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Oh well today once again that I will go to that School full of fools;Prestige my butt! ;Those Young Lads and Ladies of that so called Prestigious Academia are all not what they seem.And there is a lot of Muscleheads in that School .Like how in the World this School Survived with Such Low Intelligence Quality Students?,Perhaps their families are Wealthy and have a lot of Connections Politically,Socially and or etc.But me I am a Mere Poor Scholar? .Well I do not fear anything now ,Because I have the System .Now I could also Travel back and Forth ;From here to the other World.What I mean is the other World that Would be Soon Going to Open up a Blackhole ;Then will be Conquering the Earth,it shall cast upon the day that would be called ”The Great Catastrophe ”. This day would be my Turning Point,it would give me the oppurtunity to be the First Human With Supernatural Powers or Magic and or With Earth Realm Cultuvation.Anyways what I do in the other World ;That World has a lot of Dungeons ,These are like the ones you see or Play at an RPG Dungeon Like Games.I just learned about them through the internet.Which is that I also just learned last week .Oh yeah it has been two weeks since I transmigratted into this New World and into this New Body .And this today is the D -day to Prove to them and Show them that I am now new Person ,nobody will ever Bully me once again ever again .Now The Two Weeks of Grinding and Leveling Up .I will show them now How Strong ,how Cool ,how Awsome I am.Now now who is the first lucky one that I could try to use mu Strength with.

Okay then as I was about to target some Bullies that are also been bullying other Weak kids .There is Suddenly Someone Grab onto my Collar.And I saw from my Peripiral Vision that ;It is Golliaths Underling Ceaser ,he is the right hand man of Golliath .He loves to act almighty,when his ”Boss ”Goliath is not Present at School.So okay just in time .I will give this Piece of Trash a Lesson! I out of nowhere Punched his face and then…To all my Schoolmates and or Classmates Surprise.He was down the floor and bleeding ,The Homeroom Teacher came and saw it .Teacher ”Mr.Lanzarote Why of all students ,You the Student Scholar would be the one to start a fight,and okay I understand that they have been bullying you .But Revenge is not the answer okay .Please do not do this again.Or else your Scholarship is going in vain! ”.I was enranged and very disgusted;On how these Teachers are not batting an eye! To these Bullying and Violence.Now it is still what she wants? Okay let me see.Me ”Miss Rebecca I know that you are the Illigitemate daughter of the President(President of the Country).She was in shock very in shock! Hahhah .

You were all wondering how could I tell and or know that she is the Illigitemate First Daughter of the Philippines? ,Well I have the Power from the Eye of Cerebrus ;The Half -Dragon and Half-Human Boss at the C Rank Dungeon.It helps me see other Peoples Past in their Lives

;She was still in Shock ,how could I known about her Deepest and Dar

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