The world of modern entertainment industry (9)

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After sending a message to Xia Zeran and asking him to come here, Su Tiantian only felt a burst of happiness in her heart.

She couldn’t tell what she thought or why she did it, but she didn’t regret her actions.

It may be that Xia Zeran’s behavior has disappointed her too many times these days.
While Su Tiantian hates Lin Xiaotang, she will inevitably bring her emotions to Xia Zeran.

Brother Zeran is no longer the previous brother Zeran, Su Tiantian thought with disappointment.

This abandoned teaching building was originally inside the school, not far from the third grade teaching building, within a few steps.

After sending the message, Su Tiantian separated from the gangsters who were guarding the door of the toilet and went to the door of the teaching building alone to meet Xia Zeran.

However, on the way in the past, a gust of wind suddenly blew across the back of Su Tiantian’s neck, bringing a slight chill.

The sky outside was much darker, the temperature in the corridors of the empty teaching building gradually dropped and the noisy sounds of pedestrians playing and scurrying in the distance seemed to become very distant in an instant.

Strange…..Is it that cold in this teaching building?

Feeling that the temperature around her was too low, Su Tiantian frowned and tightened her clothes.

And at this moment, out of nowhere, a faint female voice came out—

“Don’t listen…..don’t watch……don’t answer…..”

The voice was soft, it sounded like humming and in the quiet teaching building, it was somewhat unnatural and strange.

It reverberated in the corridor, without a fixed source of sound, erratic, high and low, sometimes it seemed to be far away from Su Tiantian and sometimes it seemed to be right next to her.

Who is singing?

Su Tiantian was startled by the sudden humming sound and subconsciously went to find the source.

But at this time, the strange female voice disappeared.

After singing that sentence, it seemed to have completed its mission and completely quieted down.

What’s going on…..

Su Tiantian was heartbroken by this.

As a student at the school, she knew more than the social gangsters.

This teaching building was originally used by the school as an experimental building, where former students took experimental classes.

However, something seemed to have happened in the building later, causing it to be abandoned directly by the school.

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These freshmen do not know what the specific situation is but on weekdays, few people are willing to come here.

There are also many students who made up a series of stories for this.
For example, there was a senior sister who killed herself for love.
For example, there are corpses hidden in this building.

In the past, Su Tiantian didn’t take those stories seriously at all.

But now, after hearing the weird singing, Su Tiantian was scared.

When the screams from the other girls sounded, Su Tiantian only felt her legs were weak and her whole body was almost unable to stand.

This place is too evil, she has to get out of here quickly!

Without thinking, Su Tiantian ran directly towards the door of the teaching building.

It’s just that, for some unknown reason, the exit of the teaching building, which she used to walk a few steps to, suddenly became very far away.

The corridor under her feet seemed to be stretched by something, no matter how Su Tiantian ran, she couldn’t get out.

For the first time, she discovered that the outside of the teaching building was so dark that she could not see a single light.

And the environment around her was so quiet, it was so depressing that it made people breathless.

Under such fear, Su Tiantian ran forward like crazy, not wanting to stop for a moment.

When she was exhausted and could no longer run, she finally stopped.

She trembled and took out her mobile phone from her clothes pocket, ready to call the police or her family.

Just then, her phone vibrated.

Su Tian dessert opened and found that Xia Zeran sent her a message.

[I can’t find you anymore,] Xia Zeran said on the phone, [Where are you? I’m coming to find you.

Looking at this text message, Su Tiantian burst into ecstasy.

It turns out that she can still contact other people, it turns out that Xia Zeran is here too!

Su Tiantian moved her stiff fingers, intending to reply.

But at this moment, the content of the female voice humming just now flashed in her mind—

Don’t listen, don’t watch, don’t answer.

Su Tiantian didn’t understand what this sentence meant, but in this case, she hesitated for the sentence “don’t answer”.

Since Xia Zeran came here, it means that he is 80% trapped in this weird teaching building, just like herself.

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Even if she finds him and meets him, what can the two trapped people do?

Forget it, she should not reply.

Anyway, from the moment Xia Zeran and Lin Xiaotang became boyfriend and girlfriend, he was no longer her brother Zeran.

Seeing her delay in replying, Xia Zeran seemed to be in a hurry and started sending her messages continuously.

【Where are you? I’m coming to find you.】

【Where are you?】

【Where are you? Where are you?】

The frequency of his texting became faster and faster as if urging, he repeatedly questioned Su Tiantian.

Looking at these frantically swiping text messages, Su Tiantian was flustered and finally realized that something was wrong.

Will Xia Zeran send her a message like this? Is his typing that fast?

The person who was talking to her… it  really Xia Zeran?

