The world of modern entertainment industry (13)

There was a lot of quarrelling on the Internet but in reality, the atmosphere of the crew of “Jiang Rao” was extremely cold.

Especially in the early morning, after someone found that the second female Xiao Yanran’s room had been splashed with blood, the atmosphere of the entire crew became more rigid.

Because of the filming, they rented a house of the local residents and so there is no surveillance in the house.

No one can find out what is going on and no one can catch anyone.

Because of the hot search and the frequent haunting, Xu Yi has already postponed the filming three times.

He has been in the circle for so long, how could he not see that someone is leading the rhythm online?

When normal people know that the crew is haunted, they can at most watch the fun and leave after watching it.

There is nothing tricky about being able to pull the haunted thing on Lin Xiaotang, he doesn’t believe it at all!

Last night, he made three orders and five applications, just to prevent this from happening, but someone still leaked the rumors.

With more and more slander against Lin Xiaotang on the Internet, the reputational damage to the entire crew will also increase.

After reprimanding the staff, Xu Yi hurriedly went to find Lin Xiaotang and Ren Ling.

After he left, some gossip gradually spread from the rest of the people.

“Hey, tell me, what happened in the props group that was aimed at Lin Xiaotang?”

“I don’t know but she definitely offended people.”

“I don’t know if this has anything to do with her.
Anyway, we suffered…..”

In the anxious crew, such words sounded quietly at some point.

Listening to these contents, most of the staff frowned and were not disturbed by the information on the Internet.

But there are also a few people’s eyes flashing slightly and their minds have gradually changed.

As for Lin Xiaotang, her mental state was much better than these people.

Facing the rumors on the Internet and facing all kinds of people in the crew, she did not feel the slightest frustration or panic.

Ren Ling’s reaction was the same as hers.

Although at the beginning, Ren Ling, who had a similar experience, was almost mad when he saw the remarks on the Internet.

But looking at his calm sister, his heart gradually calmed down.

Lin Xiaotang seems to have a magical quality that can easily eliminate all his unease and all his fears.

That’s right, Lin Xiaotang is someone with super powers, how could she be defeated in such a trivial matter?

…So, when Xu Yi came over, he was extremely shocked to find that Lin Xiaotang and her brother were still free to play cards in the room.

“Yes, three.”

“Yes, five.”

“Yes, Queen.”

Xu Yi: “……”

No, don’t you all go online? Why are they all so cool? ?

Seeing Xu Yi coming, Ren Ling immediately put down the cards in his hand: “Director Xu, you are here.”

“Yes, here I am.”

Xu Yi twitched his mouth and replied angrily, “It’s all so messed up on the internet, why are you still in the mood to play?”

He came here to appease Lin Xiaotang and her brother, but he didn’t expect them to be in such a good mood.

However, looking at them like this, is it possible that this matter can still be reversed?

Hearing what Xu Yi said, Ren Ling smiled and didn’t answer.

On the other hand, Lin Xiaotang raised her head and glanced at Xu Yi’s face lightly: “Director Xu, do you believe me?”

Believe her?

Of course he believes her.

In this incident, apart from the crew, Lin Xiaotang was the biggest victim.

 If Xu Yi didn’t believe her, who else could he believe?

However, looking at Lin Xiaotang’s deep black eyes, Xu Yi suddenly realized that the question she asked might not mean what he thought.

“What are you up to?”

After a while, Xu Yi asked in a deep voice.

Lin Xiaotang smiled slightly: “I have a way to help the crew recover from the online situation.”

Xu Yi looked at her and said nothing.

In his impression, Lin Xiaotang’s personality is simple and withdrawn.
She hardly laughs on weekdays and her expression is always flat, as if nothing can cause her to fluctuate.

But now, looking at Lin Xiaotang’s faint smile, Xu Yi only felt an unprecedented chill.

For some reason, a thought suddenly popped into his mind:

The person who tried to pour sewage on Lin Xiaotang on the Internet really did it wrong.

Not only is she not weak, on the contrary, she is stronger than everyone present.


Out of fear or trust, Xu Yi finally agreed to Lin Xiaotang to cooperate with her.

Anyway, the situation is already like this, no matter how bad it is, where can it go bad?

That night, at 8 o’clock, everyone in the crew returned to the room under Xu Yi’s order.

Then, Lin Xiaotang walked out holding the head prop.

Behind her, Ren Ling took out his phone and pointed the camera at his sister.

At the same time, he chose a live broadcast platform, opened the live broadcast room and posted the link to Weibo.

@RenLing V: Want to know the truth about the haunted crew of “Jiang Rao”? Want to know Lin Xiaotang’s experience in the abandoned teaching building? Wondering what we’ll do? If you are curious, come and take a look here, link:…..

The moment Ren Ling posted this on Weibo, Xu Yi reposted it.

The two of them have been attracting a lot of attention recently.
Now that they see them doing such a thing, no matter if they are fans, black or simple passers-by, they all come in one after another.

In just five minutes, the number of people in the live broadcast room broke through the 10M mark.

[Come on, here comes the fresh melon!]

[Lin Xiaotang get out of the entertainment circle! Lin Xiaotang get out of the entertainment circle! Lin Xiaotang get out of the entertainment circle!]

[Curious about the haunted thing, is it really related to Lin Xiaotang?]

[It’s just a teenage girl, do you need it?]

[Will you steal someone else’s role at a young age? The role of “Jiang Rao” was not chosen for her at first right?]

Looking at the barrage flashing on the screen of the mobile phone, Lin Xiaotang blinked and smiled slowly.

“I know, many of you think I’m the one who caused the ghost on the set,” she said, “but I really didn’t do it.”

[You say it’s just a rumor??]

[Come on, Xiaotang! We believe in you!]

[Lin Xiaotang get out of the entertainment circle! Lin Xiaotang get out of the entertainment circle! Lin Xiaotang get out of the entertainment circle!]

“I started the live broadcast this time just to prove myself.”

Lin Xiaotang looked at the camera and smiled lightly: “I want to tell you that it’s not me who caused the ghost accident in the crew, because my methods won’t be so low-level.”

“Just a missing prop, plus some chicken blood, you think you can scare people? It’s really stupid,” she said.

[Wait, what does that mean?]

[I can’t believe, she….she is despising that haunted method???]

[I’m a little uneasy… when I think of the frightened gangsters in the abandoned school building…..]

“Don’t you want to know the truth about the haunting of the crew? Don’t you want to know what happened in the abandoned teaching building?”

As she spoke, the slender and beautiful girl tilted her head slightly.

Under the darkness, there was a thrilling attraction on her pure and beautiful face.

“—Now, I’ll show you what it would be like if I made something haunted.”

                (End of this chapter)

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