Chapter 4

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Still, he was in a dangerous situation.
Yeon-hee trembled and stretched out her hand.


“Give him back.
My child…”


“Take care of him.”


After losing her son to a wolf with sharp fangs, Yeon-hee forgot her fear and desperately cung to Hyun.

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“Please return Junsu.”


“Mom, I’m fine.”


Even while being caught in the wolf’s jaws, the child remained calm as usual.


It broke her heart as she thought that Junsu was doing it on purpose because he was afraid she would be worried.


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“It’s okay, it does not hurt ”


Yeon-hee reached out to pick up her son, but Iri walked outside the house, still holding Junsu.


“Please leave my son behind!”


A strong hand wrapped around her waist while she was still trembling in shock.


“What will happen if you don’t listen to me now?”

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“You coward…!”


“It is said that the fangs of wolves are very sharp.”


Yeon-hee was at a loss for words at the frivolous deeds of the man she once valued more than her life.
But the most important thing now was the well-being of her son.


“Tell me what you want.”

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“Didn’t you know better?”


The man blew hot breath into her ear.
Then he immediately grabbed Yeon-hee’s wrist and dragged her to the room.


Yeon-hee, unable to take her eyes off the disappearance of the beast carrying her son, was dazed and didn’t notice that she was thrown into the room .


You left me and is this the life you sought after?”


The house was shabby with only a kitchen and one one small room.
The room was so small that there was not enough room for a person to lie down, and not even a single household item was intact.
The man faced the woman, who was staring at the floor with unfocused eyes, in front of him, wanting to say something but halted due to Yeon-hee’s disheveled appearance.

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