The people who were standing still and screaming just woke up from their dream and rushed to flee in all directions.

As he spoke, Zheng Wei also quickly moved away from Julian and ran towards the 14th floor.
He stood on the stairs and looked at Julian, who was still standing in place.
Julian was also looking at Zheng Wei, smiling up at him with his head tilted back.

He stood there, like an angel carved from marble in a church, with a smile on his face, pure and beautiful.
Looking at Julian like this, Zheng Wei stepped back step by step, forgetting to react.

He watched in amazement as Julian squatted down in front of him, holding a thin wire that he had somehow obtained, and tinkered with the lock hole of the handcuffs for a few moments, and the handcuffs opened with a sound.

Julian took off his own shackles, stood up, and gently threw the little thing that had been holding him captive for 14 years out of the window next to him.
The silver little thing disappeared into the dazzling sunlight outside the window.

With the handcuffs resolved, Julian stood up straight.
His eyes lowered, and he looked at the people on the 12th floor who had not yet completely left, his expression like that of a chef selecting ingredients for a banquet.

He was about to start.
Seeing Julian’s expression, Zheng Wei didn’t have time to think anymore.
He knew he had to divert Julian’s attention to himself.


He cleared his throat and shouted at Julian.

Julian looked up and saw Zheng Wei still standing in place, seeming puzzled as to why he was still lingering here.
However, he didn’t seem in a rush to deal with Zheng Wei, so he just smiled slightly and patiently waited for him to speak.

Facing Julian’s light-colored eyes, Zheng Wei swallowed hard, feeling his legs trembling.
He had no idea what to say.
That outburst earlier was purely impulsive.

As Julian grew bored waiting for his answer, he once again turned his gaze to the 12th floor.

Most people on the 12th floor had already left, but some were still there, such as Old John and that patient lying there, their lives hanging in the balance.

Julian took a step forward, intending to go down and deal with Old John and the medical staff below first.

Naturally, Zheng Wei also noticed Julian’s movements.
He had to divert Julian’s attention to his side, he thought.
Old John was unconscious and had no mobility.
If Julian was allowed to go down, he would undoubtedly die.

But how could he attract Julian’s attention to his side? Watching Julian lock his gaze on the lower floors, Zheng Wei was sweating profusely with anxiety.

“If only there was something to throw over there.” Zheng Wei thought, but there was nothing on the empty fire escape.

If all else fails, he would have to go up and fight him head-on.
Zheng Wei reached into his pocket, intending to take out his surgical knife.
His hand reached into his pocket and touched something soft.

It was the doll that Julian had given him.

Looking at the doll, Zheng Wei had a sudden idea.
“Hey, Julian!”

Hearing his name called, Julian stopped in his tracks and looked up at Zheng Wei in confusion.

“Look here!” He waved the doll in his hand vigorously toward Julian.

Julian looked at the doll in his hand, tilted his head slightly, and smiled at Zheng Wei.
His smile had a hint of shyness and childish pride, and he seemed quite satisfied with his handmade creation.

“Here you go!” Zheng Wei threw the little doll at Julian with the force of throwing a sandbag.
The doll hit Julian’s right cheek and then fell down to his feet.

Right after throwing it, Zheng Wei regretted it.
He retreated nervously, unable to take his eyes off Julian.

The doll was soft and didn’t hurt when it hit his face, but it did manage to wipe the smile off Julian’s face.
He slowly lowered his head and stared at the doll at his feet, as if he was stunned.
After a while, he bent down and picked it up.

After the doll was thrown, Zheng Wei felt like the atmosphere had suddenly become tense, and there was an ominous feeling in the air. 

Julian picked up the doll and slowly straightened his body, looking up at Zheng Wei standing above him.
His blue eyes were like frozen ice.

Zheng Wei was scared by Julian’s gaze, and he immediately turned around and ran upstairs.

Julian didn’t hurry to catch up with him, instead, he carefully put the small doll in his pocket in front of his chest.
Then he raised his knife in his right hand and gently rubbed it against his cheek.
The smell of iron and blood mixed together slightly comforted him.
He squinted his eyes and walked toward the direction where Zheng Wei was leaving.

Now, all he could see was the fleeing Zheng Wei, and nothing else could catch his attention.

