Chapter 5: Lute’s Encouragement

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That night, when Lute came to visit, Sylphia involuntarily jumped into his arms.


Lute was shocked, but the sight of Sylphia’s tears took his breath away.

Lute had heard the rumors in the Royal Capital that Sylphia was the saint.
That’s why he came to the temple, because he feared Marianne might become violent.

“What’s wrong? Is it Marianne?”


Sylphia shook her head and choked up as she described what had happened during the day. 

She had a dream in which the spirits appeared to her.
In the dream she was told that she would be given the power of Saint.
She woke up and turned a bouquet of roses into a lush vine, which spread the rumor that Sylphia was the Saint and almost hurt Marianne. 

“What should I do?”

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He sensed Sylphia’s uneasiness and was trying to cheer her up. 

Lute’s quiet voice falls.
She looked up to see Lute’s brow furrowed, his eyes painfully narrowed, nonetheless putting a smile on his mouth. 

“I think Sylphia deserves to be both happy and naturally afraid.
Because your power can help people or, as you feared, hurt them.

Lute took Sylphia’s hand.
Sylphia is startled and tries to pull away, but he holds her hands in a solemn manner.

“I believe you and I am glad you are the Saint.
Because you will not be addicted to your power and misuse it.” 


“Are you worried?”


All her life she has been told that she’s not a Saint.
Relieved that everything would remain as it was, but Sylphia was surprised by the power she had used against Marianne.

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“If you’re worried, why don’t you stop praying? Maybe then the power will weaken.”

” !!” 

Sylphia’s eyes widened at the sudden suggestion.
But at the same time, Lute’s opinion was reasonable.
If praying for the spirits’ approval, then stop praying for them.
Then Sylphia will be a normal girl again. 

“Originally, it came out of Antonio’s selfishness.
I don’t want to burden you any more.
Besides, Antonio is getting tired of it.
He is about to ask Marianne to marry him.”

“Antonio-sama is…” 

When Marianne officially becomes Antonio’s consort, it will mean that Marianne will return to the temple and assume her duties as a Saint.

“If that happens, you will be free.
There will be no more praying in the temple.”

Lute is saying that Marianne will take care of the rest and Sylphia can stop praying.

“Lute-sama… I’m sorry.” 

Sylphia smiles at Lute, who nods his head.

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(I’m glad you have my best interest at heart.) 

She couldn’t tell him that out loud, so she whispered it in her heart.

From Lute’s point of view, Sylphia’s power must be what she desired in her heart.
If she can make the roses grow, it will be easier to plow the fields, draw water, grow crops, and feed the animals.
It will be easier to turn the windmills and grind the flour, to enrich people’s lives and win people’s hearts, as Sylphia hoped for.

He is willing to give up all those interests to take care of a girl named Sylphia.

Sylphia closes her eyes.
She remembers the spirits she saw in the darkness. 

The sense of a presence watching over her that she had temporarily lost in the turmoil returns.
She thought Valtis and Titia might be worried about Sylphia now.

Sylphia’s eyes opened once again, and an unshakable determination appeared in them. 

I’ve made up my mind.
If I’m the real Saint, I still want to help others, and I want to be a connection between spirits and people.”

Valtis and Titia also said that if she did so, they could appear in the human world one day. 

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She doesn’t want to break the bond that has been formed between them and the people who held the roses in their hands laughed happily as the spirits are really watching over them.

Lute nodded. 

“Then I will support you, 


“Thank you.
…I’m sorry for my weakness…”

Lute stroked Sylphia’s head reassuringly as her shoulders sagged.


“Don’t worry… That’s what you say a lot.”

(I-It doesn’t include patting in the head right?!) 

She turns her head to hide her red face and clutches the hem of her robe with both hands as it wrinkles.

Whether Lute knows the reason for Sylphia’s reaction or not, he looks at Sylphia with a happy smile on her face.

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