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“If you hurt my mother, I won’t standstill.


“I will!”


“Junsu, come here.”


As soon as Yeon-hee got out of the man’s grasp, she swiftly clutched her son’s waist.
However,  the man suddenly reached out and grabbed the child’s front, and lifted him up.


“What’s this?”

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A shrill voice came from the man’s mouth.


“Get me down!” love you too in korean


Despite struggling with short limbs, the child didn’t avoid Lee Hyun’s red eyes 


Lee-Hyu’s bright eyes stared into the child’s, while Yeon-hee rushed towards them.


“Give me my son.”

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Hyun’s eyes trembled as he heard an unfamiliar word.
He promptly threw the child back to Yeon-hee’s arms


Seeing this, Yeon-hee screamed while covering her eyes with her hands.




Junsu , fortunately, was not hurt because Iri was able to run and to grab him back before he fell cold to the ground.

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