“Go, let’s fight that bitch.
No need to disrupt Boss solving questions.
He shouldn’t be infected by this kind of worldly smoke and fire!”

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After he finished talking, he aggressively made the “40 meters broadsword5” expression among the big group of students.
“Come on, come on, I only want to see the appearance of this stinky mouthed little bitch.”

Ruan Qingmu looked at his phone screen and then unhurriedly sent out: “Not going.”

Fu Songhua replied in a second: “Aiyo, is the little bitch terrified? Don’t be afraid; I won’t beat anyone below 175 cm.”

Ruan Qingmu wanly replied a sentence: “I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop myself from beating you.”

The onlookers from Class 9, “…”

How to describe the feeling of a bitch who dared to provoke the sports representative from Class 1?

Class 9’s science representative and a few boys walked in at the classroom’s doorway while holding the new teaching materials.
One boy shouted out to the back seats.
“Ruan Qingmu, Old6 Jian called you to the administrative office.”

Old Jian was the teacher in charge of their class.

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Ruan Qingmu was stunned.
He grabbed the crutches beside the desk and walked out slowly under everyone’s gazes.

Even if his leg didn’t hurt anymore, the doctor had repeatedly warned him to pay attention to the recovery after the cast’s removal.
He couldn’t exert the wounded leg, so he could only put up like this for the time being.

After entering the administrative office, he knocked on Old Jian’s office door.

Inside, the office was noisy.
Some people came to take the teaching materials, deliver homework, and listen to the teacher’s explanation; people came and went.

The class teacher, Old Jian, was a middle-aged fatty with a benevolent look.
Even if others were annoying or disobeying him, he would only heave a heavy sigh.

The sight of Ruan Qingmu’s strenuous efforts to walk in with the crutches scared him.

“It’s this serious, ah, didn’t they say it was healed already? Can you go to school like this?”

Ruan Qingmu drew back the corner of his mouth.
“It’s alright.
This is only a protective measure.
The doctor said that the crutches could be dispensed with after some time.”

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Old Jian breathed out a sigh of relief.
“Then that’s good.
I asked you to come here to ask you; you have to live at the school starting this semester, right?”

There were still many first-year students who lived outside, but the second-year students were advised to live at school so that the school could supervise their studies.
This Ruan Qingmu hadn’t handed in a dormitory’s application form, so Old Jian wanted to persuade him.

He didn’t expect Ruan Qingmu to agree to it so frankly this time.
“En, live at the school.”

Besides other things, it wasn’t convenient to commute home every day with this leg.

Old Jian was very happy, and he repeatedly said, “That’s good, that’s good.
I’ll immediately apply for you, then inform the dormitory officer to allocate you on the first floor so as not to inconvenience you with going up and down.”

“Oh, then thank you, teacher.”

Old Jian looked at him and wanted to say something but couldn’t help hesitating.
“There’s one more matter; you can directly tell me – is there someone bullying you in the class?”

Ruan Qingmu raised his eyes and looked at Old Jian, and suddenly smiled.
“It’s alright, teacher.
I can fix it myself.”

Old Jian was stunned.

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This kid used to lower his head and avoid eye contact, but now he raised his head indifferently, revealing his sharp brows and eyes.
It was unexpected and highly unfamiliar.

That smile looked relatively harmless.
He didn’t know why but it was as if there were starlight immersed deep inside his pair of pitch-black pupils, and there was kind of a strange indifference.

“You don’t need to be afraid.
Tell me if you have any problems.
I’ll protect you.
I heard that Liu Jun and the others…”

The boy interrupted him.
“Okay, teacher.
I’ll look for you when it’s needed.”

Old Jian looked at him in doubt.
He realized that something didn’t feel right.

Obviously, he had said such well-behaved words, but his expression looked as if he said, “Don’t bother with what you can’t control anymore.”

Ruan Qingmu waved his hand.
“I’m going to leave if there’s nothing else.
Goodbye, teacher.”

Just as he said this, the Honors Class’ class teacher at the side turned around.
“Student, when you pass by our class on your way back, please take a moment to help me deliver a message to the class monitor Qin Yuan.
Tell him to take along a few boys here to move the teaching materials.”

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Inside the classroom of Class 1, every student was burying their heads in their books and solving questions.
They planned to greet the school opening’s mock exams tomorrow.
The tense inside their classroom was very different from Class 9.

Among the silence, a clear and bright voice sounded out from the side of the window.
“Which one of you is Qin Yuan? Take along a few boys to come out.”

Everyone’s gazes uniformly looked toward the window.

An indifferent-looking youth leaned against the window with both hands inside the pocket.
His pair of peach blossom eyes squinted, and the cold gaze circled the group of students.

Fu Songhua was stunned and casually inquired, “Who are you?”

“Oh.” The boy arrogantly lifted the messy hair in front of his forehead.
“I’m Ruan Qingmu.”


After a few seconds, an earth-shattering message was sent inside the big span-classes group and shocked the entire second-year students.

“That Ruan Qingmu from Class 9 has taken the challenge! He came alone, didn’t even bother with Fu Songhua, and pointedly told Qin Yuan to take along a few people!!!”

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