e like now?

Thinking like this, a soft feeling of inappropriateness suddenly rose in Zheng Wei’s heart.

The three of them walked to the 13th floor, and more and more people appeared.
With over 400 people consisting of doctors and patients in St.
Philip’s Hospital, this number was not small for the relatively narrow fire escape staircase.

“I’m exhausted, damn staircase.” Standing on the 13th floor and looking down at the crowd on the floor below, Old John finally felt a little relieved.
He stopped to catch his breath and unbuttoned the first two buttons of his police uniform.

These stairs were not very friendly to the overweight Old John.
He was already sweating profusely and his police uniform was soaked with sweat after only five floors down.

“There are a lot of people ahead, let’s wait here for a while until the crowd thins out before we go down,” Zheng Wei said to the panting Old John.

Old John leaned against the wall and nodded vigorously, fully agreeing with the proposal.

Zheng Wei helped Old John and Julian stand on the platform between the 13th and 12th floors, watching the crowd below.
Zheng Wei’s proposal was not only for Old John’s benefit but also for another reason.

He wanted Julian to stay away from the crowd.
There were less than two minutes left before Julian would go on a killing spree, and if he suddenly erupted in the crowd, no one would be able to stop him.
Zheng Wei couldn’t even stop him, let alone he himself wasn’t that powerful.

However, how could Julian carry out a massacre with his hands and feet shackled? Zheng Wei couldn’t help but look Julian up and down.
The handcuffs and ankle cuffs were all fine, and there seemed to be no problem at all.

Sensing Zheng Wei’s gaze, Julian tilted his head and smiled at him.
Then he raised his cuffed hands and pointed to the pocket on his chest.

“Is there something in there?” Zheng Wei asked, watching his movements.
The pocket was bulging, as if there was something inside.

Julian nodded.

“Are you asking me to help you take out something from your pocket?” guessed Zheng Wei.
Julian nodded again with a calm expression.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Zheng Wei said cautiously, after getting Julian’s permission.
He reached into the pocket and took out something from it.

It was a small doll with the size of a palm.
Though small, the doll had everything from hair to facial features, and even hands and feet.
Its hair was sewn with black thick cotton thread, its eyes were made of buttons, and its mouth was stitched with two black lines, forming a smiling face.

Though not very refined, the doll was quite cute.

“Here you go,” Zheng Wei didn’t know the meaning behind the doll, he just took a quick look and handed it to Julian.
But Julian didn’t take it.
He pushed the doll towards Zheng Wei, then smiled.

“It’s for you,” Julian said in a somewhat unclear voice.
He looked at Zheng Wei, his eyes and eyebrows slightly curved, and his lips gently raised.

Zheng Wei was stunned.
He looked at the doll in his hand and then back at Julian in front of him, unsure of what expression to make.

Julian smiled at him, his icy blue eyes sparkling.
Zheng Wei was at a loss, but he lowered his head and looked at the little doll in his hand, the small black-haired figure smiling dumbly.

The numbers in his mind continued to decrease, and the time until the system’s predicted massacre drew closer.

Looking at the smiling face, Zheng Wei inexplicably felt a sense of regret.
He sighed in his heart and put the small figure in his pocket.

“Thank you, I really like it,” he said, looking up at Julian with a smile.
But there was a hint of sadness in his eyes that he couldn’t explain.

The small doll and the surgical knife lay together in Zheng Wei’s pocket.
He held the surgical knife in one hand and lightly placed his other hand on Julian’s arm, his expression becoming serious.

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