The world of modern entertainment industry (14)

As Lin Xiaotang’s voice fell, the barrage in the entire live broadcast room instantly froze.

…Wait, did they hear it right?

Is Lin Xiaotang going to livestream the haunting process???

Seeing her tone so arrogant, many people frowned and wanted to say something.

However, after seeing Lin Xiaotang’s smiling face under the camera, they were miraculously silent.

[Okay, she looks good…..]

[This is the first time I have seen such a ghostly beauty, so mysterious and strong, she is so attractive!!]

[Lin Xiaotang is only eighteen years old, isn’t it too much for you guys to criticize her so much??]

[That’s right, she just wants to open a live broadcast to clarify what happened to her.]

For a time, the wind direction in the live broadcast room changed slightly.

The human desire to be strong is engraved in the genes.

Fear is the oldest and strongest emotion in human beings.

When Lin Xiaotang was still the boss of the horror escape game and would cause harm to people, their feelings for her were naturally fear and disgust.

But once she left that special environment and returned to a safe real life, Lin Xiaotang, who had lost her dangerousness, showed the charm of a strong woman incisively and vividly.

Not to mention, she looks pretty good.

In this world, good-looking people are usually given preferential treatment.

After Lin Xiaotang said those few words, except for the very few people who received the money, most people couldn’t help but listen to her words.

When she hugged the head of the prop and turned to leave, no one dared to say that she was “no specialties”, “unremarkable”, “I don’t know what means she used to get into the crew”.

However, she said that she wanted to prove her innocence and she also said that she did not like the so-called haunting method in the “Jiang Rao” crew at all.

So what is she going to do?

[Wouldn’t it be to find a scapegoat and collude with the confession in advance?]

[What the fuck can she do? I don’t believe it anyway.]

[Laughing to death, you don’t think you can really become a ghost if you act too much?]

[That’s it? Don’t scare other people, if you can scare me, I’ll kneel down and call you grandpa.]

In the live broadcast room, netizens have all kinds of guesses.

There are also many people who think that Lin Xiaotang is not very capable at all and is just grandstanding.

A little girl who just turned eighteen years old and looks thin and helpless, what skills can she have?

Even if she was using a haunted process live, so what?

Those so-called people who framed her, after being frightened by her, would it be possible that they would tell the truth?

Thinking of this, many people sneered.

But what they didn’t expect was that Lin Xiaotang’s idea was really that simple—

After all, in the face of extreme fear and the threat of death, who would lie about a trivial matter?

Da-da-da… da-da-da….

As Lin Xiaotang’s footsteps sounded softly, an invisible darkness spread from her feet.

From the floor, to the walls, to the windows and the roof, the black fog enveloped the entire crew building, completely isolating it from the outside world.

The entire corridor became silent and the peculiar frogs and the sound of cicadas in the countryside disappeared unknowingly.

The air gradually decreased and the atmosphere in the building gradually became stiff and dull.

And in this lifeless darkness, the girl took her steps and shuttled through it unhurriedly.

Her movements were so brisk and skilled, as if she was born to blend in with such darkness.

Who should she go to first?

Lin Xiaotang thought casually as she walked.

Since the haunted thing was first reported from the props group, then she should go to the person in charge of the props group first.


At this moment, Xiao Chen’s face was not good.

She sat on the bed and looked at the phone in her hand with great irritability.

Xiao Chen is the person in charge of the props team and she usually takes care of the props.

The haunting in the props room was also revealed by her.

Recently, since that incident happened in the crew, almost no one dared to come to the prop room and she was the only one who would come over to sort it out.

She knew that many people doubted her.
After all, when something like haunting happened, it would definitely mean that there were ghosts in the props group.

But on weekdays, she was careful enough that she didn’t leave any clues.

Besides, her task is also very simple.

She only needs to lead other people away at a critical time and then turn a blind eye to some of the extra things in the prop room.

Even if Xu Yi and the others wanted to investigate, they might not be able to find her out.

After all, she didn’t set up those scenes herself, did she?

But just now, Xiao Chen, who was full of confidence, suddenly received a text message from that familiar number—

[Accident happened, it is estimated that something big will happen later, everyone will be caught out, please sweep your tails as soon as possible!!】

What’s going on here?

What accident happened? Will she be exposed?

Seeing this, Xiao Chen immediately sent a message to ask about the accident.

But at this moment, her cell phone had no signal!!!

Looking at the red exclamation mark behind her message, Xiao Chen showed a look of exasperation.

But when she thought that she might be exposed, her heart gradually became anxious.

She was only promoted to the person in charge this year.
In order to climb up, she didn’t know how many gifts she gave.

If it was exposed, no team would dare to hire her again after the black history.

Before she dared to collect money to do this, but for the sake of her own safety.

But now, after looking at the content of the text message and seeing the sentence “everyone will be caught”, Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat.

