Birthmark (2)

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He bent his waist in astonishment and extended his hand to pat Ruan Qingmu’s face.
“Didn’t you only become lame? How did your brain also become short-circuited?”

The boy who was sitting suddenly moved.

Everyone felt they couldn’t clearly see.
They only saw a blue silhouette flashed by, and the palm of Liu Jun’s hand didn’t even touch him.
The crutches in Ruan Qingmu’s hand were thrown away.

He slammed them fiercely on Liu Jun’s feet.

Liu Jun was utterly unprepared.
He stumbled twice and fell on two rows of seats with the arriving pain.

Ruan Qingmu didn’t have any hesitation.
He stuck one crutch in the desk’s horizontal bar.

The other end of the crutch was placed against Liu Jun’s neck with another effort.

He looked down, extended his good leg, and stepped on the crutch, pressing it down.

Liu Jun’s neck immediately burst with blue veins, and his face was choked red.

The boy lowered his head with a cold expression and looked at his pig-liver-like complexion with satisfaction.  “Remember this in the future.
Don’t hit somebody in front of me.
If not, I’ll hit you every time I see it.”

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The youth looked delicate but sharp amidst Liu Jun’s frantic struggle and heavy panting.
He lifted the hand that was hidden in the shadow.

But as his hand went near that greasy face full of white-head acne, he paused and withdrew it in disgust.

He picked a dirty book in passing and heavily slapped it against Liu Jun’s face.

“Bang!” A crisp sound was produced as the book slapped against his face.

 “Oh, there’s another thing.” His voice was calm and serene with the undertone of wickedness.
“I don’t like to hear people scold Qin Yuan, do you understand?”

The whole class exploded like a bursting pot.

Some stretched their neck to look or stood up and gathered there; it was a chaotic and messy scene.

Class monitor Tang Tiantian hastily squeezed in the crowd.
Her mouth shouted, “Don’t fight ah.
Calm down, everyone….”

Nobody calmed down.

Liu Jun exerted all his strength to lift the crutches around his neck like a madman.
His mouth scolded, “You, surnamed Ruan, fuck your uncle!”

Ruan Qingmu smiled, bent down, and slammed a fist on his stomach.
“I don’t have an uncle.”

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The few underlings behind Liu Jun finally came to their senses.
Some reached out to pull Ruan Qingmu’s shoulder, some used dirty boxing to punch his back, and some grabbed his legs.

Ruan Qingmu casually grabbed the other crutch and flung it to the back.
A boy’s fist knocked against the steel crutch.
He wildly swung his hand in pain.
“Ahhh! You fucking hit me!”

Tang Tiantian squeezed in for a while and finally managed to squeeze through.
She was extremely anxious as she saw a few boys surrounding Ruan Qingmu.
“Don’t fight anymore, don’t bully others!”

As she lifted her eyes, she could see from the window that the class teacher was walking down the corridor toward the classroom.
She hurriedly shouted, “The class teacher is coming!”

Ruan Qingmu stopped moving, and he glanced outside the window from the corner of his eyes.

Liu Jun, who was currently pressed on the ground, swore that he saw a flash of malicious intent on Ruan Qingmu’s face at that moment.

Suddenly, Ruan Qingmu jumped away from his body and retreated to the corner.

He tightly gripped his crutches and crouched on the ground.
He used his hands to protect his head while randomly waving his hand.
His mouth shouted, “Don’t hit me, don’t hit me anymore…I beg you guys!”

A few boys were stunned, and Liu Jun was the first one who broke free from the confusion.
He didn’t overthink, wildly jumped up, and lifted his foot.
“Crippled, why are you pretending!”

Ruan Qingmu’s crutches knocked against his ankle as soon as he lifted his foot.

Without waiting for Liu Jun to shout out in pain, he shouted again, “Don’t hit anymore, my leg! My leg is going to break….”

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His mouth shouted randomly while his hand unexpectedly struck the crutch at another boy’s feet.

The space between the seats was initially small.
He immediately fell in a dog-shit-eating position.
His nose bumped against the desk, and blood dripped down from it.

“What the hell, Ruan Qingmu?! You’re crazy!”

Liu Jun’s leg, foot, and neck were all in pain.
He was so angry that he was about to go crazy.
He violently punched toward Ruan Qingmu’s head.
“You fucking….”

Amid the chaos, a thunderous shout came from the door, “What is going on?”

The class teacher Old Jian hastily separated the group of boys.
He glanced at Ruan Qingmu, who was currently sitting on the floor, then looked at Liu Jun and the others.
His face instantly went black.

“Liu Jun, you created trouble again!” He was furious.
“You hit people on the first day of the new term.
The one you hit was even an ill classmate.
I see that you won’t be good anymore!”

Liu Jun and several people were frozen in shock.

The boy with blood dripping down his nose pulled a long face.
“Teacher, he was the one who hit us….”

Liu Jun’s face flushed.
“Right, we’re the ones being hit.”

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His whole body was in pain!

The class teacher Old Jian glared at them as if looking at a bunch of retarded.“Tell me, you as the sports representative, and the several of you from the basketball team –”

He then pointed at Ruan Qingmu shrinking on the ground.
“He could beat several of you alone?”

The one with the bleeding nose wiped his face.
Teacher, if you don’t believe it, you can look at this!”

Old Jian bellowed in rage, “Get lost!”

He bent his waist and supported Ruan Qingmu up.
“Are you hurt anywhere?”

Ruan Qingmu blinked, stood up with the help of his hand, and weakly sat at the chair.
“No, I’m alright.
Teacher, they didn’t hit me… I was merely not being careful.”

Old Jian sighed in his heart.
He turned around and yelled at Liu Jun, “Come to my office later!”

The classroom finally went back to normal.
Old Jian stood at the podium, and the students went back to their seats one by one.

Ruan Qingmu lazily shifted back his chair.
His fair-white fingers lightly tapped on the desk.

He looked at the thoroughly red Liu Jun, raised the corner of his mouth, and whispered, “I have a hundred ways to deal with you.
You better be a little careful.”

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