Chapter 15: Feast

Sylphia’s first concern upon awakening was for Marianne’s safety, but her whereabouts were unknown. 

Marianne had been playing around among the nobility, so her face was not well known to the commoners like Sylphia’s.

“She took off her luxurious dress and dressed herself in a shabby way, she might not be found.” 

At Lute’s words, Sylphia looked down at the ground with a complicated expression on her face.

“… May Marianne-sama be reconciled with the spirits.”

She couldn’t believe that she was going to be executed, and Marianne didn’t want to believe it either.
It’s too heavy a punishment, even though it’s a self-inflicted rust.

Sylphia thought that if she lived, Marianne would eventually come to understand. 

But Sylphia did not know. 

For a while, Lute withheld information—Marianne’s face is not well known.
The people who had incited Antonio and Marianne to gather at the temple had, of course, seen Marianne’s face.
Earlier, they had heard a speech in the square saying that Sylphia was a false saint.

There are some who saw Marianne’s face.
And they will tell people what happened.
Then more and more people will know Marianne as the false saint.

No one knows if Marianne will get away with it the way Sylphia thinks.

(I don’t have to tell Sylphia that.) 

Lute keeps his mouth shut so as not to hurt her tender soul.


When Sylphia returned to the temple, many people, many flowers and many dishes were waiting for her.


“Sylphia-sama, how are you?”

“I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through…”

“These are the spirits…” 

People gasped when they saw Valtis and Titia floating on Sylphia’s shoulders. 

For them, spirits are a story farther back than their grandparents’ generation.
A hundred years ago, there were Saints who spoke with spirits, but not many people believed in them.

They celebrated their good fortune. 

Lute laughed at the fact that the people brought flowers and food, which was very Sylphia-like.

Children come up to her—children from the orphanage that Sylphia always took care of.

“Sylphia-sama… I baked cookies to make Sylphia-sama feel better.”

[Oh, I’ve had these before! I love them!]

[I like the raisins in them…]

Valtis shouts.
Titia’s expression does not change, but she stares at the cookies. 

The children’s cheeks are tinted with happiness when the spirit praises them. 

“I’m going to go back and make some more!”


The adults breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that the children had opened up.

The spirits don’t seem to mind that we’ve been faithless for a hundred years.

[The spirits won’t be offended if you just forget.]

Titia answers their questions while eating a cookie. 

[Humans, unlike spirits, do not live more than a hundred years.
Sometimes they believe in spirits, and sometimes they don’t.
Some are kind like Sylphia, and some are selfish.The spirits understand that.]

[Titia, are you saying something difficult again?]

[…Even spirits are not that smart.]


[Spirits get angry because people who deceive us or take advantage of us.
They create a miasma that traps us].

[Okay, Okay, that’s enough talking.
The bread and jam are good too…]

Valtis handed Titia a loaf of bread.
Sylphia also helped bring the food and tried to entertain the spirits.

Lute stopped Sylphia.

“… Sylphia…”

“What’s the matter, Lute-sama?”

“I have just received Father’s permission.”

With a nervous look on his face, Lute straightened his back, turned to Sylphia, and took her hand. 

The people’s gazes were on them.

As if pushed by these gazes, Lute said with dignity,.

Will you marry me?”


For Sylphia, this was a bolt from the blue. 

The seriousness of his gaze made her want to run away from him.
But the warmth of their hands touching each other did not allow it—Lute was not holding her hands, just laying them on top of each other, but he was holding on to Sylphia’s heart and would not let go. 

“I’m not saying soon.
I know you want to travel the land with the spirits.
Please allow me to accompany you on your journey.” 


Sylphia could only nod to Lute, who nodded his head graciously.

(I never thought I would marry Lute-sama…) 

She had never thought about it.
It was something she was not supposed to think about.
Lute was always there for Sylphia when she was locked up in the temple.
She loves Lute.
She wanted to be with him all the time.
She wanted to be with Lute forever, but she believed that it would never happen. 

Sylphia kept telling herself that when her role as a decoration was over, she and Lute would be separated. 

A string of warm tears glided down Sylphia’s cheek.
Tears overflowed one after another, forming a path through her reddened cheeks.

Lute did not understand the meaning of the tears that ran down.

“You can reply only after you calm down.
Please take your time to think about it.”

Lute smiles as he wipes the tears that wet Sylphia’s cheeks with his fingertips.
The people who were watching around them were also smiling with happiness.

Lute understood Sylphia’s feelings, and that is why he could understand her confusion. 

Some of the temple visitors had noticed that Sylphia was not well fed and were concerned, although they did not know that Lute, who unlike Antonio had not revealed his identity, was the second prince and some had assumed that he was a bodyguard, For them, too, the courtship was a joyous event.

(This man will take good care of Sylphia-sama.) 

(Good for you, Sylphia-sama…) 

Gentle time, such as one had never imagined, was flowing in the temple.

Surrounded by everyone’s smiles, Sylphia wipes away her tears and smiles even though her cheeks are smeared.

[(It’s just that…)]

In the midst of all this, only Titia, while tasting the jam, looks up at the skylight where the light is shining and talks to herself.

[(I don’t think this Marianne girl will give up just because of this…)]

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