The world of modern entertainment industry (12)

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The haunted rumors first came from the props team.

In the scene at that time, “Jiang Rao” bid farewell to her hometown and was about to follow the male protagonist into the city.

“Jiang Rao” crawled out of the stomach of a dead person.
She was born without a mother and her father didn’t care.
The villagers around her were extremely disgusted with her, so she basically had no close people.

Her farewell ceremony is naturally much more special than normal people.

In order to reflect the sense of horror and to deepen the character of the heroine, Xu Yi arranged a plot here and asked Lin Xiaotang, who played “Jiang Rao”, to dig out her mother’s head from the grave, wash it and take it away.

In this play, the crew also specially found someone to make a skull.

As a result, before the filming of the scene, the head of the prop suddenly disappeared.

“What’s going on? What the fuck are you doing!?”

After learning the news, Xu Yi was furious and scolded directly: “How could such a big prop be lost?”

“I’ve been looking at it….I just went to the toilet…”

The person in charge of the prop was a young girl.
She had a bad face at first.
After being scolded by Xu Yi, her tears were about to fall: “It’s not my problem, that…that prop has a problem…..”

“It’s just a prop, what could be wrong?”

After listening to her words, Xu Yi’s expression changed and he interrupted her directly, saying sharply: “You all find that prop for me, if you can’t find it, don’t come back!”

Hearing what Xu Yi said, the person in charge quickly wiped away tears and set off with the other staff.

However, with her departure, the atmosphere of the entire crew became much duller.

At a glance, many people were standing aside and whispering, their eyes flickering and looking around.

Even Tang Tianya, who has always been steady, frowned.

It’s no wonder they are sensitive.
After all, in the film crew of horror films, everyone always has something to worry about, especially in the environment of general superstition in the entertainment industry.

Even Xu Yi, before shooting, spent money to hire a master to come and go.

“Xiaotang, what do you think is going on?”

After watching the farce just now, Ren Ling asked worriedly.

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Although the person in charge had not finished speaking, everyone understood what she wanted to express.

The “problem” in her mouth could not mean poor quality.

Even if the person in charge was deliberately quibbling, who would steal a head made of paper?

Lin Xiaotang was much calmer than him: “It’s not over yet, just wait.”

Unlike Ren Ling and others, she had long expected that something would happen to this crew.

I don’t know how Xu Yi chose people.
Among these actors, many of them are scheming and exuding malice everywhere.

Even if these malice are not necessarily aimed at her, how could the crew be calm under such circumstances?

However, whether it is real or fake, there must be a motive behind it.

As long as you wait patiently, the purpose of the “ghost” will naturally be revealed.

Ren Ling also understood this truth, but in such a depressing environment, he was inevitably a little worried.

When filming the previous scenes, considering the problem of framing, the entire crew moved to the mountain village.

According to the original plan, after the play was over, they would be able to leave here and go back to town.

Unexpectedly, at the last moment, such an accident happened.

In order to find the prop, Xu Yi dispatched most of the staff, so the filming progress of the entire crew was suspended.

But two hours later, they still found nothing.

As time went by little by little, many people showed uneasy expressions.

Everyone fell into a strange silence and even the most talkative assistants shut their mouths.

“Forget it, you all come back.”

After realizing that the state of the people around him was wrong, Xu Yi rubbed his temples and called back all the people who were searching.

Looking at the restless actors, he sighed wearily and said, “Just find something to replace the head and then use special effects to deal with it when we go back.”

Xu Yi’s idea is also simple.
Anyway, there is only such a play left, so let’s just finish filming early and leave.

After leaving here, this matter will be over.

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Under his orders, the staff came back one after another.

The actors changed their costumes and touched up their makeup one after another and the person in charge of the props team hurried back to the room to find a prop that could replace the head.

– At this moment, a shrill scream suddenly came from the prop room!

“what happened?”

“what happened?”

“Come and see!”

After hearing the movement, many people rushed over.

As a result, after seeing the situation in the prop room, everyone’s faces turned pale.

Somehow, the entire prop room was splashed with blood.

From the floor, to the walls, to the props on the side, there are traces of bloody fingerprints everywhere.

The strong smell of blood came oncoming and this shocking scene made them speechless.

If the disappearance of the head props can also be explained by the mistakes of the person in charge, then this scene clearly means that something is wrong here.

“Who has gone out just now? Has anyone been to the prop room?” Seeing this scene, Xu Yi threw the water glass heavily and the tea inside instantly splashed on the ground.

