I woke up extra early. I was too excited about my power that I even dreamt about saving the world. Quickly getting out of my bed, I changed into a black shirt, blue zip-up sweater, and black sports shorts. I ran to the living room, where my mom was making breakfast, and told her I was going to go for a bike.

I took the bike lock and house keys from the counter and shoved them into my pocket. I sprinted outside and made my way to my bike. Unlocking it, I got on and rode it to the park. On the way, I thought about how my power worked, how I could use it, and if I had any other powers. Which is why I went to a park. I wanted to see if I had powers like super strength, speed, or flight.

Once I got to the park, I got off and looked around. It was seven in the morning. On a Sunday. I was pretty confident there wouldn be anyone here. The nearest tree was a couple of meters away, so I carefully walked there and controlled my breathing. My heart was beating so fast that it could fly out of my chest at any moment. Once I got to the tree, I pulled my hand back and scream ”SUPER STRENGTH ” in my heart.

Striking the tree left me laying on the floor, rolling around in pain. ”Super strength is off the list, ” I groaned out. I took a couple of minutes to recover. When the pain was finally gone, I stood up and took a deep breath. My hand was still aching.

”Won ever do that again, ” I said in a dejected tone.

The next thing on the list was super speed. I got into position and did my best to run as fast as I could. Unfortunately, I scratched that off the list as well. The next thing I tried was flight.

I got my nerves in check and bent my knees. The nervousness left me as soon as I jumped. It was a bust. I didn have flight. Annoyed, I tried other things. Fire blasts, energy blasts, etc. All the powers Ive ever heard about and seen, I tried.

Luckily, no one saw me embarrass myself, I told myself with a sigh.

I spoke too soon. When I turned around, I saw a lady sitting down with a stroller in hand, smiling in my direction.

My heart couldn take it.

The next thing I had on my list was hypnosis. I knew I had used it yesterday, but I still wanted to check if I had it or if it was my exhaustion taking control. To test this out, I walked to the lady.

”Good morning, ” I greeted her.

She looked confused, but she quickly put a smile on her face and greeted me back.

”Good morning. What can I help you with? ”

I looked at her and said, ”Go to sleep. ”

She looked at me weirdly and asked ”Are you ok? ”

I immediately froze. This was too embarrassing. Then I remembered how people who hypnotize people in those movies always spoke to them and got them to think it hypnotized them. Not talking for a couple of seconds confused the woman, and she was just about to leave when I spoke.

”You look tired. You should sleep, ” I suggested while looking into her eyes.

Her eyes glowed with an unnoticeable purple hue before she sat back down and fell asleep. It overjoyed me when this happened. This showed me I really had powers. It wasn a dream or exhaustion. Not only that, but I found out how to activate my power and use it.

Like in the movies, I had to say the idea and implant it in them for the person in question to follow my order. I also have to make eye contact with them. When all these are checked off, the person who Im hypnotizing should have their eyes give off a purple hue.

Doing a little victory jump, I composed myself and woke her up. She looked confused and ask what happened.

”You were asleep, so I woke you up. Did you get enough sleep? ” I asked, trying to sound as worried as possible.

”Y-yeah. I shouldve. But it looks like I need a couple more hours tonight. Thank you, ” she said with a slight chuckle.

”No problem, ” I said before walking away.

Now that I knew I for sure I could hypnotize people, I had plenty of paths I could walk on to make money.

Once I got on my bike, I rode off towards a bakery. I was getting a little hungry, but I didn want to go home yet, and I also had no money. So, I decided to practice my power and get something to eat while doing it. The only thing was I didn know which way was the best way to achieve my goal.

I could always hypnotize the cashier to give me free food, but their coworkers would be confused and get suspicious. Another way was to hypnotize someone to buy me food. The last option was to orrow money from someone.

However, If I got money from a stranger, many would think its weird. Therefore, making me look suspicious.

So, after deciding the pros and cons for the last two options, I went with asking someone to buy food. But I also didn want to ask someone who is financially in trouble. Because of this, I had to look for people who looked rich enough to not care about five dollars missing.

Ten minutes went by in my search for a wealthy person. And finally, my patience paid off. A woman who looked on the older side walked by me with a Gucci bag hanging on her wrist. Not letting this chance pass me by, I tapped her shoulder to get her attention. I looked into her eyes and said, ”Im a little hungry. Can you buy me a croissant? ”

Her eyes glowed in a purple hue before she walked into the bakery and bought a croissant. When he walked back out, she handed it to me. Taking it, I walked away while snapping my fingers, breaking the hypnosis. This was another thing I found out. I need to wake them up from the trance. Just like I how slapped my brother and shook the lady awake.

Once I was a couple of meters away, I turned around and looked at her, looking around, with a confused expression. With a smile, I got on my bike and rode it home. All while eating a fresh croissant.

I opened the door to my apartment and walked in.

”Damian. How was your bike? ”

”It was alright, mom. Its nice out. ”

”Thats good. Come to the table and eat. Your dad and brother ate already. ”

”You don have to ask twice, ” I responded while rushing to the table.

While eating, I was thinking about some things. Does my ability have some sort of limit? Or can I use it non-stop?

So far, I had only used hypnosis twice. And that was only in two hours. Ill see when the time comes.

Instead of worrying about it right now, Ill let my future self, deal with that problem. After a good, hearty breakfast, I went to my room and turned on my computer. Opening my notes, I started jotting some ideas down.

What kind of business would let me make a lot?

I wanted to be rich enough to not care where I spend money. If I had not got this power, I know becoming rich would be pretty hard. For one, I don remember any of the companies that will have their stock explode. Other than that, Id have to study a lot. And when I mean a lot. I mean a lot.

My grades weren bad in my previous life. I was around a B+ student. But keep in mind, I tried pretty hard. Its just studying wasn really for me. So now that I have hypnosis, I can just hypnotize my teacher to give me full marks.

But what I can do to make a very successful business, I got no clue. Getting into illegal things would be easy and would make me a lot of money. It would also be easy to hide evidence and even point the blame somewhere else. However, would I be able to go through with that?

Before returning to the past, I was a law-abiding citizen. Sure, I had some **ed up thoughts and some illegal business ideas, but I wouldn act on them. The reason was that I was scared of being caught. I wasn so illogical that I would do something I know I wouldn be able to get away with.

Yet, my ability will help with this.

I can also get rich the normal way by climbing up the ladder of a company. Sure, that would be easy as well, but it would take a lot longer.

Then an idea came to me.

Why don I do both?

With my power, not only could I have powerful people in the palms of my hand, but the underworld as well.

If every powerful person in the world is behind me, how can I possibly get in trouble?

After thinking that, I laughed before sighing.

Thats just wishful thinking. I don know if I could live with the guilt of directly or indirectly killing someone.

Although thinking that, I knew, somewhere at the back of my head, I was already planning to enter the underworld. Its just a matter of time.

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