kest Secret.She Pulled my Collar and Whispered into my ear.

Ms.Becca ”What do you want?,and How did You know my Secret? ”.Me ”I only want one thing be my First Subordinate on Conquering Three Stars and A Sun Conglomerate .I am the First born of Arturo Marion Tan LanzaroteSr.My mother was the Only Woman My Father had Cherished and Loved.But obviously my Grand Parents did not accept her;Because she was of Poor Family .And now His Firstborn ”;With his Arranged Marriage Wife is a Girl,He is Conflicted if He would be going to ask my Mother to let me live with him.It is because his kids are all daughters ,Oh well that is his Karma! But anyways are you
e in or you
e out? ”.Miss Rebecca Just shook her Head.And gaved a big deep sigh.And then there we are.I have one Subordinate now ,Miss Rebecca is actually the Cousin of the hoe that Forced my Father to Marry her.Actually also she is my mothers Bestest of all her Best Friends.My Mom was a very Extroverted or Outgoing Young Lady.My GrandParents from my Mothers Side are Farmers ;Well so obviously the Paternal Family side do not like them.So now after going to the faculty room.Some of the Senior ”TopDogs ” ,Confronted me and …Tried to Strangle me .But to their Surprise I summoned my Familiar ;My familiar is a Tiger .All of them are having some Mixed -Feelings .Some are mostly Afraid.Me ”Hey you morons come at le anytime! I have been Concealing Who I am for these past Two years ,now that I am on my Junior Year of Highschool .It is about time for all of you to know that ;I am the Sole Heir to Three Stars and A Sun Conglomerate !. ”

All of them Laughed outloud at me ;Well that was already expected.But then the System Appeared once again.This is going to be his Third Mission make His Alleged Father appear before them;And Prove he is indeed his Prodigal Son.He was about to go to the home of that man ;Yes that man.He truthfully hated him.Then a bunch of Black Luxury Cars .Then the man he hated the most;His So called Father.And then he said ”Woah You already knew I was Coming .My Son ! How was School? ”.Like the hell with him?, The hell Like as if he really cares about me ,Specially my mother.But I need his Wealth and Power so that I could be on the top .And so here we are Pretending that we have been a Happy and Comfortable,Complete Family.Woah the faces of these Morons are Priceless,they have never Even Imagined that ;The Mysterious and Very Busy Heir of the owner of their very Academia is non other than me ! .The so called looser they said!.

Now now here we are I am the First and One of a kind of an Awakened One.Well the Only Reason I am the as the only one is that ;I am From Another World .Which is Magic and other Supernatural creatures and or powers are Common.Unlike here on this kind of another Earth ;Magic and Supernatural creatures are all A Part of A Myth .So now the Great Catastrophe would happen in three days.How could I know? ,Oh well I can also See the Future! .Me ”See guys I am not the Loser ,It is you Peasants!,So now I am the TopDog here now in this Dog eat Dog world and this Institute you morons?! ”.

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