rage, Zheng Youqing was wearing a mask and holding a watering can with a prepared luminol reagent in it.
The bumper of BYD had been removed, and what she needed to test was whether there was a blood reaction in the front of the car, and if there was, DNA would be extracted from the collected blood sample.

After spraying, Zheng Youqing stood up and gestured, and the staff of the car repair shop at the door pulled down the shutter door.
All of a sudden, the light in the garage became dim, and the front of the vehicle showed fluorescent reactions in the form of dots and flakes, and the distribution was concentrated above the bumper.

Xiao Chen took out his camera to take pictures, and Zheng Youqing took a cotton swab and quickly wiped the light-emitting area.
He Wei asked: “Half a year has passed; how high is the success rate of the extraction of the DNA of the deceased?

“The blood sample needed for the testing is very small; the M48 magnetic bead extraction method will be used for the DNA extraction.” Zheng Youqing didn’t delay her work at all when she spoke, and half a minute later, the fluorescent reaction gradually disappeared, and she sealed the swabs that had been wiped and put them in the evidence box.

The store manager and the car mechanic panicked: “Didn’t he just kill a sheep? How-how could there be a dead person?”

Zheng Youqing took off her mask and smiled: “Whether it was a sheep or not will be known soon.” She carried the evidence box and asked, “What else do I need to do? If there’s nothing, I’ll go back to the bureau and find Sister Lan for extraction.”

He Wei told her to go back early and pay attention to safety on the way.
Although the results haven’t come out yet, He Wei already knew that Chen Lei was the driver of the accident after seeing the reaction of the luminol reagent.
After he escaped, he sold the car to an acquaintance, thinking that he would be able to hide the truth without anyone noticing.

But what was puzzling was that Wang Fusheng’s family members were all in the city.
They didn’t usually contact the old man, and they didn’t even look at him when he died.
How could they think of avenging him? His ashes were stored in a small funeral home in the township, and the storage fee was also paid by the village committee.
If there was really someone so close to him, why didn’t they even claim the ashes?

“Is it possible that there are two people, one pretending to be the ghost and the other the murderer?” Chong Zhen guessed, “Maybe the old man was hit to death, someone pretended to be a ghost, and then the murderer followed suit, just to disguise the murder case as a supernatural event, killing two birds with one stone.”

“There is such a possibility, so Wang Cui and Pan Pinghai have not cleared their suspicions.” He Wei took Chong Zhen’s arm and said, “Get in the car and go to Wang Fusheng’s house to visit.” 

With the help of the Wangjiawa Village Committee, He Wei and Chong Zhen found the house where Wang Fusheng lived before his death.
This was a dilapidated, small, tile-roofed house.
The roof was not even covered with tiles; it was covered with plastic sheets.
Compared with the surrounding two-story buildings, it looked too shabby.
The chief of the village committee revealed that Wang Fusheng’s son kept it here to wait for the government to demolish it; otherwise, this dilapidated house would have been demolished long ago and sold to the family, who built a greenhouse next to them to grow vegetables on the three acres of land.

Wang Fusheng makes a living by picking up scraps.
His house was empty, and his daily necessities were very simple.
The only appliance in the house was a broken electric fan.
Chong Zhen lifted the quilt, and a burst of pungent dust hit his face.
He coughed twice and swept the dust away with his hands in the air a few times.

They rummaged through the house, and the chief of the village committee was holding the key at the door.
He Wei chatted with him while looking for clues and listening to all the gossip in the nearby villages.

“…Wang Cui is also from our Wangjiawa village.
She married into Chenjia village and lived a restless life.
Our village officials know everything about her.
Pan Pinghai’s wife, Chen Chunhua, has come to our village committee four or five times to cause trouble, wanting us to do something, but we can’t control it…”

“Then you have worked hard too.” He Wei bent over, and when he took a flashlight, he found a few pieces of paper stuck between the bed, “Chong Zhen, come here; here is something.” 

A few pieces of paper were taken out of the bed, which unexpectedly turned out to be a remittance slip.
The money was remitted at the post office in the town.
The remitter was Wang Fusheng, and the receiver was a person named “Chen Gui,” whose address was in Pingchuan City.
The remittance time varied every year, and the amount was not much.
It was about 1,000 each time, but given Wang Fusheng’s economic conditions, the 1,000 was at least his long-term savings from picking up scraps.

The chief of the village committee didn’t know who this “Chen Gui” was.
They didn’t have anyone with this name in Wangjiawa, so they might have to go to Chenjia Village up ahead to have a look.
Chong Zhen frowned: “This case is getting more and more complicated like a ball of thread, and we still have to ask the Pingchuan Municipal Bureau to cooperate with the case?

“Isn’t it how case investigation is? Is it your first day of a criminal investigation?” He Wei pinched the remittance slip, “We still have to make a report for the collaborative investigation.
Hey, didn’t you have a classmate who went to Pingchuan?”

Chong Zhen put a cigarette in his mouth: “I haven’t contacted him for a long time.
On the day of his wedding, I caught an armed robber in Sichuan and failed to go there; on the day of his child’s full moon wine, you detained me outside the nightclub to go to the grassroots level to conduct investigations.
It already happened twice; how could I have the nerve to ask for help? “

He Wei smiled: “Special circumstances are treated specially.
We are criminal police, and the missions come as soon as we talk.
When my mother was over 50, I was still in the branch office.
On the way back, I was robbed with a knife.
Not only did I fail to go on her birthday, I also went to the hospital.
She was so angry that she ignored me for half a month.”

Chong Zhen sighed: “Do what you do and love what you do…” He dug out the number of that classmate, went to call under the big banyan tree, and came back after a while: “Go check it out, and let me know if you have any news.”

It was getting late.
He Wei drove Chong Zhen in the direction of the dormitory.
Chongzhen wondered: “You workaholic, do you want to go back to the bureau?”

“I’m going back to take a shower.” He Wei rubbed his neck, “I forgot the time while handling the case in the bureau, and I haven’t washed in two days.”

“It’s only been two days since you took a bath?”


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