clothing and food on weekdays,” Tang Tianya said weakly, “I found chicken blood hidden in the prop room and also found that Xiao Chen has a problem, so I guessed that something might happen to the crew.”

His action was probably to ask the assistant to contact Xiao Chen in advance and ask the assistant to throw the prop head into Lin Xiaotang’s house to be planted.

After that, when things were fermenting on the Internet, he asked a group of navy to bring down Lin Xiaotang.

Faced with the scene of the self-destructing truck, those sailors didn’t know whether they should continue to swipe the screen.

Even Tang Tianya’s fans were silent under the self-destruction of him.

For a time, in the entire huge live broadcast room, only passers-by and fans of Lin Xiaotang posted one or two barrages from time to time.

[Ah this…..]


[What should I say…..]

[My old embarrassing habit is back.]

[What about the navy? What about sunspots? Why don’t you brush?]

[Let me come, let me come! Lin Xiaotang, go back to the entertainment industry!]

[I don’t know what to say, let me light a candle for the actor Tang #candle.]

In front of such a real hammer, even a few sunspots are still stubbornly stomping, thinking that Lin Xiaotang is too cruel to scare others.

But their words, before long, are ruthlessly suppressed by the comments of others.

Lin Xiaotang didn’t hurt them but just used signal shielding devices, air conditioners, paper heads, recorders, chicken blood and other things to “test” them.

These are all scientific and are not dangerous.

Besides, the law does not stipulate that it is illegal to pretend to be a ghost.
With so many horror anchors pretending to be ghosts, aren’t they still alive and well?

Just allow Tang Tianya and others to haunt people and not allow her to do it back?

After Tang Tianya’s self-destruction, the live broadcast platform finally made enough money and popularity.

Soon, the official website hurriedly shut down Ren Ling’s live broadcast room on the grounds of “promoting superstitions of ghosts.”

The live broadcast room is gone but in the Weibo forum, related discussions are still hot.

#Tang Tianya throws dirty water on Lin Xiaotang#

#Lin Xiaotang acting#

#Lin Xiaotang live broadcast#

#The truth about the haunting of the crew of “Jiang Rao”#

At a glance, almost all of the top searches are related to Lin Xiaotang.

The trend on the Internet has completely reversed and many people have silently deleted their previous speeches.

Don’t say it, they will never doubt whether Lin Xiaotang can act in a thriller in the future.

Is there anyone in the world more suitable than her?

As for Tang Tianya?

Half of the people called him disgusting and excessive but the other half lit candles for him.

Now, under Tang Tianya’s Weibo, there are rows of #candles.

He may be the first actor ever to be treated like this while still alive.

After all, it’s not good for him to offend anyone, but Lin Xiaotang….


That night, after the live broadcast, Lin Xiaotang’s Weibo welcomed a new wave of fans.

A few hours later, without buying followers, her number of followers successfully broke the 1 million mark.

At the same time, because the content of the live broadcast was too scary, she gained a lot of energy through the hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The energy in Lin Xiaotang’s body has increased a lot without knowing it.

As for why the crew was haunted, it was soon revealed by Xu Yi’s thunderous means.

It turned out that this was the hand of a director who had some old grudges with Xu Yi.

The director who started it is also preparing a movie recently.

Because of Lin Xiaotang’s college entrance examination, the schedule of “Jiang Rao” was adjusted a month later, which just happened to collide with this director’s film.

The two were in a competitive relationship and had long been in conflict, so the director tried his best to bribe a few members of the crew and made a so-called haunted incident together.

After the truth of the matter was revealed, the crew of “Jiang Rao” also ushered in a huge amount of attention while cleaning up the stigma.

It can be said that Lin Xiaotang’s live broadcast almost achieved an unprecedentedly good result.

The only problem is probably that Lin Xiaotang’s new fans, she doesn’t know what stimulated them and the style of painting is quite strange.

@花万天: Our house is also a little haunted recently.
I haven’t slept for several days.
Please help me to find out what is the scientific reason for this.

@Love Xiaotangbao: Follow me to read, prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality and justice…..

@Autumn Sadness: I take a look at Xiaotang’s Weibo every day and I feel that I believe in science more and more.

Perhaps it was because Lin Xiaotang pretended to be a ghost and Ren Ling’s explanation was too hard-core, so that fans began to ridicule the two brothers and sisters, thinking that they were good at eradicating feudal superstition.

Looking at the comments on Weibo, Lin Xiaotang: “…….”

She feels that she will never understand the brain circuits of fans in her life.



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