iled brightly.


“Then ,will you allow me to be with you for those three days?”


“Hyun, why do you want me like this?”

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“I resented you every day for the past five years.
There are only three days left, can’t it be?”


Hyun couldn’t hide my red eyes from desire


The man approached and covered Yeon-hee’s lips again.
When their lips met, Yeon-hee’s instincts twitched, and the blood of the nine-tailed fox that had been sealed was seeping.  Thin saliva flowed around the mouths of the two people with their tongues entangled.
Yeon-hee put her hands around the man’s neck and inhaled his breath.

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Yeon-hee, who suddenly found her reasons agin, struggled to open her lips, and the man’s hand grabbed her waist.


“Don’t hold back, drink it all.”

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