Chapter 16: Relief for Sylphia

The people, pale with the news of Marianne’s escape, rush to the temple, where they are presented by Sylphia to the spirits, rubbing their foreheads against the floor, and prostrating themselves.

Antonio had been forced out of his position as Crown Prince, and the King, who had made the decision, was now exhausted.
The flattery he had sold to the Honeysdales and Marilianne had lost all effect.

But there is a glimmer of hope, even for those who wonder what will happen to them.

[Oh, I know Curtis, the man who gave her the rose.]

[Cedric is the one who gave her jewels and clothes… They meant nothing to the spirits, but they were beautiful].

At the spirits’ words, they lifted their faces, which were drenched in cold sweat.

[Since Sylphia showed it to us!]

[Well, we have Sylphia to thank for that.]

Curtis and Cedric’s startled gaze gave Sylphia giggled with embarrassment.

“Oh, the gift was prayed for with your names…” 

[Sylphia shared with us the clean and beautiful things in the human world.]

[I enjoyed it because I could see it through Sylphia’s heart!]

“I’m glad to hear that.” 

Sylphia and the spirit smiling at each other.
Seeing Sylphia gaining the spirits’ trust, the nobles understood that she was indeed the real Saint. 

In the meantime, it seems that their gifts were not in vain.
They were dedicated to Marianne, but had been passed on to the spirits by Sylphia.

[The gift was delivered to us.]

The nobles were relieved to hear that their gifts had reached them, but Valtis and Titia looked at them coldly. 

[So why haven’t you received your own prayer?]

[I can feel it in you too, the miasma that deceives the spirits… Shall I blow it out right here and now?] 


Once again rubbing their foreheads on the ground, the nobles let out an inaudible cry.

“I am so sorry!” 

“From now on I will pray every day!”

“So please bless our lands as well…!” 

Sylphia bowed her head along with the weeping nobles. 

“Valtis-sama, Titia-sama, I beg you too…” 

[Well, I knew Sylphia would say that.]

[If Sylphia goes around the country, we’ll go, too.
The people are innocent]

[We can see many things with Sylphia, can’t we? I’m looking forward to it.] 

The spirit’s joyful voice made both Sylphia and the nobles feel relieved.

(If only Marianne-sama would change her mind…)

The day will come when the miasma will be gone and the spirits will be able to communicate with each other. 

Sylphia took the words spoken to her by the nobles as such.
Spirits who have lived for a long time and encountered various situations do not have much feeling for individual human beings.
That is why Sylphia is special. 

If Marianne’s tyranny continues to live modestly without bothering the spirits, they will soon forget it.

After that, if Marilianne prays properly, the spirits will forgive her.


What about Marianne at that time?

Unfortunately, she had no intention of repenting for what she had done.

Marianne’s mind was soaked in a miasma that the words of others could no longer reach her. 

Marianne tore the few remaining jewels from her dress, borrowed a carriage, and fled the royal city while wandering the forest in fear of the wild animals.

In her heart, her hatred for Sylphia grows. 

(Why… Why Sylphia? Why must I be miserable because of her?!) 

The position of the Saint, the Crown Prince’s fiancée, and the queen’s crown that would have come with it. 

Everything spilled out of Marianne’s hands.

It was Sylphia who was responsible for this. 

(If she had obtained the power of the spirit, she should have told me first! Then I could have used Sylphia’s power as a saint….
Telling Lute-sama was just a trick to make me fall! Yes, because of that woman…)

Sylphia’s worried look comes over her. 

—If Marianne-sama admits her guilt, I’m sure you’ll forgiven… 

—Please, Marianne-sama, trust in the spirits! If you don’t, you will…

She knew what would happen to me.
She pretended to be concerned for my safety, but deep inside she must have been laughing at me!)

The thorns of the overgrown plants and the sharp tips of the leaves scratched her shoeless feet.

Marianne walks around desperately in extreme conditions, unable to sleep, her face contorted in pain, cowering to the howling of the wolves.

It was then that her brain, working frantically to survive, unraveled a certain memory.

A treasured spell that had been passed down in the Honeydale family for generations. 

It is proof of a promise made to the spirits many generations ago that has been passed down through the generations without the royal family ever knowing.

Marianne, who did not believe in spirits and did not go to the temple, had forgotten it until now. 

(Yes, … that’s right.
I deserved  to be a Saint, too!)

Hope welled up in Marianne’s heart. 

As if in response to this feeling, a bright light suddenly shines through.

“This is…”

A remote, simple village spreads out before her. 

The forest had ended and the moonlight was shining on Marianne.

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