Chapter 1: Decorative Saint

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“Marianne-sama, please accept this bouquet.
Although it is nothing compared to your beauty…”

The girl in Saint’s white robe smiled vaguely at the bouquet of crimson roses offered to her.

“Well, I am not Marianne-sama, my name is Sylphia…”

Immediately the knight’s gaze, which had been watching Sylphia with rapt attention, turns cold.

“Huh? You are not Marianne-sama?”

“I’m sorry, I’m the substitute for Marianne-sama.”

“What, no wonder you’re such a shabby girl.
Give this to Marianne-sama.
I’m Curtis from the Order.
Tell her I’ll be back.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Without looking at Sylphia’s bowed head, the knight who introduced himself as Curtis walked away.

There was no time to be hurt by his rude words.
This was an everyday occurrence, and Sylphia was used to it.

She took the bouquet of flowers that Curtis had brought and went to the altar in the center of the temple.

The altar is filled with other gifts for Marianne, such as jewelry, dresses, hair ornaments, perfumes, etc.

Since Marianne became a saint, the weather has been mild and the nobles have been blessed by the spirits, which has enriched their pockets.

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On either side of the altar, red and blue patterns were painted.

This is a temple, and Marianne is the Saint who presides over this temple.
However, Marianne is rarely seen in the temple.

Sylphia held a bouquet of roses in her hands, walked to the red-patterned wall, and bowed.
She then walked to the blue-patterned wall and bowed as well.

Returning to the center, he placed a bouquet of roses on the altar and knelt with folded hands.

“To Valtis-sama, the spirit of the earth, and Titia-sama, the spirit of the sky, I respectfully offer this bouquet.
Look at the color of the bright red roses.
And the fragrance.
We give thanks to the sky that sends down rain of blessings to the earth where plants take root.”

Sylphia utters a poor prayer.

In truth, there should have been a more dignified and ancient prayer.
But Sylphia, not the saint, knows nothing of it.

Sylphia Harvest was a decorative Saint.

While Marianne, the actual saint, was not in the temple, it would not be good if no one was there, so she was stationed there in her saintly garb to receive gifts and so on.

And the reason why Marianne is away from the temple is—

“Sylphia! Let me see what you have for me today!”

A figure appeared at the entrance of the temple and called Sylphia in a sharp, piercing voice.

“Y-Yes, Marianne-sama.”

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Sylphia rushes to greet her.
Marianne, the true master of the temple, strode up to the altar and took a glance at the offerings.

Marianne walked up to the altar and glanced at the offerings.

“Well, there are some nice things here today.”

She selected some jewelry and a dress and gave them to the lady-in-waiting who was accompanying her.

“The roses are nice, but I don’t need that many.”

“This is from Curtis-sama of the Order.
He said he’ll be back.”

That’s a new name.
I wonder what he’ll buy me.
I’m looking forward to it, fufufu.”


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