n the criminal investigation team of the Provincial Department,” Huang Zhanwei’s voice suddenly became weak, “By the way, I will also work part-time in the external mission of the Public Relations Division.”

“Isn’t that just a vase? After I go there, I’ve got to put the cart before the horse 1 My main task is to receive the visitors, and I don’t have anything to do with the investigation.” Cheng Zesheng raised his legs and said, “I’ve rejected them three or five times, and they still don’t give up.
Is it true that some leader’s daughter has taken a fancy to me?”

Huang Zhanwei put on a fierce face and told him not to talk nonsense.
The leader wanted to promote him because he liked his talent.
Who knew that there were people like this in the world who didn’t want to get promoted and raise their salary to go into an official career, but they just liked to work hard from morning to night and deal with criminals?

Cheng Zesheng just happened to be focused on it.
Because of his face, his ability to handle cases had been questioned.
When he first joined the bureau, the public relations department always wanted to poach people and planned to transfer him to support the outside world.
Cheng Zesheng firmly refused and just stayed in the criminal investigation team, rushing to the front when encountering important cases, just to let others see that he, Cheng Zesheng, was not a coward who relied on his face to make a living.

A few years later, Cheng Zesheng managed to make some achievements, relying on his own strength to take the position of deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Municipal Bureau, but the provincial department came to poach people again, and he refused to go even more.
It was better to hand over the resignation and quit rather then going to the provincial department to be a vase.

“Hey… you think I don’t know what you think? Isn’t this matter about going back?” Huang Zhanwei handed the teacup to the assistant to refill it.
He looked at Cheng Zesheng and said, “Zesheng, to be honest, your father really hopes that you can be transferred to the public relations department, so you don’t have to charge forward.
He already has lost a son, so he can’t…”

Hearing that he mentioned his brother, who had been dead for several years, Cheng Zesheng stood up with a “swipe” and said, “Chief Huang, don’t persuade me.
My brother was beaten to death by drug dealers.
He died for the country and died well.
Back then, I went to be a criminal investigator, and he went to anti-drug.
We both made an oath that neither of us would shrink back halfway.
My dad didn’t understand; you should understand?”

Huang Zhanwei opened his mouth, but he didn’t know how to answer for a while.
Cheng Zesheng brushed off the non-existent dust on the sofa and walked quickly to the door: “I still have a case to investigate.
Next time don’t invite me to drink tea.
If you really want me to come down from the front line, it’s better to simply order me to take off my police uniform.”

He almost slammed the door open.
There were not many in the city bureau who dared to slam the door on Chief Huang, and Cheng Zesheng was one of them.
Looking at his back, Huang Zhanwei seemed to see Cheng Zhenqing’s vigor again.
These two boys were really brothers; they walked with their backs straight, like a beautiful javelin, and they even looked 90% similar when they lost their temper.

When Cheng Zesheng was halfway out, Huang Zhanwei came back to his senses and quickly stopped him: “Hey! Come back! Or your house will be gone?!”

“Isn’t the application not approved yet?” Cheng Zesheng held the door frame with one hand and finally turned his head.

“That’s for others!” Huang Zhanwei took out a key from the drawer and threw it over, saying, “Yours is ready.
I know you have had conflicts with your father and have wanted to move out for a long time.
But I also promised Lao Cheng that I’d try my best to watch over you, and won’t let you end up like your brother.”

Cheng Zesheng caught the key and was overwhelmed with surprise.
The anger that he had just simmered disappeared instantly: “Why didn’t you take it out earlier? If you had said that the new dorm has been settled, I can sit here and listen to your nagging for as long as you want.”

Huang Zhanwei waved his hand straight and drove him to handle the case, so as not to get angry.
Cheng Zesheng turned the key in his hand and went back to the big office.
Le Zhengkai was looking at the photos taken at the scene, and when he looked up, he saw a smug expression on his face: “What’s so good?”

Cheng Zesheng slapped the key on the table: “Did you see it? I got it.”

“That single apartment in Future Domain?”

“Or else.”

Le Zhengkai was amazed: “You using a backdoor like this is not good.
You’re a local and have a house and a car, so you should be ashamed to apply for a dormitory.
The most important thing is that it was approved.
I want to report and expose the favoritism of Chief Huang.”

“Don’t say it.
I really thought that Lao Huang would not approve.
He just mentioned my brother’s matter in the office, and I changed my expression on the spot.
It was quite ugly.”

Cheng Zhenqing was Cheng Zesheng’s reverse scale.
He didn’t think about that matter himself, let alone mention it to outsiders.
The main reason was that when his brother’s body was found on the China-Myanmar border, he was tortured so badly by drug dealers that it was almost hard to see the human appearance, and after he was transported back, Cheng Zesheng went crazy. 

Therefore, as brothers, they were connected by blood.
When they saw the other party’s corpse in front of them, how could they be so indifferent and act as if nothing had happened?

Cheng Zesheng thought of He Lu again.
Ke Dongrui and Xiang Yang came back and handed over the social relationship information they had investigated.
He Wei’s social relationship was very simple.
He was introverted, had few friends, and did not live with his parents and younger brother.
Instead, he lived alone in a small apartment.
A simple page was his entire life trajectory.

Cheng Zesheng suddenly had a flash of inspiration and raised his head: “He doesn’t have a good relationship with his family; is it because of his sexual orientation?”

Xiang Yang scratched his short hair: “His parents and colleagues didn’t mention this…”

Cheng Zesheng pointed to a place name on the investigation report: “This place appears to be a music bar, but it is actually a gay bar.
Everyone in the circle knows it.”

The office fell silent for a moment.

Cheng Zesheng was stared at by these strange and curious eyes and got goosebumps, especially from Xiang Yang and Le Zhengkai, who seemed hesitant to speak and put on expressions as if they wanted to ask something.

“What are you thinking?” Cheng Zesheng rolled the materials into a stick and beat them over the heads.
“A few years ago, I arrested people there! Did you forget it all? What kind of brains do you have?!”

Le Zhengkai suddenly realized: “Oh, it seems that there is indeed a case.
Zesheng, I have misunderstood you, and I am guilty.”

Xiang Yang, who had just joined the team, held the top of his head in grievance.
He didn’t participate in that action either, so he was quite innocent in this matter.

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