His tall figure cast a shadow, as if the grim reaper was draped in a black cloak. 

Now, in Zheng Wei’s eyes, Julian Cole was truly no different from the grim reaper.

The fear in his heart overpowered the pain in his body.
Zheng Wei gritted his teeth and stood up, continuing to flee.
Julian made no move, allowing him to stumble towards the door.

But after only a few steps, Zheng Wei felt a huge force hit him from behind, and he was kicked to the ground by Julian.

Once again falling to the ground, Zheng Wei had lost all strength and courage to escape.
He lay face down on the thick carpet, his heart beating violently due to fear, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Julian looked down at Zheng Wei, struggling beneath him, and kindly flipped him over so that he was facing him.

In the process, he pulled at the wound on Zheng Wei’s shoulder, causing him to gasp in pain and break out in a cold sweat.
Julian squatted beside him, pinching his face and making him face him.

Zheng Wei looked up at Julian, knowing that if nothing unexpected happened, this was probably the end for him.
He closed his eyes, gasping for breath, waiting for death to come.

But after a while, Julian didn’t make any moves.
He just stared at Zheng Wei, as if he was looking at something magical, his eyes filled with curiosity and probing.

Zheng Wei didn’t know what he wanted to do.
He just felt that the current situation was too unbearable, and he couldn’t help moving his arm.
Sensing his movement, Julian’s gaze sharpened, and he lunged forward with his knife, precisely pinning Zheng Wei’s moving hand to the floor.

“Ah!” The severe pain in his hand almost made Zheng Wei jump up, but he was firmly held down by Julian. 

“Shh.” Julian pressed one hand against Zheng Wei’s chest and put the index finger of his other hand to his lips, indicating that Zheng Wei should be quiet. 

Zheng Wei trembled his lips, stiffened his body, and dared not move again.

Seeing that Zheng Wei was no longer moving, Julian showed a satisfied smile.
His hand moved up and finally stopped at Zheng Wei’s lips, slowly tracing the pale lips that had turned white due to blood loss.

Zheng Wei lay on the ground, trembling all over, allowing Julian’s fingers to wander on his face.
He felt every hair on his body trembling with him.

Suddenly, Julian’s fingers stopped.
Zheng Wei saw him lift his hand and reach toward his own eyes.
Zheng Wei’s heart skipped a beat and he quickly closed his eyes.

The expected pain did not come.
Zheng Wei felt something cold gently wipe his forehead, wiping away the cold sweat on his forehead.

Zheng Wei opened his eyes and stared at Julian who was looking down at him with a gentle and comforting expression.

Julian’s lips curled up, and he slowly combed Zheng Wei’s sweat-soaked hair with his hand, as if he were treating his most intimate lover.

What is happening? Zheng Wei looked at Julian in confusion. Why? wasn’t he going to kill me? 

But Julian’s next move shattered Zheng Wei’s illusion.

He smiled slightly at Zheng Wei, revealing his white teeth.
Then, before Zheng Wei could react, he reached out and grabbed the long-handled axe that was still stuck in Zheng Wei’s shoulder, and pulled it out forcefully.

“Ah!” In Zheng Wei’s screams, the blood that spurted from the pulled-out axe dyed his clothes red.

Zheng Wei subconsciously reached out his left hand to protect his right shoulder, but he forgot that his left hand was still pinned to the ground by the knife.
This pull caused the knife to pass through his left hand’s palm.

“Ah!” Zheng Wei arched his body and let out a piercing scream, his throat almost feeling like it had been cut by a knife.
However, compared to the pain in his body, the pain in his throat was nothing.

The pain made his vision darken, and he kept rolling and struggling until Julian straddled him and suppressed his movements.

Watching Zheng Wei still rolling under his suppression, Julian suddenly became excited.
He bent over, pinched Zheng Wei’s neck with his hand, and rubbed his forehead with his lips a few times.

The pulsation under his palm and the salty sweat smell on his lips both revealed a tremendous vitality.
Sniffing that scent, Julian’s eyes narrowed with satisfaction.
He didn’t dislike this, on the contrary, he liked it, very much.

Julian didn’t plan to kill Zheng Wei, he liked this strange person.
But, despite liking him, wrong actions still needed to be punished.

Julian opened his eyes, and his lips left Zheng Wei’s forehead.
He sat up straight on Zheng Wei’s body and reached out to straighten Zheng Wei’s bangs, his expression showing a strange tenderness.

Zheng Wei was already too weak to figure out what Julian was up to.
Those two screams had almost exhausted all his strength.
Whatever Julian wanted to do, Zheng Wei couldn’t stop him.

Zheng Wei felt his vision blur, he couldn’t see Julian’s actions clearly, only felt a heavy and bloody axe swinging over his body from his chest to his shoulder, finally stopping at his wound.

The cold metal pressed against the exposed wound, and even though Zheng Wei was now in a semi-conscious state, he knew that nothing good was going to happen next.

“System, system.” Zheng Wei’s eyelids became heavier and heavier, and he desperately called out to the system in his mind.

“Kill me, or let me enter the next mission, whatever method, just get me out of here.” The pain made Zheng Wei’s consciousness begin to blur, and he had only one thought in his mind now, which was to leave here.

He thought this was a good place to escape reality, thought it was just a simple task, and it was fake, so there was nothing to be afraid of.
But now he realized that he, as an ordinary person, was simply unable to cope with this magical world.

Then Zheng Wei heard an electronic sound.

[Number 1045, human Zheng Wei, mission judged as a failure, proceeding to the next mission point in five seconds.]

In the last few seconds of staying in this world, Zheng Wei saw Julian lifting the axe high above him. 

It was a good thing he was leaving early.
This was Zheng Wei’s last thought in this world.

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