Considering that this was her first time acting in a movie, she didn’t quite understand many aspects.
In order to take care of her, Ren Ling simply pushed all his work and joined Lin Xiaotang in the crew.

After the other actors came one after another, he introduced her in turn by the side.

“That is the male lead Tang Tianya, who has won two Best Actor awards… That is the second female lead, Xiao Yanran, who won the Best Supporting Actress White Bird Award.
It is said that Director Xu once considered giving her the role of Jiang Rao… That is Mr.Wang, he is a famous old artist…..”

There are many crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s in Xu Yi’s crew, even if it is a small supporting role, he/she is also a famous second-rate star outside.

The more Ren Ling watched, the more shocked he became.
Now he has a clearer understanding of the strength of the crew of “Jiang Rao”.

In this regard, Lin Xiaotang’s reaction was quite ordinary: “Got it.”

In her eyes, these people are vulnerable ordinary people and there is no big difference between them.

If Ren Ling introduced too much, Lin Xiaotang would get bored and she would get distracted or stare at the snacks in Ren Ling’s hand.

Her attitude is obvious – she cares more about what to eat for lunch today than these famous celebrities.

Ren Ling: “……”

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For some reason, he was not surprised at all by Lin Xiaotang’s reaction.

The few plays that Lin Xiaotang is going to shoot today are the appearances of the heroine Jiang Rao.

Among them, there are many characters and there are a lot of opponents with actor Tang Tianya.

After the various actors were in place, they officially started filming under the guidance of Xu Yi.

Because of Lin Xiaotang, the schedule of “Jiang Rao” was postponed for a month, which more or less affected other people’s activities.

As for herself, she doesn’t have any particularly outstanding works and her reputation is completely inferior to other actors, so it is really difficult to convince the public.

Therefore, at the beginning, the attitude of other actors towards Lin Xiaotang was slightly repelling.

However, after filming started, their minds changed completely.

Even in the middle of a group of actors, Lin Xiaotang’s every move can still drive the whole picture.

She is a natural focus of attention, even if her character lines and actions are not much but as long as she stands there quietly, she can calm everyone in the room.

To put it inappropriately, when she appeared under the camera, she seemed to have changed from a person to a cold and cruel poisonous snake – indifferent and calm on the surface, scanning the “prey” in front of her with her serene eyes .

Beautiful, gloomy, evil and with a bit of aloof indifference, these characteristics of “Jiang Rao” were vividly displayed by Lin Xiaotang.


After repeatedly shooting many scenes, Xu Yi finally took a satisfactory shot.

Xu Yi’s character has always been critical and he is notoriously strict with actors.
He originally thought that the opening scene might take a day or two to shoot but he didn’t expect it to pass so easily.

Looking at the actors on the stage, Xu Yi’s mood became more cheerful and his words of scolding were much less.

The beginning of everything is difficult but the smooth opening scene has obviously improved the mental state of the entire crew.

The next time, they hardly encountered too difficult points during the shooting process.

During this period, Lin Xiaotang’s strength has also conquered many people.

As soon as the filming was over, the male lead Tang Tianya came over first and smiled friendly at Lin Xiaotang: “The future generations are terrible, I haven’t met such a spiritual actor for a long time.”

Tang Tianya is a person who climbed up from the bottom.
He has experienced strong winds and waves and so his mind is quite deep but he looks quite gentle on the outside.

With rich experience in knowing people, he can already predict that after the broadcast of “Jiang Rao”, the popularity of the actress Lin Xiaotang will inevitably follow.

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For this reason, he didn’t mind making a good relationship with Lin Xiaotang in advance and keeping a relationship.

Lin Xiaotang listened to his words, glanced at him and said lightly, “Thank you.”

Tang Tianya didn’t care about Lin Xiaotang’s bland reaction and continued to smile: “How about we take a photo together? You should have Weibo, right?”

What he meant was obvious.
This was to interact with Lin Xiaotang’s Weibo and bring a wave of traffic to Lin Xiaotang.

This opportunity is undoubtedly an excellent exposure for ordinary actors.

However, in the face of his words, even if Ren Ling’s eyes were cramping with a wink next to him, Lin Xiaotang calmly rejected him: “No, I don’t use Weibo.”

She was telling the truth, after all, she didn’t even use her mobile phone very much now and Ren Ling was always taking care of accounts such as Weibo.

However, in the eyes of others, her remarks were obviously hitting Tang Tianya in the face.

After hearing Lin Xiaotang’s words, the eyebrows of the assistant beside Tang Tianya raised.

Tang Tianya didn’t show much anger, he just restrained his smile and said, “That’s a pity.”

Isn’t it a pity to miss the opportunity to interact with the actor Tang?

After Tang Tianya left, Ren Ling was almost helpless: “Xiao Tang, why did you reject him?”

He couldn’t figure out why Lin Xiaotang pushed such a good opportunity away.

Lin Xiaotang answered truthfully: “He is very strange.”

This person, who clearly had slight malice towards her, approached her with a smile on his face, making her completely invisible.

She thought for a while, then said, “In a few days, something may happen to the crew.”

In response, Ren Ling just sighed and didn’t take her words to heart at all.

After all, Lin Xiaotang has always been withdrawn and does not understand the world.

As for what happened… She is not a prophet, so how could she be accurate?

However, what Ren Ling never expected was that Lin Xiaotang was right.

After half a month, a big trouble suddenly appeared in the crew that had been calm all the time—

The crew is haunted.

            (End of this chapter)

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