n to several different conversations at once, aren’t you?”

Since Sou-kun has spoken honestly to me, I will also do the same for him.

“Ah, Rei-chan may often be daydreaming, but you do listen to what people are saying and actually understand it.
Is that what it was?”

While I do listen to what others are saying, most of the time I am thinking of something else.
I mean, isn’t it dull? Sou-kun’s too earnest.
You have always faced others straight on, more so than I do.”

Sou-kun seems to be falling into deeper thought.

“But when I’m playing the piano, I focus only on the piano.
Sou-kun too, you focus when you’re hacking, don’t you?”

Sou-kun nods.

“Isn’t that fine? Sou-kun is not alone.
At the very least, I am proud that I understand you.”


Sou-kun’s hugging me!

The IV drip!

Just when I thought of it, Sara-chan was already disentangling it.

“Souju! Please do refrain from hugging her so suddenly! Rei-chan is my friend, and you are but an extra! You’re always pestering her for onigiri, how greedy!”

“Sara, you’re being noisy.
Onigiri’s delicious so I can’t help it.”

“What, are you saying? Are you an idiot?”

“You’re the idiot.”

Ah, they’re arguing with each other so fondly.
How nice it must be to have siblings.
Speaking of, don’t I have a sibling too? From what my father said, he and the landlady had a child between them.

I wonder what kind of past they have between them.
I should ask Mossad Tanaka-san next time I see him.

“That’s right! Rei-chan, you should join the student council too! Next year, I will be the president and you the vice president!” (Sara)

“Hey, don’t just decide things on your own.
I will be the president and Rei-chan the vice president.
There will be a study trip too.
Let’s go, Rei-chan.” (Souju)

“Since I am a scholarship student, I cannot partake in such activities.”

It is unheard of for a scholarship student to enter the student council.
Though it was never explicitly stated, it’s something that cannot be.

“My, Takanashi Ryou was saying that he’s going to get that outside student into the student council.
Hmm, as if I will let him!” (Sara)

My my, for her to say all this even though she hated the student council so much.
Still, it is a good thing for Sara-chan and Sou-kun’s world to broaden.
I, too, now have outside and scholarship student friends.

In the middle of us making a ruckus, we heard a voice calling out to us.

Ichijou Kiyoshiro-sensei was already there with us! And behind him are Madenokouji-sama and Katsuragi-sama.
It seems that they knocked before coming in, but we were so engrossed in our conversation that we did not notice.

“Hongou twins, we heard that! Alright, from today on, you’re members of the student council!  Rei-chan will be my secretary!”

“Kaoru! There’s no such post as a secretary.
And we cannot let them in the student council without first receiving the current members’ votes of confidence.”

It’s the usual scene of Katsuragi-sama being himself, with Madenokouji-sama keeping him in check.

“Kaoru-kun, be quiet.
Now, you guys, I’m going to perform some examinations on Kujouin-san so please leave.”

For now, they are out of the room.
Ichijou Kiyoshiro-sensei performs some examinations on me.

He then proceeds to inform me of the results of the blood test and takes my IV drip off.

“You may be discharged in two weeks time, but daily life with only one arm and one leg free must not be easy.
As such, my father is saying that he wants you to stay until we can take your casts off.
Ah, my father hasn’t been present since the day before yesterday due to a conference, but he’s actually the doctor in charge of you.”

“Are you allowing me to stay admitted until my casts are off?”

“No, he meant that he wants you to stay in the Ichijou house until then.”

Why would I be in the care of the Ichijou household?

“Um, I believe there is no reason for me to impose such a burden among you…”

Ichijou-sensei answers me with a smile.

“It’s because you are the granddaughter of Kujouin Juuichirou-sama.
It is all thanks to him that this hospital is still standing now, and it is also thanks to him that my grandfather could go to study abroad in the USA after the war.”

There it is, the influence the Kujouin Juuichirou name asserts! My grandfather is truly amazing.
But still, I do wish to refrain from imposing upon the Ichijou household.

“I am very grateful for your offer, but I will consider for myself how I will get by after being discharged.
Please do not concern yourselves over it.
 I believe I will be fine, one way or another.”

I don’t actually have any idea how I’ll get by, but well, it will be alright.
Let’s say I’ll start living in the academy’s dormitory, then I can just hire a care taker.
My father will be the one paying.
I believe Lawyer Tamaru can somehow make that happen.

No, since I am now no longer a scholarship student owing to the prolonged absence this incident has brought about, I can no longer live in the dormitory either.
In which case I have no option but to rent an apartment unit instead.

Though there is a mountain of things I need to do, I feel on top of the world now that I have hope.


At the very least, I wish I have a cloak with me.

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