Door-to-door Provocation (1)

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“Originally, Qin Yuan just looked handsome and had excellent grades, that’s all.
Furthermore, his temperament was disagreeable and cold.
When he just entered school, the people in their class had generally worshiped him a little, but many of the boys weren’t convinced yet.
In the end, do you guys know –”

Bai Jing paused and looked around suggestively.

Some people prompted him to hurry.
“Oh, oh, how?”

Bai Jing then continued, “As a result, after a karaoke session at the end of the first semester, Boss Qin had completely subdued everyone in their class.
Guess why?”

Everyone continued to spur him on.
“Oh, oh, why? Don’t tell me that he not only dominates his studies, but also dominates the mic?”

“He must have sung 1!”

Bai Jing rolled his eyes.
“Get lost.
From the exact information I’ve heard, their class went to karaoke after dinner that night.
Boss Qin wasn’t interested and left in advance.
In the end, the two class-flowers2 from their class – Liu Lianyi and Lu Hanhan – had been blocked in the bathroom by the little bastard from the private room next door.

“Crap!” Someone cried out, “Lu Hanhan, my Goddess3!”

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She deserved to rank in first place on the beauty queen  poll on the school’s website forum, ah.

“And then? And then?”

Bai Jing said in a low voice, “There were seven or eight men on the scene.
Not to look down upon Class 1, but every one of them is  a well-behaved baby excelling in morals and studies.”

“They were all terrified?”

“That’s not it.
All of them stood up to protect the girls.” Bai Jing lamented, “But even before arguing a few sentences, they had been oppressed by those bastards.”

“Tck, oppressed how?”

“It was reported that their class representatives were beaten into crying.
Every boy saw blood.”

“Fuck, it was that miserable? How about their sports representative Fu Songhua?”

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Bai Jing sighed.
“Fu Songhua was really unhesitant.
He directly went up and beat two lewd men into the ground.
But no matter how much he could fight, there were several gangsters on that side.”

One girl in the front anxiously asked, “So, what did they do ah?”

“What else could they do? As the proverb says, ” Bai Jing came up with a bitter look.
“It is said that when Qin Yuan hurried over, several gangsters were pinning Fu Songhua down.
They were right in the middle of trampling on his feet and forcing him to kneel!”

The crowd listening to the gossip simultaneously let out strings of “Fuck”.

“The main point, main point! Didn’t Qin Yuan leave already?”

“They had just separated after dinner.
Some girls had somehow had the idea to call him.
In any case, Qin Yuan had hurriedly came over.”

Bai Jing radiated delight as if he had seen it with his own eyes.
“After Boss Qin arrived, with a cold face and without asking anything, his two legs directly went up and kicked two of those lewd men pinning Fu Songhua.
They flew a few meters away!”

“Fuck, isn’t that too exaggerated? Is it real or not?”

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“Of course it’s real.” Bai Jing raised his head.
“The girls from their class said after Qin Yuan saved Fu Songhua, he pushed all the girls inside the private box, locked them in from outside, and told them not to come out.
And then, he tore down the mic’s metal stand and went out.”

“Ohhh, and then?”

“– And then, they heard the crashing and banging sounds outside, the miserable shrieks shoo the heaven! The moment they opened the door, that group of gangsters had already run away.
Qin Yuan’s body was covered in blood, and he stood there.
Fuck, his face was full of killing intent, and he coldly said a sentence, ‘whoever stands in my way will die’.”


The noisy classroom became quiet for a while.
Everyone suddenly burst out in laughter.

A girl in the front started to talk.
“Don’t buy it.
This is true, but there isn’t that retarded line at the end, ah.”

“That’s right; you must’ve read too much of the novel , haha!” The boys jeered.

Bai Jing anxiously said, “Alright, alright.
I fabricated the last line, but Boss Qin can really fight ah!”

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His saliva flew everywhere.
“I didn’t lie to you guys.
The boys from their class personally said it.
As soon as Boss Qin came up, he picked the fiercest one among the opposite side.
Then, he smashed a beer bottle and pressed the broken fragment against that man’s neck.
They were scared away by that look.”

It was astonishingly quiet inside the classroom.
Then who knew who suddenly hissed like they had a toothache and took a breath of cold air.
“Fuck, my whole family’s stunned.”

 They only knew Boss Qin from Class 1 was the high school’s top student under ordinary circumstances.
On monthly and final exams, there was at least 50 points difference between his overall scores and the second place every time.
He had gotten every award from provincial competitions, and was known as a “Top star with both qualities” – One was the quality of being handsome and the other was the quality of his grades.
What kind of situation was this?

Had force value also become one of his qualities?

Something seemed wrong with this image, ah!


1  A real song <征服> sung by 那英 (Na Ying)
2  Prettiest girls in the class
3  Women who are admired, crushed, or even infatuated by men

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