anic café, I can see it when I walked by it after all.
The café here has great furnishings.
There is a galle lamp in the seat where we sat.

“Maybe this galle lamp is a real one?”

 When I asked timidly, Soujuu-sama replied in amazement that there’s no way it would be a replica.
Is this something common? I’m in no position to pay for it if I were to break it.
I’m terrified of this café and don’t see myself going in and out hereafter.
I have no right to use it, and I can’t afford the meal in this café.
It’s even more surprising that the price is not listed on the menu.
Is it the same as a sushi restaurant? I’ve never been to a sushi restaurant in the first place.
All my knowledge is from the library books and Mary-sama, and the things that Fuki-san taught me.

 The two both ordered a light meal.
Perhaps I’m getting more conscious about my bento.
Looking at the other seats, dishes are being placed one after another.
It is like a so-called menu course.
Do not make light of it even if it’s a light snack.
Sara-sama’s sandwich and Soujuu-sama’s baguette sandwich are carefully arranged.
To have such splendorous lunches right before my eyes.
The bento I served has boiled wild vegetables, fried eggs and onigiri wrapped in bamboo skin.
By the way, the bamboo skin was taken from the back mountain the previous year.
I am going to gather it again this year.


 I thank the blessings of the mountains and the rice that Ooya-san shared.
Eggs are purchased at the supermarket.
As one would expect, it’s impossible to be self-sufficient.
Sara-sama and Soujuu-sama are staring absentmindedly.

“Ah, were you surprised at the poor lunch box? You can get this wild vegetable at the mountain back home.”

 I wonder if it’s absurd for the two of them.

“Was this made by Rei-chan yourself? Ano, can you exchange one onigiri and this one sandwich? A bamboo wrapped onigiri seems like one from the olden days?”

 Soujuu-sama gives me an open sandwich with black grains that might be caviar and grabs an onigiri.

“You’re sly Soujuu! Exchange with me too!”

 Sara-sama asked the waiter to serve a sandwich full of dry-cured ham.
I handed the onigiri to Sara-sama first and ate the open sandwich given by Soujuu-sama.
For the first time in my life I get to eat caviar.
It was piled on top of a sliced boiled egg, so I don’t know if it’s delicious.
I’m sure it’s probably delicious.
However, I already know the quality of the bread.
It’s very fragrant.
This is a magnificent bread! Bread festival!

“This onigiri is delicious! I’ll be having Sara’s share too.”

“I won’t allow it.
This is my share!”

 I eat the dry-cured ham sandwich that Sara-sama gave me.
The tomato and lettuce are fresh.
The cream cheese is delicious too.
Aah, delicious things are wonderful.

“Both the sandwiches are delicious.
Thank you for your consideration.”

 I thanked them for their consideration.
I wouldn’t know the taste of this café’s sandwich had they not exchanged my onigiri for sandwiches.

“What is it you’re saying perchance?”

“What is it you’re saying?”

 The two of them look at me with baffling expressions.
So I told them I was thankful that they exchanged my onigiri and let me eat some delicious sandwich.

“It’s not really about such consideration.
Rei-chan’s onigiri tastes just as good as one would expect.
It’s really good!”

“Yeah, it is really delicious! I want to eat more!”

 Unfortunately I only brought two rice balls.

“Thank you for your compliment.
I think it’s delicious because I use some freshly polished rice.
I’ll make it again if you like.”

“Well then, can I eat the side dish?”

“Please go ahead.
I don’t know if it will be to your liking though.”

 Surely, such poor cooking won’t suit their taste.
As I thought of that, the response I got is unexpected.

“Mmm, it’s delicious!”

“Truly, It tastes exquisite.”

 Exquisite? Since it was Fuki-san who taught me how to cook, I guess the taste of the chef at Kujouin who taught Fuki-san was exquisite.
Both of them ate the wild vegetables and fried eggs in the bento.


(TN: A humble way of thanking for meals)

“Make them again!”

“Although this may be shameless, can I ask you to make them again?”

 My poor cooking seems to have been surprisingly popular.
Maybe they find it delicious because it’s uncommon to them.

“Yes, if I have another opportunity.
Just tell me in advance and I will make extra bento.”

 I’ve been eating rice alone, so I feel happy just being around the table with someone.
I wish we could have lunch together again.

“Well then, let’s go to Ichijou-sensei and hear about Sakurada Yuria.”

“Thank you, Sara-sama.”

“It’s fine, we are your friends.”

 Sara-sama turned her face away.
On the way to the infirmary, we told Soujuu-sama about the incident this morning.

“Sakurada Yuria huh.
She’s a high-handed person with a bad personality, but I don’t think there was anything wrong with that.”

 Apparently Sakurada Yuria-sama has been doing some weird things recently.
I hope she gets better soon.

“We met her just when we got off the car this morning right? At that time, she looked at us and was idly muttering about a stalking horse!”

“It’s probably not me, maybe it’s Sara”

“How conceited!”

 What’s going on in Sakurada Yuria-sama’s brain? What sort of stalking horse is Sara-sama?

“The angry Sara-sama is also cute, but the one with a smile is even cuter.”

“Eh! Ah! That’s right, you promised to call me Sara-chan.”

 Sara-sama’s face turns red again.
This shy face is also cute.
We are already in front of the infirmary while Soujuu-sama is making fun of Sara-sama.

 After this, we hear a mysterious story from Ichijou-sensei.

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