The more she thought about it, the more frightened she became, her eyes fixed on the phone in her hand.

I don’t know how long it took, maybe it was because she had not been fooled, “Xia Zeran” stopped talking and the other end of the phone fell into silence.

Then, just when Su Tiantian was slightly relieved, a new message popped up on her phone screen—

【I’m here to find you.

The moment she saw this news, Su Tiantian’s scalp was numb and she was so frightened that she could barely hold her phone.

At the same time, a sound of footsteps suddenly appeared behind her!

The footsteps were light and slow but they were very clear in the quiet corridor.

The creepy thing is that the direction it moves is exactly where Su Tiantian is.

Da da…..da da…..

It’s coming to find her!

Su Tiantian turned pale in shock, hurriedly threw her phone aside, turned around and hid in the classroom next to her.

She must not be caught, she must not be caught!

Su Tiantian glanced hurriedly and settled on the desk at the front of the classroom.

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She shrank in, her body pressed against the damp and cold floor and even her breathing was deliberately slowed down a lot.

Because she was too scared, her tears had already fallen involuntarily.

The warm liquid slid across her icy face and settled in her tousled hair.

The sound of footsteps outside still came unhurriedly, one after another, hitting Su Tiantian’s heart heavily.

Da da…..da da…..

Da da…..

After an unknown amount of time, the footsteps finally stopped.

Then, the door to the classroom was pushed open.


With the sound of a sharp wooden door squeezing, the “person” wandering outside walked in.

Su Tiantian’s eyes widened, only to see two pale legs appear in front of her.

A pool of deep black blood spread to the surrounding ground along the movements of these two legs.

The rich bloody smell was mixed with a chill that penetrated into the bone marrow.

Da da…..da da…..

It turned out that the sound was not the sound of its footsteps but the sound of hitting the ground when the blood on its body slipped.

“Got you.”


Looking at Su Tiantian who was stunned, Lin Xiaotang calmly dragged her out from under the desk.

In addition to being calm, she was a little helpless.

These people have hardly encountered any terrifying scenes on weekdays.
Just one foreplay can scare them to the core or even faint.

Even the few social gangsters who seem to be very brave can’t stand a few times.

In order to entertain these “guests”, Lin Xiaotang had prepared a night of games.

As a result, just two hours later, they were completely wiped out.

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Fortunately, the more timid people are, the more fear they can provide.

Feeling the gradually filling energy in her body, she felt regretful but she didn’t feel any loss.

Holding Su Tiantian’s collar, Lin Xiaotang dragged her to the entrance of the teaching building.

Here, there are still several unconscious people lying staggered.

Lin Xiaotang originally wanted to wake them up and continue the game.

But considering the mental state of these few people, she gave up the idea.

The surveillance in the school will inevitably capture Lin Xiaotang’s figure.
If these people are really frightened, she will inevitably get into trouble.

However, being afraid of trouble did not mean that her punishment of these people ended so easily.

After giving them special “marks” so that they can be found at any time later, Lin Xiaotang clapped her hands and was ready to leave.

Recently, Ren Ling went home every day to take care of her.

If she doesn’t go back, he will probably call to urge her.

Before leaving, she glanced at the stairwell not far away, intentionally or unintentionally and stopped for a while at the shadowy area at the corner of the stairwell.

Then, she withdrew her gaze lightly and left with her schoolbag in hand.

On the other side, after confirming that Lin Xiaotang had left, Xia Zeran crawled out of the corner of the stairwell in a panic.

Looking at the several “corpses” at the entrance of the teaching building, his face turned pale and he fell to the ground uncontrollably, shivering all over.

Maybe this is retribution, even though Xia Zeran didn’t have the idea of ​​framing Lin Xiaotang but at the invitation of Su Tiantian, he came over as promised.

In the dark, everyone who had hurt the original owner all came to the place where the original owner died.

Xia Zeran, who didn’t have time to enter the game, watched helplessly as those few people ran and cursed, until they fell into a state of madness.

He wanted to leave but the abandoned teaching building that had been “closed” by Lin Xiaotang was out of existence in the real world and it was impossible for anyone to escape.

The extremely quiet environment, the frightening darkness and the people around who were acting strangely and screaming madly…..

…All these caused unimaginable psychological damage to Xia Zeran.

At the end, after looking at the “corpses” at the entrance that were thrown away by Lin Xiaotang, the impact of fear on him instantly reached its peak.

He sat blankly on the ground, hugging his head and the whole person shrank into a ball.

It wasn’t until a long time later that his parents saw that he hadn’t come home and called him before Xia Zeran reacted in a trance.

With shaking hands, he dialed 110 from his cell phone.

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