Reincarnated Into Another World As a Maid

{Chapter Four} Waking up in a New World.

Diana kept on bobbing her head to the music blasting through her radio, just as a deer ran in front of her, she gasps loudly and swerve away from the road and into a red light.

The mask guy, though you could not tell his gender from the way he was dressed,with him being wrapped all over saw that as an opportunity and quickly looked left and right,when he found out that they were just the two cars on the road,he let out a grin and then rammed into her drivers s side using his huge Toyoka truck. Her black Lamborghini rolled over several times, breaking glasses and inflating the safety bag. Her head made contact with the cement ground not a moment later. blood pours out of her noggin.

Diana did not know today would cost her life. If not she would have stayed at home.

After the crash there was a moment of silence, extreme silence like a piercing sound in your ear silence. The crash itself was very disorienting. It was loud. Everything became still and quiet right after the impact.

It was obvious she had a hard time with facing reality. The moment Diana got out of the car, she nearly fell over, dizzy. Her head looked like it hurt and one of her leg was trapped in the car; unluckily for her,there was no one around to help her. The masked guy on the other hand kept his distance while he watched and wait. The smell of fuel leaking from her car didn help the situation much. She tried to cover her nose in order to breathe properly. Thats when she saw it. Her arms were bent in a weird position. She was confused by how it got that way, but it didn look pretty. Though, she kept on yelling, The pain too much for her to bear.

The masked guy got down from his Toyoka truck,a gun in hand,which he immediately tucked behind him. He walked over to Diana who was on the floor screaming in pain.

Diana let out a happy cry when she saw him. *Finally.. someone is here to help* She thought. ”Help me. ” She cried.

The masked man stared at her and made no move to help.

”What are you standing there for? ” She yelled. Though people would have thought that even when she needed help she would have atleast try to be nice. But Diana still had to prove that she was ontop even when she had a broken arm and her leg was trapped underneath the car.

The masked man let out a shrill laugh as he stared at her. ” Still the high and mighty princess even while you need help. ”

Diana muster a glare. ” Call 911. ” She yelled,but then gasps at the pain in her abdomen.

The masked guy kept quiet and just watched her.

”Stop staring at me and call 911. ” Diana yelled her broken arm was beginning to hurt as hell.

The masked man let out a scoff. ”I should call 911? ” He asked back,pointing to himself. ”For you? ” He asked, pointing to her. ”Where is the fun in that? ”

Diana watched him,blood pooling out of her mouth. She could not believe what she just heard. ”What did you say? ” She asked, surprised.

”You know what. ” He said and lean over the Destroyed car. ” I would love to watch you bleed out or possibly watched from a far distance as the fire meet your already leaking car thus making you and your car go poof! ” He exclaimed and laugh. ”Wouldn that be much fun? ” He asked. ” But as much as i would love for those two to happen to you. I rather just kill you myself,and then just watched you go know? Like up in flames. ”

Diana could not believe what she was hearing, guess the smell of fuel has blocked her ears or maybe the loss of blood from the car crash. ” If you… do that….. then you….. are…. a murderer. ” She let out a gasps in between sentence as she tried to steady her breath.

”A murderer? ” He asked in between laughter. ” I was already one when i decided to rammed you over with my car. ”

Diana stared at him in shock. ”You…. are the person who…. rammed me over? ” She asked dizzy from the loss of breath.

He let out a fake gasps. ” Oh… You did not know? And here i was thinking you were smart enough to figure it out,After all we are the only drivers on this road. ” He said and gesture to the empty paved road.

That was when she knew he was going to kill her. She then realize that She was an animal already dying.

”Why don you get up? ” He asked and he rolled to the side crouching over to her.His voice was gentle, encouraging, like a mother trying to lure her baby to sleep. A suggestion, not a command.

She could not move. She could not get up,after all her leg was trapped.

When she would not after many failed attempt, he leaned to the side,his hand going over his head and felt his mask before moving his hand to his back. He brought out his gun, The safety off and smiled at her,his face curving up in a grin.

He took the gun to her mouth. ”This is for embarrassing me. ” he said.

Diana blinked her eyes. ”Embarrass…… you? I don ….. even know…you. ” She said softly, the pain already killing her.

The masked guy let out a dry chuckle before removing his mask.

”You! ” Diana exclaimed,seeing the face in front of her.

”Yes me. ” Lissa said laughing bitterly. ” You think you can just fire me and get away with it? ” She yelled angrily. ”Think again. ”

”Am sorry for firing… you. You can have… your job back… please let me….. go. ” Diana pleaded,her voice shaking.

Lissa click her tongue. ”Nice try. ” She said with a shake to her head. ”But it is nice to see the great Diana Ross beg for her life. ”

”What do….. you need? is it…. money? ” Diana asked desperately, she could not feel her leg.

Lissa stared at her in shock before laughing. ”You think your money can help you?or even you begging me? ” She let out a scoff. ”You could have thought of that when you fired me. ”

”I am sorry. ” Diana pleaded, trying to stop her end from happening.

”Too late. ” Lissa cocked her gun. ” Goodbye Diana. ” She said and pull the trigger.

The end came anyway.

Lissa quickly rushed over to her car just as Dianas car exploded with her dead body in it. Lissa laughed happily as she watched the car expload before entering into her car and zooming off. ”Good Riddance to Bad nonsense. ” She thought with a smile on her face.

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