Chapter 6 

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Yeon-hee couldn’t even confess.


‘Blood of an impure beast was running through your child’s blood.’


Yeonhee licked her lips.
The man’s eyes gleamed as he looked at her without even making an excuse.


“I told you not to do that, but today I will correct that habit without using any words.”

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Suddenly, the lips of the man who overlapped her lips were like a ball of fire.
He stood up and bit Yeon-hee’s blood-soaked lip.


Not the lips.”


When Yeon-hee, who had hurriedly fallen from the man’s antiques, reached out and tried to cover her lips, but the man bound her hands with one hand.
His tongue licked all the blood running down Yeon-hee’s lips, then tapped her tightly closed lips.


“Open it up.”

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Seeing Yeon-hee groaning but never opening her mouth, the man grabbed the jacket’s chest with one hand.
The man’s hand crept into her clothes .


“Did you miss my touch?”


As Yeon-hee flew with her mouth shut, the man gently pulled and rubbed her  nipples with his index and thumb.
Yeon-hee’s body trembled at the touch of his hand, and her waist twisted.

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“It would have been better to believe this side of you  than your three-toothed tongue spouting  lies.”


As soon as he removed her clothes, the perky and round breasts with red nipples were revealed .
He lowered his head and brought his mouth over the red nipple and sucked her chest vigorously like a child .


It had just started, but Yeon-hee already couldn’t resist the pleasure intoxicating her and started moaning.


“No, no, it will.

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“No, it’s more ”


Suddenly, the man raised his head and dug between her open lips.
Surprised, Yeon-hee struggled to remove the man’s head with both hands.


“Absolutely not!”


She kicked the man’s knee with her foot and tried to block it violently, but the man’s tongue was shrill and he coveted Yeon-hee’s wet flesh even more fiercely.

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