He glanced at the other people present with heavy eyes and his voice became colder and colder: “Who is pretending to be a ghost, stand up for me!”

In front of the furious Xu Yi, no one dared to speak.

Everyone’s expressions were different and some timid people even cried.

The props room is not a secret place.
In order to find the head, many people have entered and exited here just now.

No one could have imagined that this would happen in such a short period of time.

Seeing that he couldn’t ask anything, Xu Yi walked around irritably and finally turned his attention to the person in charge of the props group.

Under his gaze, the terrified girl in charge explained what had happened recently.

It turned out that as early as three or four days ago, the head prop often changed positions for no reason.

Sometimes blood of unknown origin appears in the corner of the prop room.

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Because of fear and these movements did not hinder the shooting, the person in charge never told the matter, but chose to swallow it.

It’s not wrong for her to do this, but no one expected that such a big thing would happen in the last shooting.

“Director Xu, what should we do?” The producer’s voice trembled.
“The blood has come out.
Could it be human blood? Did we really mess with something?”

Looking at the props room, Xu Yi sullen and said nothing.

In fact, even Xu Yi himself had a hard time distinguishing whether someone was fixing their crew or whether there was really something like that.

With Xu Yi’s silence, the air became more and more anxious.

On the other hand, Lin Xiaotang, who was silently watching, suddenly said, “This is not human blood after listening to the person in charge.”

She gently smelled the residual smell in the air, and said lightly: “It’s not human blood, it’s chicken blood.”

The smell of human blood, she smelled too much, it was impossible to admit it wrong.

How could Lin Xiaotang know this?

Seeing her say that, everyone’s skeptical eyes moved over immediately.

…then, they were all silent.

Just when they panicked, Lin Xiaotang actually stood by the side watching the play with a leisurely face?

Just watch the show, she is eating a cup of ice cream in her hand? 

Perhaps sensing the wrong look in their eyes, Ren Ling quickly explained, “Xiaotang gets hungry more easily, she just didn’t have time to eat dinner.”

Everyone: “….

No, this is obviously not a question of whether you are hungry or not, right?

After the atmosphere was diluted by Lin Xiaotang’s behavior, everyone gradually recovered.

Considering that the other props in the prop room were contaminated with blood and the filming could not continue, Xu Yi simply told everyone to go back to rest.

As the heroine, Lin Xiaotang has a separate room.

After the dissolution, she said goodbye to Ren Ling and went back alone.

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However, after returning to the room, Lin Xiaotang raised her eyebrows while looking at her own room.

The head that had just disappeared in the props room was quietly placed on her bed.

Next to it, there were two transparent gloves covered with blood.

If a normal teenage girl, the moment she saw these things, she would scream directly.

Unfortunately, Lin Xiaotang is not a normal person.

She had seen a lot of this kind of thing in escape games before.

Thinking back on the series of events that had just happened and looking at the sudden appearance of the head and the blood stained gloves, Lin Xiaotang understood that the person who was making trouble behind her back was aimed at her.

Maybe it was because she was too popular, maybe the other party just wanted to find a scapegoat, and she was the least experienced of them all, so the mastermind behind the scenes clearly identified Lin Xiaotang.

As long as the head is in her hands, she can never wash it clean.

Looking at the props on the bed, Lin Xiaotang’s calm eyes finally flashed a hint of interest.

Interesting, really interesting.

Someone would dare to do such a thing to her..


Under Xu Yi’s repeated emphasis, everyone in the crew promised not to talk about this matter.

But after just one night, rumors about the haunting of the “Jiang Rao” crew came out on the Internet.

Along with the haunted rumors, there are rumors about Lin Xiaotang.

Playing big names, ignoring seniors, going to a crew that has a relationship with each other and chaotic private life in the past….
Overnight, all kinds of rumors spread on the Internet.

@小小小牛: I don’t know what you think, I really hate her, who didn’t know about Ren Ling’s black material? How could Ren Ling’s sister be a good thing?

@123Wood: I heard that Jiang Rao’s role was not hers at first, but she grabbed it later and I don’t know what methods she used.

@火火: I didn’t like her at first sight.
She didn’t look like a normal person.
I heard that the crew of “Jiang Rao” is haunted? Did she bring the ghost in?

@Hahawei: That’s right, wasn’t she still on the hot search because of the haunted school building? I suspect that the ghost is real, a ghost raised by Lin Xiaotang.

            (End of this chapter)

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