ue-haired girl appeared.
Both of them could be described as children in appearance, but they are only as tall as you can hold them in your hands.
Moreover, they were floating in the air. 

They were clearly not human. 

“Valtis-sama, Titia-sama…!!!” 


[You’ve finally did it.]


Valtis sees Sylphia and immediately jumps into the air and into her arms.
Sylphia breathes a sigh of relief as she stretches out her hand to catch him. 

Before long, the black haze that had surrounded them is gone, blown away when Valtis and Titia appear. 

[Thanks to Sylphia, more people are praying for us]

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[It’s been a while since the last time I had a shabba? air]

[Valtis, watch your language.]

The same boisterous Valtis and calm Titia that she had met before.
Sylphia smiles as she hears their voices once again.


Titia folded her arms and looked around.
Lute and the king’s eyes are on them.

They can finally see the spirits.

[Not a very pleasant situation, I see.]

“No way… Is it really a spirit?”

[That’s right.
Sylphia is the Saint we acknowledge.]

[Sylphia makes our power stronger.
We can also bring blessings to this land.]

“…Saint…Not Marianne?”

The king muttered in dismay, and Valtis and Titia both tilted their heads.

[Who is that?]

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[I don’t know.] 


At the words of the spirits, the king nodded his head. 

He realized that no matter how hard he tried, Marianne could never become Saint.
Sylphia used the power of the spirits to make the roses grow and, according to Lute’s report, revive the dying fields. 

The hearts of the people are sure to turn to Sylphia.
And if they were to turn against Sylphia, the royal family would lose the support of the people.
The king’s prediction was correct.
However, the king still underestimated Sylphia. 

The story of the rose had already spread among the residents of the Royal Capital, and Sylphia had followers among the merchants, and the story of Sylphia’s saving of the fields was gradually passed on by the villagers to the neighboring countryside.

The “miracle of the saints” spread so quickly thanks to the work of Sylphia, who was present every day with the worshipers in the temple and prayed for them herself.

The king rose from his chair and went over to Sylphia.

He takes Sylphia’s hand and kneels down.


“Your Majesty, what are you…!”

“Sylphia, please—”

The king, his aged face wrinkled, let out a groans of anguish. 

“Marry Antonio.”

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