“Quick, help me design an escape route.” Zheng Wei asked the system for assistance.

A route quickly appeared in Zheng Wei’s mind.
It led to the 18th-floor dean’s office, where there was a private elevator that went directly to the underground parking lot from the dean’s office.

Following the map’s instructions, Zheng Wei ran to the 18th-floor dean’s office.
The red wooden door was not locked, and he quickly pushed it open and rushed in, then locked the door behind him.

“Where is Julian now?” he asked in his mind.

The screen showed Julian’s coordinates, and he was moving in the opposite direction to Zheng Wei.

“Thank goodness,” Zheng Wei breathed a sigh of relief.

But now was not the time to relax, he needed to find the elevator.

Zheng Wei glanced around the dean’s office.
There were not many furnishings, only a large desk, and a few big sofas.

“Where is the elevator?”

The floor plan of the room appeared on the screen, showing that the elevator was in a lounge inside the dean’s office.

Following the map’s instructions, Zheng Wei walked towards the lounge and found a white door.
He pushed it open and found a lounge, with another door opposite.
The elevator was behind that door.

He pushed open the last door, which led to a cloakroom.
Inside were several rows of cabinets and a dressing mirror with lights.
Next to the dressing mirror, on the wall, was the elevator that went directly to the parking lot.

Zheng Wei walked over and found that the elevator required a password to open. 

“I don’t know the password,” Zheng Wei thought with frustration.

“What’s the elevator’s password?” The system provided the route, so only the system could know the password. 

“994067,” a string of numbers appeared on the screen.

Zheng Wei lifted his hand to enter the password, but before he could touch the button, he heard a “beep” and the elevator indicator’s light went out.

Not only the elevator indicator light but also the small table lamp in the room went out.
The power was out.

“*!#” Zheng Wei was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but curse.

“What’s going on?”

The system showed that the entire St.
Philip’s Hospital power system had been destroyed.
Zheng Wei immediately thought of Julian’s smiling face.

“Tell me Julian’s location.” Zheng Wei felt that the power outage was definitely related to Julian.

Sure enough, Julian, who was originally in the opposite direction from Zheng Wei, was moving toward his direction.

“*!” Zheng Wei cursed again.
It seemed that Julian finding this place was only a matter of time.
Zheng Wei thought for a moment and ran back to the room where he started.

He didn’t want to go outside.
Based on his and Julian’s positions, he would be walking into a trap if he went out now.
Moreover, there was only one exit on this floor, which was the previous fire escape stairwell.
The fire escape stairwell was also in Julian’s direction, so even if Zheng Wei went out, he had nowhere to run.

He couldn’t go outside, and according to Julian’s route, hiding in the dean’s office would be discovered sooner or later.
Zheng Wei felt like a trapped turtle waiting for Julian to catch him.

At this point, Zheng Wei had no other choice.
He could either rush out and fight Julian or stay put.
Zheng Wei looked at the large sofa next to him.

He pushed the sofa behind the door, blocking the black solid wood door.
After doing all this, he stood behind the door, gasping for breath.
His eyes were fixed on the door.

The door looked sturdy and was blocked by so many things.
Julian shouldn’t be able to come in.

Just as Zheng Wei finished placing the sofa, the map displayed that Julian had arrived at the door of the Dean’s office.

“Click, click.” Two light sounds.
Zheng Wei hid behind the desk and saw the door handle shake a few times.

“If he catches me, will I die?” Zheng Wei asked the system.
Although the previous little eleven had said that he would protect his safety, he had not made it clear, and Zheng Wei still felt uneasy.

The screen flickered a few times.

【If the task taker is severely injured or automatically gives up the task, it will be considered a task failure.
After the task fails, the task taker will return to the system space and wait for the next task to begin.】

After all, the system is a rigid machine, and its answer is a bit evasive.
But this is enough, and Zheng Wei probably has a bottom line in his heart.

Zheng might die, but Zheng Wei wouldn’t.

Zheng Wei was feeling complicated, but he didn’t have time to think about it now.
There were already slight noises coming from outside the door, and Julian had found this room.

Zheng Wei took out his surgical knife and held it in front of his chest, staring nervously at the black wooden door in front of him.

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