She Dies if You Love Her

Releasing the curse

s more interested in dancing with Mariette.

No. Wait a minute…

”My Goodness! What was I thinking just now?! ” Elroy cursed to himself.

Dancing with a woman… And that woman is practically his own neighbor.

Elroy really couldn imagine it.


”Youve come at the right time, ” said Ferdinand when Elroy returned from the market. ”But… first, may I know why your face is like that? ”

”Like that ” Ferdinand meant that Elroys face was red and messy. Imagining himself dancing with Mariette, Elroy rubbed his face hoping the image would disappear. He also couldn focus on the road, so he hit something in front of him several times.

In short, Elroys face was battered now.

”Don mind me, ” said Elroy. ”Just tell me what happened. ”

Ferdinand waved a letter in front of his face with a grin on his lips. Elroy knew why: the letter was stamped by the Palace.

Elroy read it carefully. It has his name and Ferdinands name on it, as well as all their achievements. This was followed by a request that Elroy and Ferdinand be willing to become temporary tutors for His Royal Highness Prince Louie. If their work is deemed good, it is not impossible they will get a promotion.

It took time for Elroy to understand it.

He was asked to come to be the Princes tutor!

”Isn this a great opportunity? ” said Ferdinand. ”Get out and see the world, buddy. With your skills and family name, you should be Prince Louies personal knight! ”

”Yeah… ” Elroy muttered under his breath.

But his thoughts were not at all in line with Ferdinands.

If he was invited by the Palace, he could go to its library and learn about Mariettes curse!

More than that, Elroy could meet Mariette more often on this occasion.

”Is this what they called fate? ”

”No, this is called parental prayer. You don know how the Marquess and Lady Gauthier pestered me about you seem to have no ambition in life, ” said Ferdinand.

Elroy laughed. ”They like that to you? Whoa, sorry, buddy. ”

”You dare to laugh?! Even though I had enough to hear my parents babble. Why do I have to listen to your parents babbling too?! ”

”Because you
e my best friend. ” Elroy grinned broadly. ”Thats enough. Lets start making notes and delegating tasks. Well leave and never know when well be back, right? ”

”Yes, yes. Ready, chief. ”

The beginning of this year will be a busy one. It is possible that even as the Princes tutor, Elroy will also be busy. But, well, he would definitely find time to infiltrate the library and look up a lot of information there, right?

After all, the Palace was the residence of the late Queen. Besides the books information, Elroy could find information from something else. That way, the possibility of releasing the curse on Mariette will be even more significant, right?

Haha, I sound too meddlesome, thought Elroy with a faint smile. He looked out one of the windows in his room.

Elroy couldn let someone never smile in their life.

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