ut executing her is not the way to go.” 


The king was still reluctant, but Antonio approached him, looking into his face. 

“Lute is already under the spell of that false saint.
He might try to kill me and Marianne and take the throne.”


The king’s eyes widened. 

“I know Father really likes Lute better than me.
He wanted Lute to take the throne, didn’t he? He was so good at getting on Father’s good side.”

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“That’s not the case…”

“But Father decided to give the throne to me, the crown prince, so that the country would not be in turmoil.
I’m sure he won’t change his mind now.”

“O-Of course not…”

The king replied in a shaky voice.
Lute said nothing as he decided that Antonio, the first prince, should be the Crown Prince.
Antonio was a sulky boy, and there were fears, as mentioned earlier, there were fears that the country would be divided. 

The king believes that he made a decision to protect the country.
He wanted to believe that it was the right decision. 

“The only way to save Father’s sweet Lute is to execute Sylphia.
Lute will give up once she is gone.”

” …”

“You understand, don’t you?”

” …I understand…” 

The king nodded weakly.

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“We will execute the false Saint who broke our covenant and tried to mislead the nation.
And Marianne will become the only Saint.
Dramatic, isn’t it? Soon the people will forget all about Sylphia.” 

“If Sylphia can do it, why can’t I? I will win the hearts and minds of the people!”

Antonio and Marianne give each other a satisfied smile and leave the room.

The king feels guilty about the girl he barely knows, but he tells himself it’s for the good of all.
He did this for the right reasons.
Sylphia’s sacrifice is the only way to protect what they have built over the years.

(For the good of the country.
The House of Harvest has defied the Crown and destroyed itself.
The country and the lute will not be sacrificed for the woman of such a house).

But the problems were not over. 

A short time later, Lute arrived with Sylphia, just in time for Antonio and Marianne. 

Lute said, while shielding Sylphia behind him, who for some reason let out a frightened sound as soon as she saw him.

“Father, this is Sylphia, the true Saint.
I have seen it with my own eyes.
She has worked miracles with the help of the spirits.” 

Little did he know that this would bring displeasure to his father.

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