SFX League

In It to Win It

ds, where dozens of rows of towering shelves stood. Vin had to return forward to properly steer but kept his right arm and shield at his rear.

A red ”exit ” sign at the back of the building invited him, and he fled down one of the many isles. His stalker followed and resumed their onslaught of attacks.

The constant pinch in his back reminded him hed already been pierced. Stray needles clung like authentically dangerous objects, sticking to books, wood, and walls.

Mid escape, his smartwatch chimed and alerted him that 1st place had finished. The person only a few yards behind him cursed, then the number of needles magnified with their frustration.

”I don have time for this, ” Vin said crassly. He quickly hauled the shield from his back to his torso, then violently bashed it against the lofty shelving.

Books rained down from the casing, littering the path behind him and crashing onto his follower. A thump and furious grunt emitted before Vin turned to see the racer plastered on their face.

After confirming the threat was down, he soared through the automatic door, exited the building, then covered his adjusting eyes. He flipped his board over the handrail and continued to the final mark.

On the same course were two more students clashing. One was the boy in wide glasses that hed seen prior, and the other, well, they didn last long enough for Vin to get a description of them.

The male student operated a lengthy, green lizards tail that grew from his waist. It stretched the span of a mid-sized vehicle and slapped the holy spirit out of the second racer who flew off their board.

Vin rolled up on the boy, whod hardly resembled his previous appearance. His comb-over was undone, and his shirt was down five buttons from the top, so most of his bare, sweaty chest was revealed. They eyed Vin, smoothly adjusted their glasses, then feigned as if their heart wasn thrashing in exhaustion. ”You
e the host, ” he observed, slamming his tail against the ground in warning.

”Its Gavin, ” Vin replied, hoisting his shield up in preparation. The competitor analyzed the magic circle while skating alongside Vin for a while without speaking or acting.

”Aren you going to attack? ” He asked, once again catching his sliding glasses.

”Nope, ” muttered Vin, choosing to hold onto his abilities secrecy. Even if he wanted to, his shield appeared to only be defensive.

Another one of the boys buttons came undone when he kneeled down and grabbed the nose of his skateboard. He stabilized himself so the massive tail on his waist could pull back, then lash out without throwing off his equilibrium.

When the extended limb moved, Vin flung his shield over his flank and guarded against the charge. The whip-like ability cracked and heaved into his defense. A golden burst of light expelled upon impact and repelled the tail.

At the same time, a second chime went off on his watch, and it came down to a battle for third. Or, so he would have liked, but another notification came only winks after. Then a fourth and a fifth, and Vin realized it was an overwhelming, anticlimactic defeat.

The boy beside him let up on his attack, sighed, then relaxed his posture before compelling his hair back into place. ”Looks like we were outmatched, ” he declared in a deflated tone.

Vin side-eyed the student, and in a grave and deep manner, he told him, ”Its not over yet. Not until we cross the finish line. ”

Both the sky and the packed auditorium agreed with him. The overhead clouds shifted, and the sun beamed down in full. And as if on cue, the inspirited cheers in the building ahead of them roared. Also, indicating the assembly had already started.

He was down but not out. Vin moved on. Probably too soon because he was stuck as soon as his back was to his opponent. The lizard tail swiped against his unguarded left shoulder, and he flew off his board. Before crashing, Vin smashed his shield against the ground, which exploded with light, repelled the force, and propelled him upward onto his feet.

e right; the race isn over, ” the student released a sociable scoff, then resumed a dedicated stance as he passed by.

Vin regained his body and seized his overturned board before jolting after the male. Meanwhile, more chimes sounded, pushing their potential standing back more.

He caught up with the boy in the blue tie, who immediately attacked. The tail was repelled off Vins shield but circled and stuck again. ”I must say. Im surprised you caught up after your earlier fall, ” admitted the boy.

After slapping the whip away, Vin exhaled and gazed at him with newfound interest. ”Wasn hard, ” he said.

”Right… ” Mumbled the student. ”Must be nice. Being so talented, I mean. ”

Then roused, Vin withered and shouted back. ”Fuck talent. If you like to skate, just shut up and fight. ”

The blue males face opened, displaying his wonder at the directed words. He closed his fist, fixed himself on the path ahead, then his brows arched fiercely. ”Right, my bad. ”

They clashed the entire course to the assembly. Vin parachuted from existence. He didn remember how he got there, why, or what came after the race; he was simply in the moment.

To Vin, the student also seemed genuinely happy to battle for 12th place. It didn show on his face; no, he grimaced, and veins protruded from his neck in strain. But Vin could feel the man put 100% into ending him, and that was the spirit of racing. Going all out.

Down to the wire, the finish line/ assembly building encroached on them. Another powerful tail swipe assailed, but it ricocheted off the magic circle. ”You just don give up, ” the student angrily stated.

Vin returned his words with wild, focused brown eyes and an airy grin. Upon the impact of the usual whip attack, Vin held his shield out to block, however-

”Predictable, ” the student articulated.

The limb didn aim for a direct blow. It flung across Vins left side, then circled around his back before it squeezed and bound Vin like a snake tail. He felt it tighten, then start to lift him from his moving board.

Before he could be raised, Vin groaned and forcibly kicked his own skateboard into the other racers.

Both decks collided, and the male student was cast forward with his massive tail. He fell onto the pavement but didn loosen his grip on Vin; no, he was launched onward alone. Vins body was hurled through the two large doors of the auditorium and down a set of red-carpeted steps.

Pained, he slowly rose while moaning. He angled his closed eyes toward the ceiling and massaged his throbbing lower back. ”Not cool, ” he mumbled.

When Vin unlocked his eyes and lowered his head, he saw the principal on the lengthy stage looking his way. At his left and right situated stands full of awe-stricken students who shook their heads in wonder or giggled.

”Well, well, what do we have here, ” gossiped the red-haired woman, publicizing into her mic. It was then Vin stood, dusted himself off, then sighed.

”Im screwed…. ”

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