Sylphia was the Saint and married her, he would be crowned king.

“I never thought he was thinking of such a thing…”

“So you see, Master Antonio…”

Marianne, who did not want the others to hear her, almost leaned over to Antonio as if to rub against him.
The unprecedented aggressive attitude of Marianne made Antonio smile.

Marianne pressed her voluptuous body against his and whispered venom in the Crown Prince’s ear.

“Let’s execute Sylphia.
She pushed me and almost injured me.” 

“Yeah… that’s right.
Hehe, If you pretend to be the Saint and lay a hand on the real Saint, you’re guilty as charged.” 

Antonio laughed.
Without Sylphia, Lute’s plan would collapse.
Then he can slowly decide what to do with him when he becomes king.

When he withdrew from Marianne, he spread out his hands and this time he deliberately uttered a theatrical shout.

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“Then let us quickly make the preparations for the wedding and return to the temple.
The people will be happy to have such a beautiful woman as you as a saint!”

I’ve had enough of the dress.
The rest is jewelry and… perfume and…”

After painting out Sylphia’s future, Marianne continues with her purchases, giggling with dark amusement.

“Come on! show me your wares.
Let’s see what you have, something worthy of a Saint!”

“Saint-sama…? Was the Saint replaced?” 

The merchant asks curiously.
Antonio hugs Marianne’s shoulder and smiles.

“This Marianne is the real Saint.
The Saint you see in the temple is a fake Saint.”

“A fake Saint?”

“Yes, she is.
Soon it will become clear.”


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The merchant looked down in a hurry, almost showing a disconcerting look on his face.
The other party is the crown prince and his fiancée.
The conversation from before was not clear, but there was no doubt that the wedding was a big profitable business. 

The merchant was still inwardly nodding his head, while quietly shoving Sylphia’s rose in his pocket to avoid detection. 

(How could she be a fake Saint? She didn’t look like such a person…)

He frequently went to the temple to pray for the success of his business, even though his motivation was selfish.
Sylphia, the woman who answered his prayers, praised his products, that once mocked, saying, “There are such beautiful things in the world.”

After several visits, he was so impressed by the purity that came from her heart that he vowed never to do anything evil, even if he could profit from it.

(It would certainly be damning if she really is….
I doubt that she is the saint.)

“Hey! Don’t just stand there, bring out the goods!” 

“Yes, yes.
I’m here.” 

The merchant flinched at Marianne’s harsh tone and hurriedly took out the box of jewels. 

Deep in his heart, he fears for Sylphia’s safety.

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