“Enough, shut your mouth, I know what you’re here for.” The old police officer walked over with fierce momentum as if he was going to arrest Zheng Wei.
Zheng Wei couldn’t help but take a step back.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen a lot of young people like you sneaking around, all wanting to come and see the ‘devil’s son’ Julian Cole.” The chubby police officer walked up to Zheng Wei and stared at him as he spoke.

Zheng Wei tightly pursed his lips, not knowing how to respond.
In a way, what the officer said was not wrong.

“Hey hey, you’re new here, aren’t you?” Just as Zheng Wei was wondering whether to run away, the police officer suddenly changed his attitude.

 He patted Zheng Wei’s shoulder and smiled, “I know all the doctors in this hospital, you know why?”

Zheng Wei was confused by his attitude and shook his head blankly.

“Because every one of you doctors, the first thing you do when you come here is to come over and see Julian Cole, without exception.
Yesterday I heard that a new doctor had arrived at the hospital, and I was wondering when you would come over.
It seems you’re more patient than I imagined.
I thought you would come over last night.”

Zheng Wei looked at the smiling fat police officer and thought to himself, “Officer, you’re not wrong.
I did come up here as soon as I arrived.”

“Hello, little Easterner, you can call me Old John.
I’m a police officer.
What about you, what’s your name?” This police officer not only had a physique like Dr.
Andrew but also a similar personality, very enthusiastic.

“Hello, Officer John.” Zheng Wei smiled awkwardly.
“I’m a new doctor, you can call me Zheng.”

“Okay, Zheng.” Old John sat down on the bench.

“Tell me, what are you here for?”

Zheng Wei thought for a moment and decided to tell the truth, “Just like you said, I want to meet the famous Julian Cole.”

“Hahaha, everyone wants to meet little Julian.” Old John laughed and said, “I mean, why do you want to see him? To study his mind? You doctors all like to do that.”

“No, just want to take a look.
I’m not curious about his mental state, just curious about him as a person.” Zheng Wei spoke truthfully.
He didn’t have the ability to study someone’s mind.
He just came to see what Julian was doing and keep an eye on him to prevent him from killing anyone.

“Oh, that’s strange.” Hearing what Zheng Wei said, Old John scratched his head.

“Are you a so-called ‘devil worshipper’?” As he spoke, Old John’s eyes changed, showing a mix of curiosity and caution.

“I know some people have established a religion around that guy, and some even want to marry him or sacrifice for him.
Tsk tsk, people these days.”

“No, I don’t worship any demons or deities.” Zheng Wei quickly shook his head.
“I’m an atheist.”

Although Zheng Wei’s current situation could be described as unreal, he still didn’t believe in ghosts and gods.

“Oh, you little easterner.” Old John looked disapprovingly at Zheng Wei after hearing his answer.
He said, “I know, easterners, and doctors like you, don’t believe in the existence of gods.
But let me tell you, that’s wrong.”

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