Anyway, it’s eight o’clock anyway and everyone probably went into the room to rest.

Or… should she slipped into the prop room at this time and take a look again?

Because she was not sure what happened, Xiao Chen was quite uneasy and various thoughts flashed frequently in her mind.

Finally, she gritted her teeth, changed into a black dress and quietly opened the door.

It was quiet outside the corridor and there was no light.

Xiao Chen listened carefully but did not hear anything.

After confirming that no one was outside, she took a deep breath and walked out lightly.

Xiao Chen didn’t know if she was too nervous.
After entering the corridor, her body shivered involuntarily.

It’s so cold…Is it so cold in the countryside at night?

Tightening her clothes, Xiao Chen subconsciously felt that something was wrong.

But in the face of urgent matters, she quickly ignored it.

Taking away the props with chicken blood in the props room and cleaning up the doubts on her body is the most important thing for her right now!

As the person in charge, her room is not far from the props room.

After only ten steps, she came to the door of the props room.

After carefully taking out the key from her pocket, Xiao Chen glanced left and right and gently inserted the key into the lock.

At this moment, a strange sound suddenly came from behind her.

Clap clap…….

clap clap……

The sound was soft, just like the sound of something falling on the ground, rolling over and hitting the ground.

Because the surrounding environment is too quiet, this subtle sound is infinitely amplified in the dark and it sounds extremely frightening.

What made her even more uneasy was that the voice was slowly coming towards her.

What’s the sound of?

Is it a garbage bag?

Stopping the unlocking, Xiao Chen swallowed, turned around nervously and looked behind her.

And this look made her stunned.

The prop head that disappeared from the prop group appeared behind her!!

Under the dim light, its pale shell was covered with bloody fingerprints and it was moving towards her little by little.

Its shape was slightly distorted as if it had been crushed heavily but the dark eye sockets were always aimed at where she was.

What’s happening!! That head prop was obviously taken away by that person’s assistant.

Why is it here?! and how can it be here?!

Xiao Chen’s face was pale and the blood all over her body had coagulated.

She let out a scream, took a few steps back and turned to pat the other doors.

She wanted to wake up everyone inside and wanted someone to help her and save her.

But even though she cried out loudly for help, the surroundings of the corridor was still so quiet.

Whether it was talking, turning on the lights or even the footsteps of slippers walking on the ground, there was nothing.

In the past, those colleagues who would run out to check if there was a little movement, all seemed to have fallen asleep and did not respond at this time.

In the entire cold corridor, there was only Xiao Chen and this head prop.

Something’s wrong here, something’s wrong here!!

Xiao Chen turned pale in shock and without thinking about it, she quickly turned around and ran to her room.

Her mind went blank, only the desire to return to her room grew stronger.

As long as she can go back, it’s safe… long as she can go back, it’s safe…..

But at this moment, a faint voice came out of the skull.

The voice was illusory and it was impossible to tell whether it was a male or a female, as if it contained great sorrow and the sound was more mournful—

“look back…”

“look back…….”

“Look back…..
look back….
look back!!”

Nooooo!!! I don’t want to!!

Hearing this urging, Xiao Chen was so frightened that she stood on end.

Her heart beat faster,more in panic and she ran faster and faster.

But maybe she ran too fast and when she ran to the corner, her foot wobbled and she fell heavily to the ground!

Under the great pain, she struggled to stand up and wanted to move forward.

At this time, a figure in a white skirt quietly appeared in front of her.

It’s Lin Xiaotang.

She stood here quietly, with a pair of dark eyes staring at Xiao Chen motionless.

At this time, her skin was pale and her face was expressionless and she looked like a cold and ruthless ghost.

Looking at Xiao Chen who fell to the ground, Lin Xiaotang stretched out her hands and slowly clasped the opponent’s neck.

The chill followed her fingers, penetrated through the skin and penetrated into Xiao Chen’s heart.

The moment Lin Xiaotang grabbed her neck, Xiao Chen completely collapsed.

Under extreme fear, she trembled and the tears couldn’t stop falling.

“Don’t look for me, don’t look for me…..
go to Tang Tianya, his assistant asked me to do it! He wants to harm you!!”


On the other side, Ren Ling racked his brains to explain, while watching the barrage of the live broadcast room that was about to explode.

“Why they don’t know about the live broadcast is because we turned on the signal shielding device.”

“Why does the skull roll? Xiaotang tied a rope on it and pulled it with a rope.”

“Why is the air so cold is because we turned on the air conditioner and turned the temperature down.”

“The sound was recorded by Xiaotang in advance and broadcast with a tape recorder.”

“It’s always dark in the countryside at night and other farmers don’t turn on the lights very much, so the corridor is very dark.”

“Everything is acting! There is no ghost at all! Everyone, please don’t report it! Please!”

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