Chapter 10

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“Please be gentle….”


Yeon-hee, who could not even open her eyes properly, was probably caught by the ark.
As she fumbled and grabbed it with her arms, the man’s genitals slapped up the insides even more violently.


“Haha… I resent you.”


The man with his chest pressed against her back whispered in her ear as if pouring a curse on her.
Tears welled up in his low voice, but Yeon-hee couldn’t tell if he was happy or sad.

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‘How did it get so wrong?’


Yeonhee couldn’t cry out loud because it seemed like it was all her fault that the man had changed so much and made him sick.


“I will not forgive you.”


At her sobbing, Hyun opened his mouth harshly, pressing Yeon-hee with more force.

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“I will never forgive you.”


The man squeezed her breasts with both hands fiercely and continued shoveling.
Feeling Yeon-hee’s legs trembling with excessive pleasure, he laid her down on the floor.


In Yeon-hee’s eyes, the longing man’s face was there despite his harsh actions.
She let out a gasp, swallowing the words she wanted to say.


“Aww, aaaah! Master.”


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“Are you a scholar again?”


Yeon-hee took a deep breath, barely opening her hazy eyes.
There was no way to know what the man was thinking.


‘I don’t like being called a scholar, I don’t like my name.’


There was a man’s body full of wounds in front of her .


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What  Yeon-hee did was all for the man.  But everything went awry, and now she had to be honest.
Barely moving her mouth, she finally said the truth that had caused all this chaos .


“I am not a human.
I am a fox.”




A flash of light appeared in the man’s eyes.


“If a man kissed me, he would die in a few days.”

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