Prologue: A Life Renewed.

Humans have asked themselves over and over again.

”What will happen if I die? ”

”Will I be satisfied with what Ive done? ”

”Am I ready to leave everything behind and ascend? ”

Some say they will be reincarnated, be in heaven, hell and maybe become a grim reaper if I decided to commit suicide like in those Korean dramas everyone was talking about in my time.

But my story was different. I was resurrected because I had that accident, Im still traumatized by it but hopefully, it will just fade away.

Coming from a very rich family, of course, Im spoiled but I didn have that plastic attitude that every rich person has.

My family is famous for having purple hair in terms of genes, one would call it a sham accusing me of dying my hair but it was just colored naturally purple. I didn even care if people were just staring at me.

Thankfully I had friends, real friends.

Now that Im dead and about to live again. I know that my life isn gonna be the same ever again.

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