amily? So for a hundred years, Valtis and Titia had not seen a human being. 

Sylphia turns pale and the king clicks his tongue. 

“You are trying to destroy the Honeydale family and restore the Harvests family, because without the saint, the embezzled gold will not come to the royal family, because unlike Marianne, you can get as much money as you want with Sylphia, who has the power of a real spirit…”

“No! For the country! For the prosperity of the country… and by extension for the spirits!”

It was the moment the king said that.

A black mist leaks from his mouth as he speaks. 


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This time Lute could see it too, and a shiver ran down his spine, wondering if that was what had scared Sylphia.

The Honeydales … are to blame.
They were the ones who set up the Harvest family.
The royal family needed money at that time.
We couldn’t let the Honeysdales monopolize it.
… Then we were at their mercy.”

The king is probably unaware of this.
The mist spilled out of his mouth and dripped down every time he insisted that the royal family was not to blame.

Gradually, the black haze filled the room – just as it did earlier when Sylphia and the others entered the room.

[Oh no, we just exorcized him.]

Valtis’ voice made Sylphia turn around. 

Valtis and Titia did not seem surprised and were staring at the king unconcernedly. 

“Valtis-sama, this is…”

[This is a bit of a bummer, a miasma is… Let’s see… Titia, please explain]

[The blessings of the spirits come from believing in them and communicating with them.
But harmful miasma is the opposite.]

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“The opposite…?”

[It is born from a heart that betrays the spirits and neglects them while claiming to be for them.
Because of this, we are cut off from the human world.]

(Don’t tell me that Valtis-sama and Titia-sam were in the dark space when I met them in a dream because…) 

Sylphia shivers. 

Valtis moves in front of the king and raises his arms. 

A gust of wind blew the king’s body to the side.
The king’s head hits the wall and he screams “Goho!!!” and his eyes turn white.
The black mist had dissipated.

But unless the king changes his mind and speaks the right words, the black fog will continue to grow. 

[The attitude of being conceited and belittling those who should be grateful also undermines others.
The miasma that has spilled over is also undermining the country.
No one wants to be in a place where they feel bad.
That goes for plants and animals, too].

Valtis shrugged at the king who fainted.

[He has a lot of miasma in his heart.
If he doesn’t change his mind, he won’t be around much longer].

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