The world of modern entertainment industry (10)

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The events of that night were quickly exposed to the media.

Seven or eight students, plus five members of society, appeared together in the abandoned teaching building of a key high school and each of them was so scared that they lost their minds.

What’s even more surprising is that when these people woke up and the police tortured them why they went to the abandoned school building, they gave a very interesting answer-

They went there to “teach” a female classmate named Lin Xiaotang.

And this Lin Xiaotang is a ghost actor in the popular drama “Remnant of Life” some time ago.

As soon as something like this happened, the entire network became busy in an instant.

The combination of campus violence, sexual assault, supernatural beings and the victim female star status has aroused heated discussions among countless people.

In the end, these people not only did not succeed but also claimed that they had encountered a ghost.

Because the monitoring facilities in the abandoned teaching building have long been removed, no one knows what happened in that building.

In this regard, even the school itself is confused.

The school abandoned this experimental building at the beginning, only because the facilities inside were too old, the reconstruction was too troublesome and some alumni donated a lot of money, so the building was shelved there.

Even if you want to be haunted, you have to die first, right?

The only surveillance video they could find was outside the entrance of the abandoned teaching building.

Through the surveillance there, they could only see the pictures of those people sneaking into the teaching building and the pictures of Lin Xiaotang carrying a schoolbag and leaving the teaching building calmly.

……How do they look….They can’t even see that there is a ghost in that building?

Could it be that they were all frightened by Lin Xiaotang alone?

No matter how the police checked, they couldn’t find out why, plus these people didn’t hurt others and they didn’t suffer any injuries themselves.
In the end, this matter was over.

However, the police investigation is over but online attention has not declined.

@小青: Are you sure this is not a hype? Do you really believe in such a thing?

@yuanyuanyuanyuan: I don’t think it’s a hype, isn’t that Su Tiantian who was picked up and didn’t deal with Lin Xiaotang long ago?

@I must not be able to do May 3 again: I am a student of this school, that teaching building is really weird and there have been various rumors in the past.

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@爱爱不社: Seriously, Lin Xiaotang is also really miserable.
Her boyfriend’s good sister used to post to black her on the forum and now the posts have been turned up by others.

@ Ruan Ruan Xiaotang: Well, could Lin Xiaotang be the ghost in the teaching building? I always feel that her acting is so good that she stunned those people, just like when she scared me to tears……

No matter what everyone thinks, through this incident, Lin Xiaotang has become famous again.

However, Lin Xiaotang didn’t think much of the online comments.

Compared with those trash that can be easily solved, she still cares more about how to restore her strength.

She slowly realized that this seemingly peaceful world is actually not 100% safe.

Only with enough energy can she protect herself.

For a while, Lin Xiaotang’s enthusiasm for acting has increased a lot.

Coincidentally, after the recent hot searches, many crews have thrown olive branches to Lin Xiaotang.

She has good acting skills and a certain degree of popularity.
Such an actor is their favorite.

It was not her turn to play important roles but for some supporting roles with few roles, Ren Ling still picked up a lot for her.

Considering what happened to her, one of the scripts Ren Ling picked up for her was a school drama.

In the play, Lin Xiaotang plays a supporting role who is bullied by school bullies.

…….It’s just that the results of this drama are a bit touching.

@Quick Lesson: Hahahahahaha I can’t do it anymore, Lin Xiaotang, do you still remember that you are going to play the poor little guy who is being bullied?

@Gentle: If I read it right, when the school bully was scolding Lin Xiaotang, his legs were shaking, right? Is he shaking???

@Let me think twice: I bet 50 cents, Lin Xiaotang is definitely the villain!

@心心爱爱小爱爱爱:Don’t bet on the previous one, I’ve finished watching this drama and she’s really just a passerby supporting role.

@爱你雨: This is the most villain-like trick I’ve ever seen.
Judging from this momentum, other actors are like little chickens in front of her.

Because this is a light-hearted idol drama at a low cost, even if Lin Xiaotang performed a little bit badly, the director made do with it.

After the broadcast, her role in this part simply left the audience speechless.

However, maybe the joy brought by Lin Xiaotang was too strong.
After the school drama ended, she actually gained another wave of fans.

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Seeing the opportunity, Ren Ling directly opened a Weibo for her and started to help her manage fans.

“It’s great, you’ve gained a few thousand more followers today,” Ren Ling swiped the comments below Lin Xiaotang’s Weibo, beaming with joy, “Everyone likes you very much and thinks you’re cute.”

Lin Xiaotang: “……”

Lin Xiaotang: ???

Don’t think she’s scary but think she’s cute?

Faced with this result, the only person who felt distressed was probably Lin Xiaotang herself.

It’s a pity that horror movies are a niche subject after all and even if she wants to take on the role, it is difficult to find an opportunity.


Unconsciously, time passed little by little.

In such a life, Lin Xiaotang gradually laid a foundation of her own in the entertainment industry.

But one night later, after Lin Xiaotang returned home from school, she suddenly received a phone call.

“Hello, I’m Xu Yi, a friend of Zhang Qingnian, the director of “Remnant of Life”,” the other party said, “I’m currently preparing a movie, probably of the thriller genre and I want to invite you to audition for the heroine of the movie.”

