Birthmark (1)

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The boy’s warm breath was right next to Qin Yuan’s ear.
His voice was soft, but for Qin Yuan, it was like thunder exploded in his ear.

Ruan Qingmu didn’t miss his shocked expression in that split second.

Ruan Qingmu’s face had turned red because of being pressed against, but the corner of his mouth slightly pointed up.
He looked proud with a slight trace of ridicule.

As expected.

But in this lifetime, inside this city of steel jungle, how could a snake bite someone?

Qin Yuan’s breathing became a little heavier.
He stared at this strange youth he met for the first time and retorted with a husky voice, “This is a birthmark.”

Hehe, a birthmark.

Ruan Qingmu didn’t respond anymore.
He uncomfortably gasped for a breath, lifted both hands, and surrendered.

Qin Yuan finally slowly released his grip.

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He didn’t look at Ruan Qingmu anymore, turned around, and walked toward the staircase.
“Fu Songhua, follow me to move the teaching materials.”

Fu Songhua gave an affirmation and quickly led a few boys to follow him.
He gave Ruan Qingmu a fierce stare when passing by him.

A few boys walked toward the teaching block.
Fu Songhua was still prattling, “How strange, where did that cripple get such big guts?”

The classmate beside him vigorously nodded.
“Most likely a mental case.”

Qin Yuan, who immersed himself in the front, suddenly asked, “Did we have a disabled student in our grade?”

The student beside him, who was engrossed in looking at his phone, immediately shook his head.
“No, it’s not that.
I looked for their class’s Student Bai to ask.
He was an average person.
He got into a traffic accident at the end of the last semester’s term.
He was hit by a car, so he became like this now.”

Qin Yuan reduced the pace of his steps.

He turned his head and looked at the speaking classmate.
“Will he get better?”

That classmate was a little at a loss.
How would he know if he would get better or not?

He didn’t sound confident, “I think so? I heard that the cast had just been removed, so he still needs to recuperate using the crutches.”

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 Fu Songhua glanced at Qin Yuan and thought: Strange, why is there an expression of relief on Boss’s face?

He must have felt the same as him.
He wouldn’t bother with a disabled student.
If he was better and still dared to come to provoke, then he’ll let his fists fly freely!

When Ruan Qingmu returned to the classroom, he was greeted by numerous complicated gazes.

The expressions on a few girls in the front row were peculiar.
Class monitor Tang Tiantian’s lovely cherry mouth formed an “O” shape.
The notorious Student Bai Jing looked like a sunflower; his head followed him from the moment he entered the classroom.

Ruan Qingmu propped himself using the crutches and unhurriedly walked to the last row seat.

Bai Jing finally couldn’t bear it anymore.
He turned around and shouted at Ruan Qingmu.
“Hey, Student Ruan.
Big Brother Qin is capable of fighting; you weren’t beaten to death just now?”

At this moment, there was a clamor coming from the classroom’s back door.
A few boys wearing sports vests drenched in sweat walked in.

The leading boy was burly, with densely packed acne covering his forehead and chin.

He walked to Bai Jing’s side and crudely sneered.
“Qin Yuan can fight? Even if his grades are good, who knows how many people can oppress him if we’re talking about fighting.”

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He fiercely pressed on Bai Jing’s head in passing.
“You must be stupid.
What kind of person Qin Yuan is? Do you need to boast about him here?”

Bai Jing didn’t dare to oppose.
He shrank his neck and didn’t utter a word.

Liu Jun was the class bully.
Even in the whole grade, he could rank in the top three of the ruthless character.
He liked to lead a group to create chaos.
He also tended to bully classmates, not to mention skipping class and arriving late.

The most bothersome thing was, in the first year when the school had just started, class teacher Old Jian saw that his physique was good.
Under those circumstances, he was appointed as the sports representative.
After a year, nobody in the class dared to provoke him.

Liu Jun pompously walked toward the back of the classroom and saw the crutches placed on the walkway.

He raised a foot and kicked the crutches.
One of them fell to the ground, while the other soared in the air and smashed the back of the boy sitting in front of Ruan Qingmu.
The boy let out a shout of pain.

The boy being smashed was delicate and pretty, and he wore big black-rimmed glasses.
Once he turned around, he met Liu Jin’s arrogant face.
He slightly trembled for a while and didn’t dare to utter a word.

He grabbed the crutches and shyly handed them to Ruan Qingmu,.“Here….”

Liu Jun wasn’t content.
He grabbed a book, split it into two, and smashed it against the boy’s head.
“Hey, do you have such guts?”

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Ruan Qingmu’s gaze had fallen onto Liu Jun from the moment he stepped through the door.

His gaze became colder as he watched him approach, mock Qin Yuan, kick his crutches, and smash the head of the student in front.

“What are you looking at? Do you want to die?” Liu Jun narrowed his eyes and looked at him with disgust.

Ruan Qingmu slowly stretched out his hand, picked up his crutches, and sat up straight.

The youth had a thin figure and had initially been leaning on his desk lazily.
Once he straightened his back, a kind of rapidly increasing indifference and strength were exuded from him.

“I see this fool is looking for death.” He loosened his fair-white wrist.
The long sleeves of his shirt covered his wrist bone that made a few snapping sounds.
The sound was clear, and everyone inside the classroom could hear it.

Everyone inhaled a cold breath.
Bai Jing tilted his head in alarm.
What kind of situation was this?

After provoking Class 1, he was magnanimously let off.
Was he now going to provoke the class bully?

Liu Jun had clearly been stunned.

He blankly looked at Ruan Qingmu.
Was this the Ruan Qingmu who was beaten by him in the toilet and could not utter anything?

He had given this person a lesson at the end of last semester.
He heard that this person was hit by a car on the way home.
Had he been knocked stupid?

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