Out of appreciation for Lin Xiaotang, Zhang Qingnian called Xu Yi after the filming of “Remnant of Life” and recommended Lin Xiaotang to his senior brother Xu Yi, hoping that he could give some advice.

After that, Xu Yi watched Lin Xiaotang’s performance in “Remnant of Life” and was also captivated by her acting skills.

TV series and movies are two completely different circles and there are significant differences in both the shooting methods and the things that need to be considered.

In TV dramas, Zhang Qingnian can use a thick white foundation and thick black eyeliner to make the ghost actors look scary.

But on the big screen of the movie, these things just look like the whole movie is shoddy.

Including the selection of actors, as well.

In most scenes in TV series, as long as the actors don’t perform too badly, they can make do with it but if a movie wants to get a good reputation, the actors can’t make any mistakes.

So, in this case, they had to find an actor who could perform the “ghosting” perfectly.

And Lin Xiaotang just met their needs.

Considering that Lin Xiaotang is already in the third year of high school and there is only one month left before the college entrance examination, Xu Yi and the rest of the team discussed it and decided to give Lin Xiaotang a chance to audition first.

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If her audition results can convince everyone, they are willing to adjust the schedule for a month and wait for Lin Xiaotang to join the crew after the college entrance examination.

After talking with director Xu Yi, he went to director Zhang Qingnian to confirm the truth and Lin Xiaotang finally agreed to Xu Yi.

Of course, she would not refuse to have such good resources in her hands.

After determining the time and place of the audition, Lin Xiaotang asked the teacher to ask for a leave.

The next morning, accompanied by Ren Ling, she went to the place they agreed upon.


The place for the audition was picked by Xu Yi.
It was a relatively remote restaurant with good privacy.

After Lin Xiaotang came here, she entered the box under the instruction of the waiter and met Xu Yi.

Xu Yi is a man in his early thirties, slightly fat and looks quite serious.

There were several other staff members sitting beside him.
When Lin Xiaotang came in, they were talking about something.

Seeing Lin Xiaotang coming, Xu Yi didn’t delay, he directly waved at her and handed her the script.

“Think about it yourself first,” Xu Yi said.
“Tell me when you’re done.”

After listening to his words, Lin Xiaotang nodded, took over the script and read it.

The role she wants to play is said to be the heroine in the movie, but she is also the villain in the movie.

The general content of this play by Xu Yixuan is as follows: the male protagonist is attracted by the softly humming song of the female lead and he comes to the female lead to talk to her but the female lead has no response to him.

After the male protagonist turned and left in disappointment, the female protagonist looked at his back and smiled.

This play looks simple but it is quite difficult.
It requires Lin Xiaotang to play the unpredictable and capricious evil feeling in the heroine.

After she finished reading the script, Xu Yi instructed a staff member to set up a scene for her.

The staff he pointed out often set up scenes for various actors and they have quite a lot of experience in this area.

Seeing that Lin Xiaotang was ready, he read the actor’s lines and walked towards Lin Xiaotang.

For the first episode, Lin Xiaotang had no pressure.

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She is inherently withdrawn and doesn’t like to talk, she just needs to play as usual.

Ignoring the “male protagonist” who kept talking, she sat on the chair next to her, humming a song with her head lowered.

Her singing, like her people, has some ethereal aura.

The girl’s expression was very calm, her long black hair softly covered most of her face, only revealing her pale chin and pale lips.

It’s just that I don’t know if the singing melody is too weird or her temperament is too gloomy.
When Lin Xiaotang sat there, even if she hardly moved, everyone else felt an indescribably strange feeling.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yi nodded slightly.

Actors who can act to this level are not few in the entertainment industry but Lin Xiaotang is quite outstanding.

The only problem is that Lin Xiaotang is too young.

Such acting skills, put on her, are enough to be praised as a genius by outsiders but it may be a little difficult to perform what Xu Yi wants.

However, when Lin Xiaotang raised his head, the thoughts in Xu Yi’s mind completely disappeared—

The expression of the girl in front of her is still indifferent but her eyes have changed slightly in an instant!

If before, her eyes were like a pool of water, deep but peaceful then now, that pool of water seems to be alive, engulfing everything around her coldly and mercilessly.

Looking at the back of the “male protagonist” with interest, Lin Xiaotang tilted her head and the corner of her mouth drew a small arc.

Her smile was very small and even disappeared quickly but it made the scalps of everyone present numb and a chill rose in vain.

Just looking at this expression, Xu Yi knew that this role was hers.

If it wasn’t for Lin Xiaotang’s ID card, which clearly indicated that she was only eighteen years old, he almost thought that the person who appeared in front of him was an old showman with decades of acting experience.

What’s even more rare is that Lin Xiaotang did not exert too much force when performing these two clips, so that there was a particularly large sense of division.

From the first clip to the second clip, she only used two movements but it was these two natural movements that made the heroine’s terrifying image more profound.

Looking at Lin Xiaotang, Xu Yi, who has always been serious showed a rare smile: “Very good, very good.”

Behind him, the producers who originally disapproved of his postponement nodded and praised: “It’s really amazing that a little girl can have such acting skills at such a young age!”

Zhang Qingnian still misled them and made them look down on the girl in front of them.

Where is this ordinary genius, it is clearly a ghost actor that is rare in a hundred years!

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